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   dot Major Websites About Kundalini
   dot Basic Descriptions of Kundalini
   dot Kundalini Awakening: the Process and Symptoms
   dot Kundalini Awakening: Personal Accounts
   dot Meditation and Kundalini

   dot Healthcare providers for Kundalini

Major Websites About Kundalini

Kundalini Gateway [K-list] (N. American Site)    The website of the Kundalini List is always under construction, but already it is one of the most comprehensive sites about kundalini on the web.
   European Mirror Site

Shared Transformation Home Page This is the website of the Shared Transformation Newsletter, which was created “to provide information and support for the process of spontaneous Kundalini awakening.”

The List Mystress on how to handle Kundalini.

The List Mystress Kundalini Guidance.

Kundalini Research Network

Institute for Consciousness Research Main Page (ICR )“I.C.R. is a non-sectarian group whose main purpose is to foster public awareness of Kundalini.” Among other resources, their site contains various articles on kundalini and related topics from their ICR newsletter:

Kundalini Research Foundation Home Page (KRF) This homepage of the Kundalini Resource Foundation is a major source of online information about kundalini.

Nonduality Salon Home page of the Nonduality Salon List.

Harshasatsangh Magazine Created by the Harshasatsangh List.

Kurt Keutzer’s Personal Homepage Kurt Keutzer has written an extensive amount of articles on kundalini and related topics. All of his kundalini articles listed here are mirrored on the WWW Spirit site.

Lifestreams Kundalini - The Energy of the Awakened State

WWW SpiritWeb Main Page (WWWSpirit) This magnificent site is the ultimate source for spiritual information on the web. If you’ve never seen it, do it now before you forget. They have many pages about kundalini which are listed individually below in our collection of links, or you can use their search engine to look up kundalini or any other topic. [Spiritweb is, alas, now closed]

Kundalinicare. Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Care: "Spiritual guidance through Traditional Kundalini Science for the spiritual fulfillment of people with Kundalini risings and other sincere spiritual seekers."
An interesting and informative site on Kundalini.

Institute of Noetic Sciences The Institute of Noetic Science, founded in 1973, is a research foundation and educational institution with over 50,000 members worldwide. Magazine.

Kundalini Network & Information in Scandinavia: "Our attempt is to create a forum where different opinions and viewpoints available on the subject, can meet and interact, hopefully enabling further understanding of what contact with these Kundalini energies implies."

Kundalini Survival & Support By Bob Boyd, past List member.

Kundalini Resource Center (KRC)This is one of the most inclusive site for articles, information and links to other K-related sites.


Basic Descriptions of Kundalini

Mystress Angelique Serpent Describes Kundalini

Kundalini FAQ Kundalini F.A.Q. or Kurt Keutzer 's  
This FAQ on kundalini by Kurt Keutzer is one of the best places to start in understanding the basics about kundalini.

Knowledge of Reality Essay on historical knowledge of Kundalini.

A Kundalini Catechism (KRF) This extensive explanation of kundalini and k-awakening is presented in the form of questions and answers.

What Is Kundalini Energy?  A great short and basic description of what Kundalini is, emphasizing the benefits of k-awakening.

The Kundalini Energy Flow This is a very brief but interesting description of kundalini from the “Spirit Nexus” website.

KUNDALINI: a personal approach This excellent and detailed study of kundalini emphasizes the various triggers of the k-awakening experience from a neurological point of view.

No-Nonsense View On Kundalini This site contains a variety of articles on various aspects of kundalini. They are concise and well-organized into a very good source for getting a broad view of the subject.

Dictionary of Sanskrit terms At

Kundalini This site contains a variety of kundalini articles, resources and links.

KUNDALINI- The potential to reach a higher consciousness

What is kundalini

Kundalini is


Kundalini Awakening: the Process and Symptoms

Dancing With the Serpent The book "Dancing With the Serpent" by Patricia Bloise explores the realtionship between k-awakening and mental illness. This site describes the book and contains the text of the first chapter.

Kundalini Energies This article gives a thorough description of what kundalini is, including symptoms of k-awakening, and exercises to awaken k.

Danger High Voltage (KRC) El Collie discusses some of the pitfalls and benefits of k-awakening.

Kundalini and Traditional Psychiatry by Einar Řverbye

Kundalini Crisis: What to do? (SDMedia) Here’s some good practical advice on dealing with the adverse symptoms of k-awakening.

Kundalini Crisis, Spiritual Highs, and Enlightenment Here is some good advice on how to deal with a crisis due to K-awakening.

NOTHING TO ADD Jan Barendrecht

Kundalini And The Awakening Of Spirit (KRC) This discussion of k-awakening describes both the positive and negative symptoms, and the need for support during the process.

Signs and Symptoms of Awakening Kundalini Gateway Signs and Symptoms Mirror  or   Original (ShTransformation) El Collie has compiled a list of the various physical, mental and emotional symptoms that folks sometimes experience when going through k-awakening.

Danijel Turina’s Homepage This spiritual teacher’s page has much information on how to deal with and cultivate awakened kundalini. There is also an interesting dicussion on Danijel’s philosophy about everything.

Kundalini Network in Denmark Denmark’s Kundalini Network homepage focuses on the symptoms of k-awakening, and offers support for those whose k-awakening has caused severe disruptions in their lives.

Kundalini Network & Information In Scandinavia Sweden’s Kundalini Network homepage is very similar to Denmark’s. Both warn of the dangers of k-awakening and are focused on the works of a teacher named Martinus.

Concerning Eastern Methods This brief description of kundalini and k-yoga focuses on the dangers of a premature k-awakening, and compares this to “Martinus Cosmology”, which they are promoting.

Pitfalls On The Spiritual Road This article offers focuses on the dangers of Kundalini awakening.

Strategies For A Life With A Too Early Triggered Kundalini This page has some practical advice for dealing with the symtoms of k-awakening when they become troublesome.

WWW Library of Religion and Spirituality Types of Spiritual Emergiencies.

Spiritual Emergence Or Psychosis This brief article discusses how the symptoms of kundalini awakening are sometimes mistaken for psychosis. We can provide referrals to therapists who work with clients having these experiences.

Kundalini Rising: the Experience This article addresses how to recognize and deal with k-awakening.

Kundalini Rising & Spiritual Healing This article discusses how healers should treat clients going through k-awakening.

If You Have Symptoms, Don't Think You Are Sick Here is a description of how the symptoms of k-awakening can often be mistaken for medical problems.

When the Serpent Bites By AD

Bi-Polar Disorder And Kundalini This article examines the possibility that k-awakening with chakra blockages may cause some cases of bi-polar disorder.

Kundalini: A Great Masquerader Excerpted with permission from ARE YOU GETTING ENLIGHTENED OR LOSING YOUR MIND?


Kundalini Awakening: Personal Accounts

Kundalini Awakens In this chapter from her book, "Kundalini: The Goddess Within", Ruth Trimble tells the personal story of her kundalini awakening. It also contains an excellent discussion about the general process of kundalini awakening.

Cathy Woods Vancouver BC Canada

Tales of Awakening (KGateway) A variety of individuals discuss their experiences of k-awakening.

Diary of Awareness, Kundalini and Life (WWWSpirit) This is a very detailed and elaborate story of one man’s k-awakening told through letters he has written, including descriptions of many out-of-body experiences.


Meditation and Kundalini

Kundalini Gateway: Meditations by members.

Grounding Visualization This powerful meditation for both grounding and awakening kundalini should be read when you can spend 20 minutes with it on the first reading. The page is shakti-zap charged; it may change you forever.

Danijel Turina's Basic Meditations

The Third Eye This meditation is intended to awaken one's third eye.

Kundalini Meditation A form of meditation, called Kundalini Meditation, developed by a guru named Osho, whose organization has a massive site about their yoga and meditation activities.

Kundalini Rising

Healthcare providers for Kundalini

Information is supplied upon the condition that the persons receiving same will make their own determination as to its suitability for their purposes prior to use. Spiritual Emergence Service Society This service is in Canada but shows world-wide links. Has a list of registered Canadian psycho-spiritual therapists who have experiential knowledge of awakening.

Laughter Yoga New York The yogalaff activity is a laughteryoga workshop in an informal setting and invites visitors and participants to drop in for a good laugh periodically every week.

CPHS (Center for Psychological and Spiritual Health), formerly SEN (Spiritual Emergence Network) is now closed and referring people to: CIIS CPHS (California Institute of Integral Studies) Gary Seeman, Ph.D. Marin & San Francisco Psychologist & Jungian Therapist. Included at his site is his doctoral dissertation on Jung's Kundalini Seminar

Dr P.Thakral(M.D.)OBG. e-mail:
Dr. Priti is an Indian Gynacologist currently practising in riyadh Saudi Arabia. She has a good general knowledge of Kundalini experience. Drs. Pieter de Jong is a psychologist and is situated in the Netherlands. "With my small psychology practice at home I hope to be able to help people with their kundalini experiences" e-mail:

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