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Tales of Awakening

  These personal experiences are posted with the permission of the people involved. Reproduction for anything other than personal use is prohibited.



Hi, Many thanks to all who are participating in the discussion list. As you all probably know, it is very difficult to find information about kundalini and even harder to find kindred souls who either have gone through this or are currently going through it. It is very reassuring to know that there are others out there who truly understand the ups and downs of kundalini. I am very new to kundalini. I first experienced kundalini when in the mountains tying to get my spiritual cards in order and decided that since I still had no answers to my lifelong questions that the best avenue would be to surrender totally to God and the higher powers. I was not doing much serious meditation at the time and still don't do much of the heavy duty stuff, just what comes naturally. I do remember praying, or meditating, or talking to God or whoever would listen and all of a sudden I felt the energy begin in my feet. At the time, it was hardly unpleasant, just a kind of curious feeling that I paid little attention to. As time went on, the energy grew stronger and before long, I began to put the pieces together and knew it was kundalini energy. I have never had incapacitating symptoms but there is not a day that goes by that I am not aware of kundalini. It makes itself known through back pain, constant tingling and prickling sensations everywhere and sensations of heat leading me to think I could cook any given meal on the surface of my skin. No matter what the symptom of the day, I have chosen to look at each as a reminder that something wondrous is happening and that I am experiencing something still relatively rare and no matter how annoyed I become with what is going on, it is still a gift. I have been service oriented most of my life and have tried to follow a life of compassion no matter who I meet. Now I am more convinced that this is the only way to work with kundalini. I have also found that whenever I become irritated with the kundalini manifestations, if I stop and remember to surrender to the process, the symptoms ease considerably. It seems that the resistance to the process only makes things worse and much harder to bear. One of the things that has helped me the most was the information that I received from the newsletter put out by El Collie in Shared Transformation. I would strongly recommend that everyone subscribe to that newsletter to become more informed, especially the issue that tells about symptoms. It starts to make so much sense when you know that you are not really neurotic and your pains are not in your mind but rather the result of something incredibly transforming. Most of us will never be the same as we go through this, but I suspect that the changes right now are just the beginning of something truly magnificent for all of us and those we touch in our daily lives. Judy

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Kundalini by Sharon Webb.spacerblank Some caution is recommended when dealing with Kundalini.
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