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Member Polls and Surveys.

Aura Poll.

How many of us see Auras?

1. What colors and shapes do you see?

2. Do you use this ability to help in diagnosing illness?

3. to help in determining a person's mood?

4. Other? I'm not sure the questions I should be asking with this one.
:)) Help me out anyone? I don't
see auras.

Subj: aura Poll results
Date: 12/8/99

Dear List,

27 people answered the Aura Poll (Thanks everyone!) :)))
Due to multiple answers, the numbers add up to more than 27.

A surprisingly large number "felt" or "sensed" auras rather than "saw" them.
Another large number saw auras as clear, white or colorless light.

7 people answered no (including me)

1 answered he saw auras only rarely

1 person simply answered Yes to the question.

5 people said they sensed or felt them. Of these, two translate their impressions into colors.
Two said they also "heard" or "smelled" them.

6 people said they usually see clear, or colorless auras, white or luminous light or a clear, heat like shimmer.
One said he translated the auras he saw into color in the mind's eye.

9 people saw colored auras at least sometimes. 2 of these only saw their own aura in color.
Four people saw both white and colored auras: of these, one saw faint colors to bright light, another saw the auras as a whitish or golden haze, sometimes slightly purplish, yet another usually saw white light but described once seeing an aura around a guru:
"It was yellow and surrounded his body, except above
his head where it was yellow delicately blended with pink"
and finally one saw white most frequently but occasionally bluish purple or green and once a huge brilliantly luminous halo around a guru.

One person described two different types of very complex auras--the first a 7 layered rainbow with "shimmering clear layers of color," and the second like colored oil "reddish, orangy a lot of yellow and eventually green"
One person mentioned that auras have the ability to change as "we are always shifting on a spiritual level."

In answer to visualizing shapes, 1 person mentioned a mental impression of shape, one the ability to make shapes out of prana,
one mentioned whitish specks dancing in the sky and swirls around trees,
and one described auras as a bubble or sphere of emotional energy.

2 people mentioned using the ability for healing.

2 people mentioned seeing auras around all objects living and nonliving.
One person mentioned the auras that colors give off. (If you stare long enough at a color, the opposite color in the spectrum appears to the mind's eye).

A couple of people mentioned that seeing auras could be learned.

Two people specifically mentioned seeing auras around gurus.

Thank you everyone! footer links for polls section
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