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Boogie Busting
 This technique has been found to be successful at getting ghosts and entities to move on into the light.

Space Claiming - Astral Cleaning  Here's a technique for clearing your space of negative energy. By Tim Duna, past list member.

Past Life or Attached Entity?  This article discusses the differences between past life memories and possession by an outside entity. Are your past lives your own?


Sacred Sex  "The Sacred Sex web site, a place where you can read about tantra yoga, karezza, and forms of sex worship."

The Hindu Tantrik Homepage.  This comprehensive collection of articles on Tantra has a traditional Hindu viewpoint.

Kundalini Tantra  A fascinating website that has a large collection of articles on tantra and related topics.

Tantra.Com  " is your most complete resource for Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, and the Kama Sutra on the Net."

Tantra: Sacred Sexuality and Earth-Healing  This brief article looks at tantra from an anthropological viewpoint.

Tantra Internet Links  Here's a great collection of tantra links with descriptions of each site.

Tantra in Ancient Times  A discussion of how tantra was practiced in the ancient world. The basis of our Institute is a Tantric approach combined with Western psychology. Our main focus is on love and intimate relationships - which also means personal growth and development..

Tara: Goddess of Sexual Kungfu Also links to other tantra teachers.

The Gnosis Archive: Resources on Gnosticism and Gnostic Tradition  

A vast collection of materials and audio lectures dealing with Gnosis and Gnosticism, both ancient and modern.


Project Rishi Academy - Online  This website describes quantum field theory, general relativity and vedanta as well as the insight that emerges when these are combined.
(via the wayback machine @
The Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson Show.  A major collection of works by these two geniuses.

Deoxy Org  This site has an incredible collection of links to sites about the expansion of consciousness.

Using LSD to Imprint theTibetan-Buddhist Experience  This is Timothy Leary's guide to successful psychedelic experience.

Timothy Leary's Eight Circuits of Consciousness R.A.Wilson describes Leary's 8-circuit model of human consciousness.

The Doors of Perception  Here's an online copy of the short book by Alduous Huxley which describes the expanding of awareness and perception through the use of pharmacological substances.


Spiritual site with articles, channeling, etc. (WWW klienwachter)

Glossary of Sanskrit Terms (WWW Spirit) "Only the more common terms used in yoga have been given here." Still, it is probably most the useful basic glossary of Sanskrit terms on the internet.

was: ( Sanskrit Documents This comprehensive site contains "various tools for learning Sanskrit such as the Online Dictionary, Tutorials, Pronunciation Guides, Learning and Processing Software and more...", as well as translations of most of the classic Sanskrit texts.

Osho Zen Tarot: The Transcendental Game of Zen You can get free readings from an extremely beautiful and intuitional tarot deck on this site.

The Lucidity Institute  This is the major source for information about lucid dreaming.

Wikipedia on Astral Projection "A Collection of astral projection, OOBE & lucid dreams resources"

Spirit Into Community Links  Links to the websites of spiritual communities.

Spiritual Evolution  This is an amazing collection of eclectic spiritual links.

The Third Eye  This meditation is intended to awaken one's third eye.

Tatiacha's Spirit Nexus "Tatiacha's Spirit Nexus is here for the purpose of raising our vibration, healing the planet, connecting with each other on a global scale, and healing ourselves on every level." This a huge collection of material on various spiritual topics.

Please let us know about any non-working links
or any relevant links that have not been included here.

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