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Member Polls and Surveys.

Bliss Poll

Poll question: Have you ever experienced Bliss, Ecstasy, Rapture or *Joy.*
Addendum: And what, if anything, set it off?

Thanks everyone!

17 people responded to the poll question.

Three people responded with a simple Yes

Bliss was mentioned by 9 people
Joy was mentioned by 8
Rapture 5
Ecstasy 3
Ecstasy/rapture 3
Spiritual, cosmic, or explosive orgasm 3
Glory 3


1. pulled over the side of the road at 3am in the morning, sitting in a camaro in deep texas for a rest. Became paralyzed and had an understanding and could see/feel/hear/experience of the All at once.
2. recent hubble space photographs...weeping
3. making love....weeping
4. deep meditation
5. feeling a baby's skin and looking into her eyes.
6. feeling alive in the moment accompanied by so much gratitude
7. a broken heart
8. anger

Initial trigger: my boyfriend called me back as I was leaving the room. When I turned and looked into his eyes, they did something strange, like the pupils moving rapidly or maybe his eyes turned to liquid and were rippling...I don't know how to describe it any better. That was the first time ever that I felt the electric energy go through me.

I had tied my shoes and was about walk out the door ... then it happened. No fancy meditations or new age planned enlightenment courses

It happens with me unexpectadly, too. It happens almost always when I ask the universe for help, or guidance, at that moment when I get the answer, (usually in really wierd places, by the way). Once it happened in a coffee shop when I momentarily "saw" how we (humans) were all connected. Occasionally it has happened because all of the sudden some stranger looked directly at me and smiled a smile of pure good-will, for no reason at all.

I find it when i am not looking....

time 0: being in love
time 1: LSD and meditation together ...oooooh!
time 2: post-breakdown temporary freedom from mental structures
time 3....: whenever I'm graced.

Deep pain in my soul.

It happened about 6 months after I had begun meditating regularly, and at the time I had an intense need to find, the meaning and understanding of life, and to gain spiritual growth and direction.

a three day event, the aim was to experience the movement of a group from pseudo-community, through chaos (is was held that there are three ways out of chaos, back to pseudocommunity, organisation or through 'emptiness' into community.)
As far as the *joy*and /or Bliss goes, oh the list is endless but I'll have a go.
Playing in a Samba band, especially at sunrise on J'overt morning.
Dancing, especially when wearing a carnival costume that I've made.
Playing jigs and reels in minor keys.
Being in nature, seeing a tree, a carpet of bluebells....(endless list)
When I see a smile on a face
The moments when I just knew I'd conceived - my two daughters
Being present at the birth of my first grandaughter
March 24th, 9.30pm. 1999, when I suddenly knew that my fourth grandaughter had been conceived.
A hug from a friend
Finding a question that I hadn't found words for is answered on this list without me having to ask it.

The Shaker's shake, the Quaker's quake, the Sufi's turn, - all these are examples of attempts at entering into the electrical symmetry of bliss.

My earlier bliss/euphoria states came on suddenly,... with no apparent catalyst. It was as if someone had flipped a switch, and presto. I was in a sublimely altered state lasting between a couple minutes and several hours on different occasions

a few weeks of bhakti work. ... And music seems to trigger the bliss-feelings



tingles out through my head, hands and feet on a daily basis.. ...the feeling has been present during my waking hours except when I am in total concentration on a project. I guess it gets blocked out or something. dunno. ...Countless times it has reached a point that fits the words chosen for this Poll.

I've experienced various joys and bliss's through the years, but I've only had one moment of ecstasy/rapture.

Yes, but alas truly on only one occasion.

sometimes several times nightly

I have bliss often, with nature and people, and love, during special orgasm's offered in love.
Joy since being born,
Glory often when I feel the honor of my place of existence with existence.

I still feel that one from time to time.



I enjoy a very good feeling that courses through my center and spreads through my body then tingles out through my head, hands and feet

When it has happened I didn't know what to call it so I named it a "spiritual orgasm".

Actually, I can recount many as going through each as steps to the next.
Feeling Bliss that accellerates to Ecstasy which accellerates to Rapture and Pure Joy.
During these experiences Allofme was involved. It was not just physical feelings but emotions and thoughts as well.
Information flows in along with the love and light. Insights and revelations are revealed. Sometimes I feel that I have physically "disappeared" and that I am everywhere. I often find that when it is subsiding that I am crying tears of joy and have wet my pants.

It was that five to ten minutes of soaring energy that preceded my three month stint as a self proclaimed prophet-slash-babbling psycho. It was by far, the most mysterious,
life changing event of my life ... It's funny, I wasn't expecting it and had never experienced anything like it before, but somehow I knew what it was. I kind of said to myself, "Oh my god... this is IT... the big one... wow ... why

(I should stress I was a cynic and didn't believe in anyDivine Being). One particular night the need to understand and communicate with "anything that may be out there" was very strong. What happened then, I would describe as utter joy and bliss, - I am convinced that God came to me, (me the original unbeliever) and without using any words, He made me

understand that I was loved, and that if He was in my life nothing else mattered. Like others in the poll I asked the question "Why me?", and for days after I was walking on air, and loving everyone and everything.

For totally risen K or realisation in the Heart Centre, beyond the sahasrara, there is no bliss at all. No experience, only becoming transcendental god. .

What I think I'm trying to communicate was that when I came back to myself I felt like I was changed at a very fundamental level, like I was looking at the world through the eyes of a child, a very young one. And this is what, for me, an 'ecstatic experience' means.And I think I can name the travels in the unconcious 'rapture' in as much I felt that I had been siezed ( kept

thinking of Persephone when I got back)

an even more intense state of bliss... Glory... When all the angels (-:
The stuff of the universe!!! What else can I say :-) sing in and through me. When the

reality of the divine self is recovered and when this divine realization
constant and irreversible.

These were not simply endorphin highs -- the exquisite sense of well-being I've also experienced after prolonged or extreme physical exertion. There was always a mystical, psychic, paranormal aspect to the bliss episodes.
... They were deliciously sweet gifts of grace which I've never been able to duplicate through any drug or spiritual/metaphysical practices or by an act of will.
...tremendous joy ... to me... is qualitatively different from bliss.
Joy seems to come from a deeper place that is not canceled out by even severe physical pain -- I've felt both on occasion. Bliss and pain don't seem to go together; the presence of one means the absence of the other, in my experience.
The greatest ecstasy/rapture I've ever known was during my
awakening over 30 years ago, when I felt God/Self's love for all
Nothing, nothing, nothing has ever compared to the colossal beauty of

Joy after K: Not to be confused with happiness. Melting from it. Weeping

with the wonder of it all. Overwhelmed.
Ecstasy: ... brain/body ("OH MY GOD") explosions.
Bliss: . Quieter, less explosive but more profound. ... an exquisite
ache or
pain. These states, both bliss and ecstasy, are accompanied with
and usually heat, breath changes, tongue cleaving to the palette and an
overwhelming need to stretch the spine backwards and the forwards.
Rapture: Experienced only once or twice. A state of blissful ("Sweet
Jesus!") suspension....

I pulled into the parking lot - late - but yet walking in i felt this
joy sweep over me i saw a seed float down from the sky and heard the
birds -
a chill went through me.

I have been hiding in my little corner, enjoying life and bliss -- at
very intense.

Became paralyzed and had an
understanding and could see/feel/hear/experience of the All at once.
sometimes constant pelvic undulations. and if there is
the littlest breeze touches my skin, cosmic explosive orgasm and the
totally emptying out, turned inside out of self to nothing. sometimes
seizures....whatta way to die....sigh

I had a wild experience of crying-jag,
beautiful 'I love you' between me and the world ...
I associate with 'sitting near the coals'. Don't know any of the words,
the feelings.

Rapture, now that is a hairy one. Had about 3, maybe 4 experiences in
Rapture. Most distinct and
common memory is being in the presence of a feminine power that filled
the room and the universe
and felt the power go through me. It felt like light. Made me feel
nauseous it was so strong which
may touches on the connection to pain, it is all feelings. and if not
pure, it vibrates you to the
essence. The flow went through me and shook me, but it was the most
wonderful feeling I ever had,

As I sat there,
it was like a feeling spead through my heart and soul and even my bone
marrow that 'all was well' and it always had been and always would be
and as
I gazed around at all the faces everyone seemed to be shining individual

expressions of Glory, perfect and just as they should be. I was a part
them and they were a part of me and we were a a part of everything and
on and so on and so on. As I felt this, I felt the energy rise up
me, it 'blew me apart' and I exploded into laughter.



Thank you so much everybody!

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