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Member Polls and Surveys.

Birthing poll

Eleven people replied either to the list or to me regarding their births. Others may have replied directly to Chris.  There are too few replies for any real statistical significance, but the replies themselves are most interesting! :))

Six were difficult births
Five were easy ones.

It's interesting that "dramatic" or "intense" were words used to describe their awakening both by people who had difficult *and* easy births.

Difficult               K awakening
********                **************
umbilical cord......... Dramatic
umbilical cord ........ Intense
C section ............. Don't know how it affected me
C section ............. No response
Breach ................ Blissful
Forceps ............... Early K, dislike of routine

Very easy ............. Very intense, psychosis
Easy, early............ Very intense, so much energy
Very easy ............. Difficult than peaceful, contentment
Born of laughter....... Connected to higher power, Indigo
Quick Easy,Early........Dramatic



Christopher wrote:

> I would be very interested in some sort of statistics which may > relate the intensity and type of Spiritual Emergence (K) experience > with the experiences and/or style/type of birth.
> I am particularly interested in any correlation that may exist > relative to the repression of a child's natural life-force flow > during the birthing moment by the use of labour assisting drugs, > pain killers etc. This includes Caesarian section births.

Well that explains it!  The umbilical cord got caught round my neck and the doctor panicked.  The midwife took over, saved me from strangulation but not before I ripped my mother's bits and pieces and she got whisked off to another hospital on oxygen... or something like that.  The one before me died at birth of heart failure.  Is this why my life's been so DRAMATIC DARLINGS????!


Same story for me, my parents said that my umbilical cord got stuck around my neck and nobody knew what to do. I turned out OK thankfully. I am a Chicchan in the mayan calendar which is the Red Serpent and has everything or almost, to do with kundalini

> Have you had an easy or difficult K awakening?

I didn't do anything to trigger it, I was talking to a really foxy girl at an outdoor party when another foxy girl stands by me. I guess it happened with good company :)

> How intense has it been?

Oh, it was intense. I was feeling it all in my spine right up to my brain lobes. All I could see was a white light at the time, and I was feeling posessed. I can say that it was blissful and full of agony both at a same time.  <snip>

I [was] born ...a week late at least. I have always hated school and sometimes have been perceved as an outcast. This may determine the caracteristicts of an indigo kid.

i am a c-section birth (stolen from the womb in my peaceful slumber:) and i have only recently realized that i was never born!

i believe that this has affected me in ways that i don't yet understand...i would be very interested in hearing other folks experience of this

I am a c-section also. I don't know how that has affected me. I think being born "differently" isn't the same as not being born at all. It's just different, that's all. I was a heavy baby, 11 lbs. I had to be c section, because I was so big. And my mom was in labor at the time, I probably was ready to come out. My brother wasn't, he was a c section also, and when they went to take him out he tried to crawl up into my mothers innards to escape.

I don't know what drugs were involved, but I was a breach birth and a twin.  Probably a bit of rivalry there LOL!  Strong nightly blissful experiences.

I was pulled from my mothers womb by forceps. There are many stories around my family about how they could never get me in a routine. I live that one to this day, routines never work for me.

I guess I was about 5 when what could be K rising began.

I was sent to shrinks and tested for every neurological disorder known to man until I was about 15 when I had enough and refused to cooperate any further.  The only diagnosis I ever got was bi polar and an over active imagination.

As I stated in an earlier email, I began 'seeing' energy move when I was about 7. My grandmother encouraged it but after she died (I was 9) my family would chastise me for anything they perceived as abnormal. So I suppressed it then.



> Did you have a difficult birth?

As far as I know - no. My mother was still walking in the corridor of the clinic with nearly full dilation. Then when they checked, she was ready to push and pushed me out in two pushes - no drugs or anything.

> Have you had an easy or difficult K awakening?

Well, awakening K didn't seem to difficult - it was what came after for the next 10 years that was extremely difficult, going through hell many times, mania, psychosis.

> How intense has it been?


> I am particularly interested in any correlation that may exist > relative to the repression of a child's natural life-force flow > during the birthing moment by the use of labour assisting drugs, > pain killers etc. This includes Caesarian section births.

So no, nothing like that, however, it was pregnancy that was very difficult for my mother emotionally: my father backing out, leaving her, threatening her and forcing her to have an abortion. When she didn't want to, he publicly told lies about her, proclaimed her to be a slut, a whore etc. I felt all of this inside the womb - since I relived it many times during psychotic episodes and finally well-guided and without psychosis during hypnotherapy.

Recently, during labour and childbirth, I felt a manic episode coming up in my head. When I asked myself what was underneath; a deeply felt loneliness came up, missing my father at (my own) birth, when I was a baby. I cried and the starting mania disappeared. Some more old trauma cleared.

I start to believe fathers are indispensable - they should be there, with all of their heart, to guide their children into the world.
I was not a difficult birth. I was about 4 weeks early like my sister and my two daughters.  My mother used some sort of spinal thing for pain relief which she also did for my sister and brother. my brother was about 6 weeks early and neither of my siblings have even shown remote signs of k or even have an interest in anything spiritual.  I am the odd one I guess (but in a good way :) anyway I had a lousy childhood full of learning problems and extreme shyness and insecurity was frightened of everyone even parents. the funny thing is this started from the time I was a baby on no one understood me at all they didnt know what to think of me I was the black sheep. I was a easy baby according to my mom it wasnt untill I was about a yr old that my fears and insecurity's and shyness set in. anyway it escelated greatly untill I was about 21 to severe depression, suicidal tendancies and severe panic attacks.  At that time I new I needed to better my life before it slipped away and I am 25 now and I am doing really well and now I know life can be good  (I still have bad k days but without the probs back then) I still have a lot of emotional traumas to work out. the K became really obvious about a yr ago and it has really help me release some of them.  Anyway I dont know what else to say cuz I dont know much more.  

Anyway unlike my birth it has been paced sort of moderate I guess but compared to what Im not sure. I dont really know what is considered fast.  when I first awakened I felt the burning up the spine and back and was very sick due to energy blockages and so much energy. it was a very stressful time for me tons of emotions coming up I was an emotional and physical wreck the energy only went to my solar plexus. it felt like then it quieted down after a couple of months and seemed to go away which I was very pleased at the time because it really frightened me. after about a month I receieved my 3 Reiki attunments in a weekend thinking my K energy was gone for good but shortly afterwards it came back much much stronger ready to rise above the solar plexus into my heart. it was very intense for me. the physical symptoms had been greatly reduced (Im thinking becuase of the Reiki) but the emotional symptoms were horrible for me. I had to really work on pulling myself together it was very frightning. I found this list soon after and even know I was prone to panic attacks they had increased so much since the initial rise that I had to use an antidepressant I just couldnt function on a daily basis. Well anyway it has felt like a very long road (lol about 15 months) and at this point the K is rising to my head now and it has been a little hard to get used to at times. I have begun the symptoms I have read others having when the k rises to my head it is sooo overwhelming and it seems to make my thoughts race my head aches and I have to calm myself because I feel as though I am losing control. I am no longer using an antidepressant been off a while I cope w/out the use of them now and am really feeling like I am moving along. I have visions and have started seeing auras and have had some amazing spiritual encounters. it has really taught me alot about life I am doing ok so far but am hoping that I can continue to hold myself together. I dont want you to think I am so confident I dont get scared becauese I still have fears but I try not to dwell on them. I have such a long ways to go.  Anyway I feel like I am going at the perfect pace for myself at this time am very pleased. :)  

My birth was very easy.  I was the sixth birth for my mother, and am told she almost dropped me in the elevator to the delivery room.  My childhood was not an easy one, mainly due to the fact that my mother had some mental difficulties.  I was always playing the "peacemaker" in the family and trying to prevent stress and promote harmony.  As a result, I have blockages in my throat chakra.  It is still very difficult for me to stand up for myself and/or deal with confrontation.

Two years after my Reiki training, I had a long string of difficult circumstances (deaths of both parents, laid off my job, then found I had breast cancer.)  Now that my cancer treatments are over the kundalini seems to be rising a lot.  Since the cancer diagnosis and 9/11 terrorism happened at the same time, it seems that not much stresses me any more.  I have not gone back to work yet, so I have more time to meditate and read and work in my garden, so I feel pretty peaceful.

So, I guess, to summarize:  easy birth, difficult childhood, kundalini starts rising, difficult 2 years followed by 3 months of  peace and contentment.  Maybe I should knock on wood?  LOL.

Sorry I took so long to introduce myself, and thank you all for sharing your wisdom and beliefs.

This answer also, I believe, fits into the spirit of this list, into which I landed by total mistake...I was trying to sign up for Indigo Adults.

First, let me give you the basics.  I don't know.  ;-)  My mother didn't have a c-section.  I'm pretty sure she let the docs do what they did, drugs and all.  She's like that.  Nothing abnormal.  However, I was told later that it was Imogene Coca made her laugh so hard she went into labor...that would be a good thing, however, she (my mother) ended up telling me that she wanted to go into a closet and not come out.  IOW, she didn't want to go throught the process.  Well, great.

Here's my opinion...we've already signed up to do what we're about in this lifetime.  Parents are most times necessary roadblocks, altho' they might be considered learning tools or angels.  I dont' know.  However, whatever happened to me at or during birth has NOTHING, repeat, nothing to do with Who I Am today.  And anyone who thinks this might be so is fooling themselves.  See?  Typical Indigo Adult!

Another thing...any sort of trauma associated with birth is not to do with earthly matters.  It has to do with the separation from God.  K-awakening for me had nothing to do with anything but me and my connection to my Higher Power.

My own birth: Mother went to the hospital about a week before I was due.  She was told that it would be at least a day before I arrived...and that her doctor would be in later on in the morning anyway just to check-in on her.  They put her in a pre-labour room....where I arrived  immediately after, bright and early at 6:00'ish in the morning...BEFORE any doctors could TOUCH me.  ( Nurses only were there to assist my speedy delivery into the world.)  I have NEVER trusted doctors in this life very well. Go figure!!!  
My own son did the same trick with his birth...although I had already planned a home birth with midwives, he came 5 weeks early on the ONLY day that BOTH of them were out of the country!!!!  The stand-in midwives and I then decided to go to the hospital due to the prematurity of my labour....NOT SO said my son, soon as I agreed to go to the hospital where the 'doctors' would be to 'help' me...he decided to arrive within 5 minutes!!  ( my daughter's arrival was similar but not as early and definitely gentler and more peacefully....just like both of my children's nature's are today at 9 and 7 years old.  My son is an eager bright eyed going concern who 'can't wait' to jump into the next miracle of life.  My daughter too has carried with her gentler, more peacefully angelic nature.)
My own K awakening: Like my birth, fast and happening before I could blink my eyes! ( I can give you the precice time and date of my K awakening!  It shattered all of who I had THOUGHT I was in a single moment....which had attached to it a memory of hospitals and doctors while I was unconscious too!....still not fond of Doctors, the most impressive teachers I've yet to experience.)

Intensity of K:
Like my quick birth, the intensity of K and my journey continues on the 'dramatic path'.
Sent headlong into it all always before any warning or knowing until 'after' things shift. ...and I LOVE it....even when it scares me to death, and feels darker than the longest night...I always know that on the OTHER SIDE I will be new.  :0) Still breathing!



Many thanks to all who responded!

Later Additions: 

Birth stuff: 3 months premature, born weight 2#11oz. Lowest weight: 2# 2 oz. They didn't think I was going to live, but I was by golly!

Born a week late and backwards. When K. caused me to relive my own birth, I found out why. I did not want to come out... an argument with duality, realizing at last minute that it was scary out there...
I was a very different child. Let me start with my birth. I had to be born through caesarian section because I was backwards.

Poll Question

Did you have a difficult birth?

Have you had an easy or difficult K awakening?

How intense has it been?

Thanks everyone!


Chris writes:

I would be very interested in some sort of statistics which may relate the intensity and type of Spiritual Emergence (K) experience with the experiences and/or style/type of birth.

I am particularly interested in any correlation that may exist relative to the repression of a child's natural life-force flow during the birthing moment by the use of labour assisting drugs, pain killers etc. This includes Caesarian section births. footer links for polls section
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