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Members' Poetry.

Posted with the permission of the people involved. Reproduction for anything other than personal use is prohibited.

The Light Within

    By Nikolai.

Sat still with eyes closed I felt..... the caress of the air around me,
touching my skin with tender perfection; moulding my form to its grace. I
became aware of my body inside space; occupying it and being a part of it.

A connection with the air I breathed; inward welling of crystal
tranquillity, as all my doubts and fears dissolved outward like ash cast
upon on a warm breeze.

All became clear within, as if a sun had risen in my soul. I felt my
awareness descend into something deep..... timeless, spaceless and
nameless. A sense of absolute joy and certainty. Of eternal peace for infinity. I knew I was home, recognizing the truth as if having awoken from a dream.
Something laughed like a child inside me..... I felt delight in being, in
existing. I had found the nature of everything; the true nature of Self. As
a smile crept across my face.... I knew that I was, and affirmed that I am.

I am the Seer of the Seen; the Subject of the Object; the Supreme
Consciousness; the Universal Mind. I am ocean, mountain, tree and man. I
am the truth; open your hearts and Be One with me. footer links for poetry section
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Reproduction for anything other than personal use is prohibited.
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