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Tales of Blue lights and Blue Pearls

Date: 10/30/2001
15 people have told of their experiences with blue or blue light or blue pearl. :))

Thank you all!

I sometimes see a blue light/mist when I meditate...other time a bright electric blue flash. I've heard of this 'blue' light associated with kundilini and spirituality but have never been able to find much info on it.

Does anyone have any informaton about it?


Were you refering to the "Blue Light, special?" from K-Mart????

The Blue Pearl is a sign of enlightenment as I recall. Muktananda writes in *Kundalini the Secret of Life*

"In the center of that effulgence lies a tiny and fascinatingly beautiful light, the Blue Pearl, and when your meditation deepens you begin to see it, sparkling and scintillating. Sometimes it comes out of the eyes and stands in front of you. It moves with the speed of lightning, and it is so subtle that when it passes through the eye, the eye doesn't feel its movement.

"The vision of the Blue Pearl is the most significant of all the experiences I have described. Everyone should see this Blue Pearl at least once. The scriptures describe this Blue Pearl as the divine light of Consciousness which dwells within everyone. It is the actual form of the Self, our innermost reality, the form of God which lives within us. ... within the Blue Pearl are millions and millions of universes. The Blue Pearl contains the entire cosmos."

... last year I was deep
in meditation and a crystal bowl, almost invisible, appeared before me. It was filled with all these beautiful blue pearls....the colours that are of another dimension...brighter, bluer, more beautiful than we could imagine seeing in this third dimension.

I saw a hand reach into the bowl and select one. The hand and arm was all I could see, I saw a white sleeve and 'knew' that it was my guide, as I always see him in a white robe.

He selected one and then the hand reached over and gave it to me. I knew it was a special special gift from my guide to me, especially as he had selected it from the hundreds and thousands that were there....but I didn't know what the gift actually was. Then the visualisation ended...nothing more.

After that I was searching the net, books, asking people what the blue pearl meant but could never find out. For some reason I wasn't meant to know at that time.

I always thought that blue is the colour we perceive the astral realm as being, from our perspective on the earthly plane. Also, isn't Cherenkov radiation blue? A friend of mine works in a nuclear power station, and he said this radiation meant that you could perceive a room even if there were walls in the way, and it was a blue light.

Had to send this link to this picture:

On a personal note I have used a spectrometer in my younger years as a way to tap into the specificity of each element. The colors one see in a spectrometer as nothing to do with the ones we see reproduced in our day to day surrounding, they have a wonderful "purity" to them.

Everyone has seen the spectrum of visible light that comes from the sun (like the link below), but so few have seen them one by one in a spectrometer. Their is no comparison...

I may say that exploring those colors with a spectrometer may be, to the elements that constitute our body, like studying the different Sephiroth of the Tree of Life that may be said to represent different state of Being.

A sunset is a beautiful event, like each event.

This link to this nice short explanation for the Cerenkov Radiation may help some understand the deepness of the correlation brought by Tom to the "blue pearl light".

"This light is vaguely analogous to the sonic boom produced by aircraft that travel faster than the speed of sound."

It is the light of ones own consciousness that one starts to actually see, like an airplane catching up the sound it makes and bursting a big wave of sound called the sonic boom or the wall of sound.


It is interesting you talk of this, last night I was at a persons house, sitting in a room and they thought they saw a blue flash of light illuminate outside in the dark as if 'there was a cop suddenly'. he looked out and there was nothing. I wasn't even looking I think I was looking at my feet, daydreaming. :)

... you cannot look at it from your ego, for it will be the finest part of your ego that you will watch fly away in blue.
"It is important to remember that the cosmic rays are not travelling faster than "c". They are just travelling faster than light does after it has been slowed down by passing through a material."


my other perspective "saw" a little blue/green/brown jewel that seemed to *intrigue* me. I've always been gnow?

The intrigue caused my guidance system to come into play immediately and I was instantaneously headed toward that colorful little jewel for a look-see. It was Earth of course, and I angeled on in. I bounced around for a while on the surface, checking it out, but the ecstasy I felt while out space sailing was gone.

[asking about the blue light]
This is your etheric body, I think of it as the Celestial Robe. In a certain lighting one can see a ribbon of blue light next to the skin while looking in the mirror.Or, try this: sit in the sun, cup your face with the palms of your hands- not quite touching- with fingers slightly apart and softly gaze at the space between the fingers.

Our bodies were made in full-spectrum light. Our bodies thrive in full-spectrum light (think: color). So, given that many people spend only a fraction of their time outdoors in a true full-spectrum setting, the use of color and light in the buildings we spend our time in is of critical importance. Granted, emulating the perfection of nature is a tall order.

Blue is my favorite color.

My apartment has tons of blue in it,
including blue glass and ceramics.


i have had some very interesting experiences with this blue light... for many years, i had not met anyone else who knew what i was talking about, except for a couple of live-in lovers who also began seeing it after spending time living with me... but quite a few people on the k-list seem familiar with it...

the first time i remember seeing it was back in 1980, when i was in an audience listening to a lecture by a psychic, Bob Petrie, who had an organization in New York at that time... i began seeing these flashes of what looked like blue stars up on the stage... i thought that they might be using some kind of lighting effect, but my ex-wife told me that she didn't see them...

during the question and answer time after the lecture, someone asked him when he first became psychic... he talked about a near-death experience from drowning, and said that he began seeing these flashes of blue lights after that, and then began to notice his psychic abilities... this synchronicity of hearing him talk about this after i had just seen them, blue my mind...

these lights became something that i began seeing quite frequently, often in batches of several in one day for many days in a row, followed by periods of not seeing it at all... they looked like little blue stars, of a beautiful blue very similar to what Antoine showed us in his post...they always seemed to have such a good vibe, that it felt like some kind of angel was around me and letting me know that things are wonderful...

i had a time of great personal crisis in 1988, when personal problems were getting severe enough to almost finish me... i was laying on my bed in the late morning around 10 or 11 a.m. and asking for help with my problem... suddenly, i began to see (with my eyes wide open in a well-lighted room) what looked like a large undulating pulsating blue sun appear in the room and gradually move until it was right above me... this was the same color as the blue star (but many shades at once that seemed to flow like the movement of gasses within the sun), but it was so much larger than the blue star i was used to seeing... although it is hard to actually describe it in terms of size, if i tried to hug it, i would not quite be able to get my arms completely around it... but anyway, at first, it terrified me...

so i just asked it out loud, "what are you?"... and then telepathically, i asked it if it was God, or if it was some kind of entity... if telepathically told me to relax and not be frightened, that it was here to help me... it told me that it was the "blue star", and that i was "of the blue star"... it helped me to immediately and completely solve my personal problem on my own...
since then, i frequently see the blue star in either the small star-like version, and sometimes the larger sun-like version... i always greet it, and thank it for its presence... and it always feels wonderful... at a certain point several years ago, i began to be able to see the blue sun with my third eye whenever i decide to focus on it... is especially easy when my eyes are closed (though i can see it with my eyes open if i try to), and it is a wonderful way to get immediately into a very deep and beautiful meditation... i think that it is always with me, even though i don't always focus on seeing it... and this feels so wonderful, warm and comforting to know...

it made me smile when i read what Mystress Angelique wrote about it in her Fire-Serpent Tantra course... i have a feeling that she would not mind me quoting a paragraph from her lesson on "Opening the Third Eye" here:
"Now at some point, you may get a blue light appearing. It's very tiny. Muktananda referred to this as the "blue pearl of wisdom". If this light shows up, ask it to stay and guide you, and be your guide for the rest of your life. And if you ask it, then it will. And you can ask it anything because it knows everything."
-copyright by Mystress Angelique Serpent,

although i read these words so many years after becoming familiar with the blue light, blue star, blue pearl; this sounds so very true to me... and i feel so blessed to be " of the blue star", and especially to know that i am here in the company of so many who are also " blue star" people...


I've had a few experiences with this also.

Once back in 1997 just as I was drifting off to sleep, I saw blue dots making monsters which then turned into the elephant Ganesh.

Another time I awoke with brain explosion of blue shards in the brain--sort of shooting outward like a kaleidoscope.

Sometimes I'll see faces on a blue background, or pools of water on blue waves.

On one occasion these dark blue pools turning into a whirlpool. I was being sucked into it (eternal bliss) but said I wanted to wait for friends. I then received an understanding that "they are all ready there." [that everyone is already always awakened]

Another time right before falling asleep I saw a bright blue? light laser point star in the distance.

I've had two "pearl" type experiences. One was a dream of finding a lotus like pearl earring. I give it to a dealer and accept a lesser one in replacement. I awoke with my whole body brain in bliss. Sparkling. Buzzing.

More recently I had a vision of a tube that became a circle which then turned into a pearl.

I've been fascinated with this blue light for a while now, it's been with me constantly for many months; I see flashes of blue and sometimes pink light throughout the day. During meditation a blue dot appears but if I try to concentrate on it it fades or moves, I also see blue swirls of mist and sparkles during meditation and sometimes I'm just surrounded by a blue nothingness. At night I occasionly see the mist floating above me, and I always see the sparkles and specks before I fall asleep.

I've recently seen other vivid colors too but they usually appear on someones body, someones arm may turn green, their face blue or their back purple, I've no idea what this is and have had to rub my eyes more than once to check this wasn't my imagination:)


Since my K woke up, blue and blue light is a theme in my life. I have been told by occultists that I am a part of the Blue Ray (for wisdom and teaching).
I love deep, royal and sometimes the irridescent peacock blue for clothes (although I prefer greens for living space). I have come to associate blue light with a generated Shakti field, the presence of the Divine. I can sometimes see/feel it's coolness in temperature in a room full of people who are having Shaktipat. My heart light is a brilliant blue. I can bring it out in cupsfuls to give to people as a gift.
I have not really seen the blue pearl per se. I usually see blue light as a whole extension of my body.

This past spring I was laying on my bed in the late evening. My body became paralyzed as I was saturated with unbeliveable bliss. As I watched it was like my body was being being wrapped in a crystalline cocoon of icy blue. When I was completely 'wrapped' a little figure of the Black Kali Goddess came, about 12 inches high and kept dancing on my chest sticking her tongue out and waving her stick at me. She looked like a African-Caribbean version. This lasted for about an hour.

Shakti blue kisses,


As I have read what others have written I look for it in my own experiences (as I do about most things I read), and I have this thing going on... sometime it's blue, but mostly purple. At one time it may have been one point, but for me it moves in a series of patterns. It seems to take a predominance of alpha for it to appear, and then it swirls around entering from a peripheral area and sweep across my awareness. Back when I was in the float tank alot it took on a vividness that could be quite startling.

...someone gave me the cassette of * Om namah shivaya* and almost every time I used to put it when meditating. Later on, I began to watch this *blue circle* all the time, It grows and is like moving all the time, small to big, small to big; coming to me, like a tunnel, then everything comes from within the circle and like a screen I get inside and I move like flying through this tunnel blue circle.... Is wonderful ! Is like a really fast plane, and * here I go* ...... My breathing is like needing more air, and it goes deeper and profound into my body then I start watching things ...

Do you think this blue circle, could be that Blue Pearl? Or am I imagining this *Magical tour*?



Later addendum:

..(There appeared a dark blue stone before my eyes & it was faintly but i could see it.This stone was like a blue diamond that you would wear in a necless around your neck. what i saw was that this stone jewel was in the middle & there were other smaller diamond around the blue one & they were all rainbow colors.The stone in the middle was much larger than the others.It looked like a diamond neckless you would wear. as this appeared to my eyes it came into sight long enough to get a glimpe of it.& then faded out.i have never seen this before until now.Can you help me with the understand of what this is & why it appeared to was a very big & beautiful stone with all the others diamond around it.


I see the blue lights around me as spheres and once when m I opened my eyes to see a blue sphere on the top of my forehead.....

I also see a tiny blue pearl sometimes on other peoples throats or forheads.....

I also see a white diamond type light but it never really comes near me but simply appears always on the right side of my room.....

I used to be a butler in a very exspensive hotel and once unbeknownst at the time was in the presence of guru mayi -
since I didnt know who she was I was very causual around her....
she offered me some chocolate....and I cant remember if I took it or not -
but I do remeber looking at her like - are you sure you want to give me some chocolate -??
it just seemed so random - this lady dressed in orange asking me if wanted some chocolate....

anyway I mention this because after that time I had a full scale K- type breakdown thing fo three years and basically didnt work during those 3 years....

I wuld later trace the incident with gurumayi to the bggining of my k- happenings....which I believe smehow the blue lights are realt -- but the blue lights didnt show up until about eight years later.....

the thing is I never knew seeing lights wuld be a by product of meditation or whatever spiritual pratices one does....

so they frightened me for the fist 2 years and I scoured the net but really info is real limited on the blue pearl exerience

I believe the blue spheres are healing light ......

Subject: [KUNDALINI] Blue Pearl
I was sitting in meditation some years ago. I was directing my my vision towards the "third eye" [eyes closed]
My field of vision became black-purple. A tiny light appeared in the center of the field. I was drawn as if into a vortex towards this light. It grew into a quarter inch diameter electric -arc
Blue Pearl. I dissolved into the Blue Pearl.I became the Blue Pearl.
No body, no I, no me! I KNOW, I am convinced, I am pure consciousness.
Our undivisible,pure essence, is consiousness . We are part of the primal,orignal,Consciousness of the Cosmos.
As such we are co-creators of reality.
This is an awesome responsibility.
It is imperitive that we behave with utmost integrity.

I am so fascinated by the purple speck I see when I close my eyes...and sometimes when my eyes are open. I would love to discuss this with someone else.I have yet to find other people as interesting in this little glowing star. I know it is called the pearl of wisdom ..but I would love to know what other people think it might be. Also -- why purple white in color..why not red? Is this some connection with the cosmos...or simply brainwaves creating this ?Also is K trying to tell us something when this light shows up? Somedays I don't see it...there are days I see it at with great frequency..

I've not known anyone who has seen this purple speck before... Years ago, when I first learned knowledge of my guide, I used to see a large ultra violet ball, about 8 inches in diameter racing around my walls... I never understood what this was to begin with. At the time I was exploring my spirituality and had just established a connection with my guide, however at first I didn't realise he and the ball of light were connected. I eventually learned this gets my attention.

A few years ago however, the ball started to get smaller, and disappeared. I could not find him in the meditation I was so used to, and I thought he had left me. It felt like a disconnection of sorts for a few months, then out of the blue spirit showed me another meditation that required me to climb stairs, and there he was. I soon found the ball again, only this time, it was a speck in my eye, either as I close my eyes to go to sleep at night, or as I open them in the morning....(or both)... now if I am doing work of a spiritual nature, I will see it with my eyes open... and this is the way I have always seen it since. The speck is purple or violet and has a shimmer with it. I don't think I've ever tried to understand it... its just always been there... You call it a Pearl of Wisdom... this is interesting... where did you learn that? In any case, I don't know if its associated with my own Kundalini experiences .... I've been going through these spasms on and off for 3-4 years. .I can't help wondering then if your purple speck is also a guide, or whether it represents something else? Feel free to share some more.

The ultra violet [blue pearl] vibrates at about 4700 CPS. Many gurus have achieved this and higher brain wave patterns.
It seems to be a symptom - a peek at a higher level.
I think the sum total of info has been downloaded into the electro-magnetic spectrum of light. "Let there be light"

You might want to read my guru's book "Play of Consciousness" by Swami Muktananda. He talks about these experiences in great detail. This is the Blue Pearl, the jewel of yogis! Once the Blue Pearl stands steady in front of you, you begin to see the entire universe while meditating! When you meditate, try to make the blue Pearl stand steady in front of you. That is the door to liberation!

I had been awake for about 45 minutes, when this experience occurred, so I know it wasn't the result of being groggy or anything and I wasn't hallucinating either. I was sitting down at the table, and closed my eyes and just stretched out, and yawned as most people do in the morning. What happened when I opened my eyes, ...changed my life forever. ...I opened my eyes, and to my astonishment, I beheld everywhere in my vision, ...on the ceiling, ...and in the air in front of me, ...literally hundreds of incredibly brilliant, bright blue shooting stars! They appeared to be in essence, a liquid light. They where flying around in circles, darting to and fro, and shooting all over the place! But only I could see this. My wife was oblivious as to what was happening to me. I still saw the room and everything in it as normal, but there were all of these incredibly bright blue, lightening in color, shooting stars all over the place! This experience lasted about thirty seconds, but believe me, I had never seen anything like this, in all of my thirty years of life before that day. It was almost indescribable. But It proved to me that this energy does exist. And it is the key to the next step in Christianity, the Baptism in the Holy Spirit that Jesus promised would occur to those who sought God, or Wisdom, ie., knowledge ie., the Kingdom Of God Within You, Luke ch.17.

Now, I am with or Self Realization Fellowship, and practicing it's techniques, ...which are much better than the one that I just told you about. But the one that gave me this experience, that I just gave to you, enough to prove to any Truth-seeker, if practiced earnestly, the validity of the existence of the inner kundalini energy that is in us all at the base of the spine. It is the energy of creation. It is the energy that builds the elementary particles of all the atoms in the universe.

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