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Member Polls and Surveys.

Benefits of K

    By MAS.

Angelique's Benefits of K poll

15 people answered the poll questions. Thank you so much everyone!

Question 1. Physical health and/or strength

Nine people responded yes, citing seldom being ill, fewer migraines, high energy, ability to self detox, improved allergies

Two said no change

Four were qualified-- One person was healthier for first six months then a period of exhaustion, Another was healthier but phases of tired/weak episodes; Two with health issues but physically strong:


"I am still an athlete. I am probably physically stronger then before because I used running to help me work through some anger. My physical health is poor. The MRI shows I had a stroke. My blood pressure goes up and down with stress & anxiety. I have had vision problems since the moment of shaktipat. I have debilitating migraines and I am often depressed. "

"Strength, yes. Health - I have had some funky health issues on and off, but I awakened spontaneously at a very young age and I am only now really coming into my own with this energy. My heart rate is phenominally fast, and I am quite warm on a constant basis, unless I am really feeling bad. I would not say my health is "bad" but I would not say great either. I have a tendency to push myself way too hard - mostly in a mental/emotional sense."


Question 2. Improved personal relationships

Fourteen said yes, two citing greater empathy, one increased patience. One person responded that his relationships were more authentic. Three people said there were major upheavals or havoc initially in their relationships.

One person said no, due to exploding relationships primarily caused by reorganized personal priorities.


Question 3. Work related issues--job opportunities, colleagues, etc.

Eleven had positive changes. One person cited explosive creativity, another that "K has given me opportunities beyond my wildest dreams. Yet another exclaimed "Could not keep a regular 9-5 to save my life...But boy, the interesting opportunities that come my way musically (when I am listening to my inner truth/guru)"

Two replied negatively. One cited problems spacing out, although this was manageable. One said "-job opportunities, colleagues, etc.quite negative effects - money, success, ambition - gone"

One said no change

One not applicable

Four people expressed lost ambition or concern for career: "lost all desire for personal achievement or material possessions--got rid of all but essentials. Not interested in anything that isn't service oriented" ; "Much less concerned with career "; " I have changed my work and my goals" (see also above)


Question 4. General serenity/contentment

Eleven said yes: "Improved greatly"; "markedly increased"; "Whistling all the time and seeing good things even if they may appear bad or difficult for others around me" ;"Yes !! lonnnnger times of joy and contentment"; "More joy." ; "This has been one of the most peaceful and content years of my life, even though from the outside it must look chaotic. Being grounded is just so wonderfully calming."; "very serene now, even when what were once thought of as negative emotions come up"; "In love with life itself."; "I seem to be unable to get irritated"

Two people said no: " no serenity. 40 years of trauma all coming to the surface." ; "Whats that? I am not content. I have withdrawn from the world of TV and newspapers because I cannot find contentment."

One person had a mixed response: "Sometimes great. Sometimes, like anyone who is bipolar, I get the ick. Haha. I hope to eventually be able to experience less ick as I meditate and take care of myself more. "

One responded with a cryptic "'Eye of the storm.'"


Question 5. Decrease in fear

Eight people said yes: Comments "the fear of fear is gone"; "was always pretty fearless about most things, but now even greater. if fear comes up, it passes easily" ; "you can't experience fear when you're grounded - it's amazing! Absolutely wonderful for someone who used to have panic attacks." ; "Absolutely, after a paranoic process, less fears and communicate with them now. "

Three had mixed reactions to fear

"Yes when I'm surrendered. At other times it's made me a nervous wreck. :D"

"First there was a phase of nearly manic fear. Now there is definitely a big difference."

Four people experienced little or no change:

"It is still the main problem sometimes so anger is not always resolved"; "No...but a change in understanding how deeply held fears have been allowed to determine my life choices."; "Still have some problems with fear lately"

One responded " Fear of what? I wasn't afraid to die before and I still am not afraid to die. I would say that I had fear while awakening but it subsided.

" &&&&&&&&&&

Question 6. Changes in appearance

All but one person responded that they had a more youthful/and or attractive appearance or they didn't seem to be aging or that aging seemed to be slowed. One stated "looked younger. now that things are slowing down, that has changed."

Other comments:

"People are always telling me I "glow." I've heard that so many times here lately from so many different people I'm afraid I might start glowing in the dark. ;-P" ;
"Made me look younger in some ways. I'm not sure if my head has remodelled itself. Perhaps.";
"Eyes more shining, so everyone says LOL .. rejuvenated !!" ;
"people are forever telling me how attractive I am and shocked when I tell them my age when they ask" ;
"Nothing but it looks like I'm not really aging: basically people give me an age around 20-25 but I'm 41 !"
"It's strange - I think rather than actually change my appearance, it changed my energy field, and people see me differently. I think in most peoples' minds it manifests as "attractive" which they associate with physical being."


Question 7. Greater enjoyment of life

All but one said yes: "Yes, totally. "; "Tremendously. Everything in life is so special and precious."; "Life just seems so full of potential right now, but I'm not sure if that's due to k, or just the new circumstances in my life."; "Yes! The more I'm in touch with my true self and creative path, the greater my ability to find happiness in each moment. " ; "much greater. my conditioning was that I was quite stoic to emotion, both positive and negative. now I've much more passionate about everything, when I'm happy, I'm ecstatic; when I'm mad, I'm reeaaallly mad! ha!" ; "always good - now more blissful" ; "I watch in awe how things unfold"

One said "Less. Much less."


Question 8. Increase in physical sensations and/or bliss

Thirteen said yes.

One said no.

One had a mixed experience: --" Many powerful physical sensations, sometimes blissful, other times still uncomfortable. "


"increased. sensual, tactile, visual, auditory "
"extreme increase in bliss"
"Love the feeling of energy undulating up my spine - nothing crazy and big, just a wonderful little yum."

"I love when the heart chakra opens and encompasses everything"

"I have experienced an increase in sensations of bliss including spontaneous orgasms and an inexhaustible sex drive. "


9. Greater general awareness

Thirteen had positive responses:

"Greater general awareness: heightened analytical skills and compassion, social dynamics"
"I enjoy simple tasks that I used to run away from"
"Already high, now more empathic"
"Yes, sometimes I feel like my head is huge to see more, feel more and be more connected inside out. "
"Right now I think my attention is still very self focused, and becoming more aware of what's really inside. Hopefully that will spread to a general outlook as well."

One had no comment,

One was mixed:

"I have less awareness in regard to my surroundings. Sometimes I walk around and I feel like I am in a fog. But I have an increased awareness of what others are thinking. I cannot distinguish it though. My thought or theirs that is until they speak and I realize it was their thought. Or if it is something I wouldn't think at all then I know it was their thought.


10. Increase in intelligence

Four people replied yes: Comments: "Increase in intelligence -- As I continue to become more conscious, the mind seems to expand, as well."
"Well, I would suppose so, like I said I awakened young and tested at 151 IQ, went to college at 16. I did really well in school, music, and today I surprise myself at what I can do, which I am sure happens to a lot of us. "
"More inner dynamic, like a computer inside with so many diff. programmes ?? "
"Increase in intelligence: particularly creative, intuitive, psychic ability"

Six were Mixed responses:

"Yes except more & more memories problems"
"What's intelligence? IQ? Logical cognition? Ability to follow inner guidance rather than conditioned thinking? If the last, sure"

"slight decrease in intellect and speed slight increase in emotional intelligence"

"Duh! I can't focus as well as I used to. Sometimes I have insights beyond my own little brain. This is a boost but need to be in tune and clear of junk to get them."

"Sometimes I think I have more intelligence and then I do something stupid. I have a thirst for knowledge that cannot be quenched. I read all the time. Especially about K. It amazes me that a lot of what I read I find to be untrue in my situation. I have always found that what the Mystress writes is true. That is why I am here to cut through the crap. "

Five people replied No or the same or unknown

Not sure, but much more forgetful and lazier to write.

"Naw, don't think so, unless it's to realize that I'm no more special than anyone else. ;)"

[IQ]still 138


Question 11. Increase in knowledge

Eleven people replied yes:


"Huge through more & more internal or external spiritual & metaphysical realization"

"Everything has become much more simpler :- ))))"

"Yes - I know things sometimes that surprise me...haha. Common sense can be a struggle considering that I see things in a very different way than what could be called "mainstream society", but it is also a bit of a Vata imbalance, I think. "

"Increase in knowledge -- Especially concerning spiritual geometry and information concerning other spiritual dimensions/realities that were perceived during my K opening. "

"Definitely have been doing a ton of reading, searching, musing, experimenting and journaling, all of which have brought new knowledge in their own ways."

"Increase in knowledge: desire for knowledge that will enhance abilities to give service in any way"

"more spiritually aware"

Three replied no:

"No but my reservoir of memory seems to be at the hands of Goddess. So I remember what I need to as and when and half the time I have no idea what to say to people. LOL."

No idea. I more often find myself saying "I don't know"

One asked for clarification

"please learning or internal discovery"


Added questions:

Question 12. Increased intuition

Five people said they experienced increased intuition. One said no increased intuition, but that she had always had more intuition than others.


"I would like to add a number 13, "intuition".";


"Increase in intelligence: particularly creative, intuitive, psychic ability"

"This is one of the biggest... The ability to see synchronicity and universal "signs" or whatever one would call them. Seeing things from other peoples' view, being able to sense their emotions, know when situations are not positive for me or others before it gets bad. I have found my ability to give good advice is better, to others and to myself. Being able to look objectively/witness-like at myself. Knowing when to act/when not to regarding a lot of instances in my career/life/etc. All good stuff. "

"I don't see any increase in my intuition. I have always had an increased intuition as compared to others, even as a small child. In the last 21 months, I have had visions, I see things that happen in the future and I have been visited by my dead grandmother, mother and cousin."


Other questions/comments

My sex life got quite spicy over the last 12 months.


While all these are valid and real "Beneffits Of Kundalini" might I add that ususually K-Awakening is accompanied by just the opposite of these in the early stages as one is literally undergoing a complete transformation, wherein old patterns and behaviours are being released, at least this has been my experience.


I would also add that results may be skewed by the tendency of folks with health difficulties (like me) to prefer not discussing them on a large archived list, and/or finding it physically harder to answer the survey. The same may also apply to folks having difficulties related to other questions. (You have my permission to anonymously quote me about this if you wish).


- more confused; less certain; more reflective; more patient less judgmental; less consumption; much smaller apetite; don't care about 'things'; care more about others.


My K awakened more than 8 years ago and I have been fortunate to have smooth awakening through help from my understanding Teacher. For this I am forever grateful.


Grounding is not easy, coming back to the *real* world still is challenging !!


Other: was always more of a giver than a receiver. now also better able to receive love and positive reinforcement, and when I receive it, it doesn't make me feel special--appeal to any sense of vanity.


more happiness

Live in a state of thanksgiving

Oceanic love


Thanks everyone! footer links for polls section
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