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Member Polls and Surveys.

ET's, Angels, & Monsters Poll



Poll Question. Have you experienced beings from "another world."

What form did these beings take?

How would you characterize the experience? i.e. terrifying, profound, joyful, comical, etc.?

Do you have an explanation for them?


Nine people specifically responded to the poll. Nine others have described out of this world experiences either during the poll or on the list not so long ago or simply responded to others.

Six people described beings of light-- from a huge winged figure with purple cape and crown, to glowing balls, to white light smiling figures with big eyes, to "white light crystal love feelings", to large eyed blue or yellowish figures--the yellowish "kind of lanky and the bluish...shorter with larger heads", to hundreds of musical specks of light. It's interesting that these light beings seem range from playful to awe inspiring--angel-like to faerie-like.

Six people described feeling or hearing presences--from source-like love feelings of absolute bliss, to evil beyond terror. Usually these invisible presences are described as awe-inspiring and profound.

Three people were visited by blue or black skinned Kali like figures--one saw her two year old child transforming into a "blue skinned, exotically robed child with horns or an elaborate head-dress." Another described "a dark young woman of about 4 1/2 feet blacker than the night." Another person saw an 8-10 year old girl with blue crystal kaleidascope eyes.

In another case of "transformation," a person told of his face visibly (to others) shifting into a reptilian alien.

Three people described being "worked on" by invisible beings. Another heard a voice and then felt her body writhing and hissing.

Two people seem to have been visited by human "ghosts"--one a woman, and one an English guy.

Two people mentioned being visited by symbolic or geometric figures.

Other people were visited by unusual creatures--one by a foot tall malnourished grey troll like creature, another by little grey stick figures, and another by fuzzy grey balls, another rehabilitated a huge crowd of "bent faeries."


Question 2: How would you characterize the experience? i.e. terrifying, profound, joyful, comical, etc.?

Thirteen people described the experience as profound, transforming, amazing, impressive or awe-inspiring.

Six people described the experience as frightening: "beyond terror", terrifying, scary, "still afraid," or overwhelmed.

Five people described them as comforting, calming, peaceful, or inspiring thanks.

Four people mentioned Love in response to them.

Two people described the beings as joyful, sweet, playful, or that the experience made her giggle.

Two described the beings as beautiful.

Question 3:Do you have an explanation for them?

Many were responses such as "Unfortunately I'm still clueless as to what happened" or "No sure dont but maybe someday I will"

One person said she was told the beings she encountered were from Sirius. Another mentioned his were from the "astral"

Still another said he read that they do not reproduce through sex hence their interest in human sex.

Another wrote "As far as "beings"or sentient energies, are they from another world if we see them here? I don't really care at this point, just that due to k we are able to see them and/or sometimes they allow us to see them. Another dimension, or wavelength of the spectrum of light and sound we are lucky (some may use another word here) to experience."

Others wrote: "I suppose they are from other dimentions..... or from other realms of reality..." and
"I tend to believe that they could be Angels but they may also be some similar form or "being of light" that might be unknown to me though. It appears from their intention and their effect that they would be messengers of some kind of "higher" conscience."

and finally "During the experience it's as clear and as certain as the sun. Afterwards, I prefer being very loose in my interpretation if I do attempt to explain them. "

The posts:

saw a being later identified as from the "astral"

> What form did these beings take?

A 8-10 year old girl with blue crystal kaleidascope eyes. An ancient wise old soul.

I had just experienced a profound mutual orgasm so it was embarrasing, but got the message.

Read later that they do not reproduce through sex hence their interest in human sex. The message I recieved was that I could reach transcendance through other methods.
I realised that it was the transcendant state I sought not the sex itself.

you would not believe it.

I have too much to share. ... Here are my highlights.

2 different girls who dont' know each other saw my face shift into a reptilian alien
I have had encounters with ET's beings on night between sleep and consciousness.
I have experienced beyond terror; biological fears based on a feeling like an evil force wanted to suck me in.
Experienced bliss; white light crystal love feelings of absolute bliss; source like.
I identify very much with Bringers of the Dawn.

Most people I know who had kundalini experiences have had ET experiences. I'm in touch with who are seriously studying the phenomena. These issues explain many of our 'unstable' world as the love frequency is trying to take root on earth; in the mass consciousness. Goddess energy is returning and we must nurture her!!

it was a full moon night and i anticipated an occultation of saturn by carrying a candle and incense outside and creating a makeshift altar. the incense i had bought earlier and was something i had never burned...egyptian musk. i was out of my usual temple incense, so there it was. sitting in meditation (breath awareness) for a time, then gazing at the full moon through branches of a water the left and higher in the sky was mars, small and orangish. i thought how unseen but *behind mars, transited pluto...a conjunction. and in my mind i knew that although i could not see it, the enpowerment of mars was extraordinary.

then she appeared. a dark young woman of about 4 1/2 feet. blacker than the night so the candlelight wasn't needed to distinguish her. her eyes were blue as our carolina sky :) and her lips quite red. she was a pleased, happy countenance. and she sat as i did, half lotus. but while i was seated on a wooden deck, she was in mid air maybe 3 ft. away.

now my intention had been to bathe in the moonlight and as i saw her my first thought surprised me (as if i were of 2 distinct minds)...and it was *why are you, kali - here. why not a moon goddess?*her answer came into my mind, a telepathy. it was, *because i am the only one you are connected to* and with this the smile and eyes seemed to be brighter than the black night stars. then she was gone.i felt calm as if the appearance was quite natural. at first! so i sat for a just a bit longer, then went inside and told my partner that i had just seen and spoken (briefly) with kali. he told me i had hallucinated and i smiled.

it was shortly after this that amazement began to sink in and i went online to research everything i could about her. i knew very little actually. i even joined every list that mentioned her name that i could find.none of the art work much looked like what i had seen. she did not have the appearance of a wrathful deity or vengeful figure - no skulls and only 2 arms. but i was unshaken. i knew who i had seen and what had transpired. i was once again amazed to read that her incense (determined how it didn't say :) was *egyptian musk*.

later, on a kali list, a lovely woman responded to my account of this night by sending me a personal mail stating that sara la kali was described by gypsies and others as being small, exactly "4 1/2 ft" in height. how i knew that night she measured such i still do not know. it was another thing that simply was in my head. perhaps put there for later validation? i don't know. but i am familiar with the dark and this is the second time i have seen a blackness deeper than night.

i teach kundalini on the beach and at a medical center. i am an astrologer by practice and a star gazer by heart. my closest connections are to faery, the energizing life sparks of nature - and to my teacher and practice, theravadan buddhism. looking forward to learning and sharing on the list.

there have been two occasions where I've experienced encounters, not sure if they quite fit your poll but here they are.

The first was terrifying for me as my two year old daughter, in broad daylight, transformed into a blue skinned, exotically robed child with horns or an elaborate head-dress, it lasted just a minute then she was herself again, I couldn't believe my eyes.

The second was hearing a disembodied voice say I am (a name that I couldn't make out) then my body started writhing and hissing of it's own accord, again this only lasted a short time, I was a little fearful when I heard the voice but felt nothing when my body was moving.

Yes this used to happen every so often but it seems to happen more nights than not anymore.

Usually they have taken several forms some are invisible except for a very thick layer of energy in a long form, sometimes they are blue or yellowish and usually the yellowish are long and kind of lanky and the bluish and sometimes pink are shorter with larger heads they all have larger eyes than us though. It seems to vary from night to night.

How would you characterize the experience?

Beautiful and amazing they never scare me they seem to be working on me I cant really tell you what they are doing sometimes they talk to me and sometimes they dont. They are doing odd things to my chakras almost like digging around in them sometimes I leave my body midway through the experience and other times I just wake up several hours later and wonder what had happened.

I have seen equipment of some sort around me that I can not explain and things hovering above me. Sometimes it really aches or gives me sharp pains when they work on me but I still dont think it is anything negative.

I have had some beautiful OOB celestial experiences while they do what they are doing and I have noticed that the moon phases play some sort of a roll in the intensity of the sessions or whatever you want to call them. I LOVE THEM GREATLY I have been told they are there to help me but they never give me great details.

One of the most amazing parts is when I recieve flashes of amazing complex symbols and designs they seem to affect me on a deep soul level and give me great emotions even though they are far to complex for me to duplicate I seem to understand them only on a spiritual level as I could not tell you what they are for. Alot of this equipment has similar but less colorfol symbols on them and it just puts you in sort of a trance.

One other thing I notice is that on the nights they do the most work on me I get incredibally drowsy about at about 9pm which is hard since I have kids but I usualy dont go to bed till much later Im a nightowl. My hubby has to take over as when I get this drowsy I can no longer sit up but I can stay awake. The drowsiness goes away when it is all over usually about 1 to 2 hours later and then I am wide awake for some reason.

I'm mostly a lurker on this list and really felt the need to respond to this poll as I don't often read about many people having these experiences from a k perspective. As far as "beings" or sentient energies, are they from another world if we see them here? I don't really care at this point, just that due to k we are able to see them and/or sometimes they allow us to see them. Another dimension, or wavelength of the spectrum of light and sound we are lucky (some may use another word here) to experience.

There were lots of things considered frightening and against all known and approved logic (the earth is round, bacteria, electricity) until we attained a level of knowledge and technology which allowed us to see this other dimension.

The beings I have seen include, most wonderfully, three beautiful little balls of energy. Early in my k experience they were glowing balls of light, ranging from tennis to basketball size following me around.

Late one night, going nuts from lack of sleep, fear etc... I was asking why and what is going on when one floated up and actually tweaked me on the nose. I felt very comforted.

Sometimes upon awakening I have felt and/or seen one or perhaps all of them rise up out of my heart chakra. One time at a loud concert in a large crowd they were lined up in a row floating near the ceiling. That is the furthest away I have ever seen them.

Nowadays they are not as clear, more like a round little ripple in the air, sometimes with a splash of light. I hope I never stop seeing them and am so thankful. They make me feel not so alone in this experience.

Here's some other "beings" seen:
- Late one night around two months ago glanced up and saw a glowing geometric light form floating above me. It was so unexpected it took awhile to even process seeing it.
- Early in the k experience saw little gray figures, like kids stick drawings, running around the apartment of some wacky people I known.
- Have seen different kinds of light which I feel can be sentient. Sometimes it has been like snow. Other times sheets of it wending through a room. Look up in the sky and see sparkling energy.
- Sometimes see fuzzy grey balls (these don't feel "right") whipping through my apartment.
- See loads of faces in the hypnogogic state. Initially they were just faces going by rapidly but now they move, sometimes interact with each other and I think age or change somehow. Also have seen religious figures and icons. Occasionally dog faces. Once a cat.
- Often see a red and blue spiraling. Think it is the first chakra. Came back very relaxed from a brief vacation. This time saw the spiraling and little figures literally flying up from the spiral. Looked like the Victorian idea of fairies, little bugs and butterflies just rising up.
- Encounters in dreams or upon waking include waking up and someone is talking to me so insistently and directly that I think no, I must still be asleep but I'm not.

Wish I could just enjoy the wonder of all this while it is happening. These experiences don't scare me at first but then my "logical" mind kicks in and I start analyzing, get frightened and just plain overwhelmed. I try for the witness state but just don't manage to get there all the time. An explanation would be great but I don't think we'll get that until we too are not of this world.

I'd like to add one thing of the greatest importance for which I'm ashamed of having taken for granted : Love. All my experiences are filled with a great feeling of love. They are acts of sharing, mutual help, towards growth and with the intention of making the world we live in a better place.

I'll answer your poll - an experience that to me is still one of the strangest in my K-process!

Yes, once. I had felt that I was in contact with a place far away for a while. I was told that it was Sirius. I had no idea of it's existence (to me it was a Greenpeace ship!) One night when I was in great anxiety, I felt that I was visited by beings from there.

They were invisible, much bigger than me and I could feel their presence. They were very awe-inspiring to me...don't know how to say it. I felt an immense respect for them

> How would you characterize the experience? i.e. terrifying, profound, > joyful, comical, etc.?

Impressive, profound definitely. I felt they truely came to help me, and they did. I used to have a poster on my wall with the chakra's, but I never looked at it at that time. I felt that the beings suddenly put me in front of my own poster, as if to show me something. They were working on me.

After that moment it was as if my 3rd chakra was unblocked - I am sure that's what they did. Suddenly energy started pouring in and being sucked out as if an old machine should start working again. When I met people on the street, anywhere, after this, this process was continuing for a while. It was scary to experience (this energy coming in and out with such force) but it seemed necessary. The beings left after that one night and I never felt contact with Sirius again.

> Do you have an explanation for them?
No - just what is written above.

I have seen them during meditation, or as soon as I close my eyes. But I have sensed them sometimes just like energies around..

I have seen white shining light beings smiling and playing, whey are like huge balloons of light. Or sometimes their faces looking at me smiling. Full of white light. They have big eyes, and their energy is very joyful and playful.

> How would you characterize the experience?

Sweet and amazing !!!! Quite joyful !!!!LOL

I suppose they are from other dimentions.....
or from other realms of reality...

I often see and hear specks of light as they fall. Not one or two, but hundreds will fall on me and in a small area around me. The only comparison would be dust-like in size but falling much faster and each particle having its own energy, brightly charged with its own white light.

All have a sound and are musical, I hear them. Individual sounds, high pitch, clear and ringing. When they come together, or touch each becomes musical and all are in harmony together. I am always reminded of long, thin spiral crystals that taper off at the bottom. Individually suspended with its own sound but all needing the other to have sound.

They feel beautiful to me but I am still afraid.

I have just started crying, why?

Wow! This post blew my socks off! Beautiful!
I don't normally see the sprites, but just visualizing them as I read the post was an oddly familiar shakti rush. I sing silent songs in my head which are accompanied by pleasant energy pulses moving to the music. It's a kind of prayer, actually, offered back to the source as a form of gratitude. I'd love to expererience the melodious photon rainstorm thing! Sounds wonderful! What's to fear? You are blessed!
Forward with Love!

I was enchanted by your message. I often see something that greatly resembles those little particles of light you mentioned. Your words resonnated in a very familiar way within me...Sometimes I see only a few, sometimes more. Like last week for the first time there were so many that it was just like looking at the sky on a clear night, but brighter.

The association I've made about them with time is that I have come to understand them as some kind of confirmation that what ever the situation I'm in when they appear, I'm on the right track.

Although fear is a normal reaction to anything new that the K experience may bring, I'm sending you a lovely bouquet of strength, courage and love, hoping you will quickly overcome fear more and more easily. I believe that with time you will be able to commune with these magnificent sparcles and allow yourself to fully receive all that they have to offer you and even love them right back. I see things like this or any experience that life or nature has to offer us a bit like a relationship that grows in the midst of mutual nourishment through love.

And the music... well that has touched me deeply as well as music is to me like the air we breathe. I hear music a lot, but have not yet experienced it in association together with the sparcles. How lovely! My sense about the fact that you started crying is that these magical particles might be helping you to release emotions. How Beautiful!

this woke up the muse!

Sweet Dreams

Dreams of soaring in the air,
Of time and space be not aware.
Up; and up; and up; to where
There is no pain remorse or care.

And drifting, far the world away
In quiet bliss there cradled sway.
Where tender dreams of rapture may
Console reposing; wake delay.

In particles of magic light
Fall spiral crystals left and right.
Brightly charged with purest white
Teardrops glisten sheer delight.

Sweet wafting music resonates
What only angels can relate.
And undulating dissipates
All but love in blessed state.

In cosmic comfort love refreshed
Receive in vision every quest
With all the joys of life be blest.

Then to awake renewed, from rest.


Usually incredibly huge "beings of light" with either a crystal-like texture with colors of the prism flowing through them from the light or slightly whitish and still conveying great light, occasionally with slightly more precise detailing lately, i.e. a long robe of the same colouring, something resembling huge wings in the back still of same colouring, once bearing a crown and a very long cape of a lovely purple color.

One lately was more like my size and was transluscent but with a texture, a bit like water. They can be very different and appear individually or in groups. If their energy field expands it can also happen differently, either in hight and width or in hight only in which case it will expand tremendously upwards and gowing way down into the ground also.

> How would you characterize the experience? i.e. terrifying, profound, > joyful, comical, etc.?

Always a great experience of love that is profoundly calming, peaceful and transforming. Sometimes varies as to the nature of the impact the experience will have on me based on what they seem to be representing or the message they carry, vehicle.

Do you have an explanation for them?

During the experience it's as clear and as certain as the sun. Afterwards, I prefer being very loose in my interpretation if I do attempt to explain them. But over time and from experience I tend to believe that they could be Angels but they may also be some similar form or "being of light" that might be unknown to me though. It appears from their intention and their effect that they would be messengers of some kind of "higher" conscience.

See below for previous posts on the subject.


What I found is no beauty. This thing is about a foot tall looks like a malnurished troll, gray with short curley hair matted to his body. He has long ape like toes that he has wrapped around my lower ribs.

I touched, my bed would shake or vibrate on its own (friends would comment on it to me), I heard voices and saw spirits(?) when no one was there (friends heard and saw them also, I quickly learned to leave the first comments about such incidents to them),

I laid back down and tried to get back to that sort of dozing state I could see the usual movements and stuff in the room but I finally got to that point and this time what I saw was much different there was a round thing above me up high to the ceiling it was made of the same metal and had black ball like circles on it it was about the size of a beach ball and it looked very physical also I got to stare at it a few seconds in amazement untill it veered off out of the room incredibly fast.

Billy explained that this is where somas form when we have thoughts that do not serve our highest good. Whether we generate them or they come from some one else doesn't matter, if we hold these thoughts they form a soma. Somas can manifest as demons, angels, monsters, or just thoughts.

I remember once, rehabilitating a huge crowd of bent faeries by opening my heart to them so they could see their true selves reflected in that light... The process gave me the giggles in a very intense way, literally ROTFL!! for about an hour. Faeries make me giggle.

How I came to be doing that, is a whole other story... :) It is in the archives somewhere

As regards light beings, spirits and other worlds, I am finding that I'm becoming far more receptive to them, and they are beginning to offer me help. I woke from a dream a few mornings ago after hearing a very clear message. The voice said, "Work with the little people. The little people need your help." I'm not quite sure what this means yet, but I'm sure I'll find the answer eventually. I had been reading a lot about light beings working around our planet, and I decided to let them know that I was open to their guidance and wisdom.

At the counselling centre where I work, I tuned into the centre deva, which happened to be the Archangel Gabriel. I've never done this before but decided to do it after reading a book by William Bloom called Working with Angels, Fairies and Nature Spirits. I heard cracks and pops in the room, I felt the presence around my throat and head and energy running from my crown right through my chakras to the floor via my legs and feet. I got a clear message to keep my work calm, compassionate and simple

I was lying in bed this morning, minding my own business, halfway between sleep and wakefulness, fighting the fact that it was just about time to get up, milking a last half-hour of sleep out of the night.

I heard footsteps out in the hallway, and it sort of tied into a dream I'd been having, but it didn't feel like the dream. I was a bit frightened, but still locked in sleep, so to speak. It was shuffling steps, like someone dragging their slippers over the floor as they went.

I was afraid, but I managed to muster the courage to ask who was there -- that struggling half-asleep speak that tries to use your real vocal chords instead of your dream vocal chords, so that you can't quite get it out.

I got an answer . . . "It's ___________ (a three-syllable name that i can't recall for the life of me). Don't you remember?"

I didn't remember, and whatever/whoever it was scared me. It was female, that much I know, and she came to the bedroom door and walked into the room, while I pleaded with her not to scare me. I turned my real head towards the door and managed to open my eyes just as she crossed the threshold, and of course she disappeared as soon as I opened my eyes.

"Oh, you're just in my dream," I said.

I remember one time, I fell asleep meditating lying on my couch. There was an English guy, rummaging through my fridge and complaining that there was nothing he wanted to eat. I told him there was some bread in the downstairs fridge, if he wanted to make a sandwich. He wanted me to cook for him, I was aware my body was on the couch, and I could not move it. Later, when I really woke up, I went "what the hell?" and booted the uninvited visitor.

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