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Tales of Awakening

  These personal experiences are posted with the permission of the people involved. Reproduction for anything other than personal use is prohibited.


   I too am very grateful to have this list. I have shared my kundalini experiences with a few close friends and have found the Shared Transformation newsletter to be a sanity saver, but what I have really craved is the one-on-one contact I think this list may provide. Bless you ALL for being here.
    My major introduction to spirituality and meditation came from studying A Course in Miracles. I did this for 11 years with many wonderful visions, voices, lights, etc. accompanying my meditations.
    Last summer I noticed that very often things around me would vibrate, plants, lamps, etc. By this time my meditating was open eyed, here and there throughout the day. Eventually I realised that it was me and my thoughts and feelings that were making things vibrate. About the same time a certain small sculpture (a ceramic angel) on my deck would move around overnight and be in a different position each morning. I had a dream that it was a small dark boy who was doing this. He winked at me.
    I just anchored the sculpture down and told him to go away, I didn't like these games - or know what to make of it all. The next morning the angel was broken. This was all fairly upsetting.
    By fall I began to think that the vibrations came from me not owning my energy (I love to sleep and sit around more than be active, etc.) After reaching that conclusion the vibrations came into my body more and more, the spine seemingly being the source usually.
    Sensitivity, creativity, compassion, passion, dental problems, and bland diets have resulted. I found it all exciting and interesting and not too discomforting. Initally when the energies were so high that both I and the room and most things in it vibrated strongly, I prayed that the symptoms could be "mild" and they have been. If not mild, quite bearable.
    However, last weekend my hands became red and itched very deeply. Within a few days I had welts over much of my body and my feet hurt so terribly I wanted to scream. The next day, after posting a prayer request to my prayer listserv, I got a prescription for a heavy-duty antihistimine. One pill and the symptoms were gone. I slept more than I had in quite sometime and just felt so relieved and functional again. I dreaded not being able to go to work as the symptoms increase when I am alone. I have a very long (2 months) vacation approaching and I worry.
    Some of my questions are:
    Has anyone else experienced the vibrations outside of the body before the initial Kundalini awakening? What do you make of it?
    Is medication to relieve such symptoms as mine unadvisable? Has anyone
    else given up on prayer so quickly?
    Does anyone else find that they are free from physical symptoms (or they become more bearable) when at work or otherwise engaged in non-spiritual interests?
    This and so much more...
    Any and all suggestions or encouragement would be welcome.
    Blessed be,

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Kundalini by Sharon Webb.spacerblank Some caution is recommended when dealing with Kundalini.
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Reproduction for anything other than personal use is prohibited.
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