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Tales of Awakening

  These personal experiences are posted with the permission of the people involved. Reproduction for anything other than personal use is prohibited.


Sitting in meditation in 1996 when this clear vision appeared. I was on the slope of a barren boulder strewn valley that I identified as Tibet. A tall elderly woman was at my side,dressed in light brown robes, a pillbox style woven hat. She was very much in charge but benevolent, she had a hawk beak like roman nose.

{the hawk is one of my totems]
There was a small hut nearby made of piled field stone to about 3 feet in height. It was covered with domed hide roof. She motioned to me to enter through the hide flap door. Entering I saw a rough plank set on two stones. I knew psychically I was to meditate. As I began meditating two large spider descended from the roof.
I was woven into a cocoon. The women shaman told me psychically that all of my life experiences were being integrated-woven together. A new being would emerge from the coccoon. It did as I now realize this was my third symbolic death. Most bizarre! about 3 months later I recieved a catologue from Banyen Books of Vancouver. On th cover was a photo of three women Tibetan Shamans , one of them was her!!
I named her Uluu. Met a lady here who named her dog Ullu. said she didn't know where the name came from,.said it just popped into her head.

I recieved my name from some unknown entity who just said "you are LaLi Ba" Years later I discovered the meaning of these terms In M. Eliades" From Primitives to Zen". This happened two days before a Harmonic Convergence. In the leaflet there is an instruction "those of you who have recieved your names---"!!!
They fit me like my favorite old shoes.
As well there are prophetic passages in the description of Ba that foretold our move from Northern Ontario to Vancouver Island. We live in a state of thanksgiving for the gifts I have recieved.


May 10, 2003

Bizarre!! Confirmation ?? Better than in church?

In the May-June issue of the Quest [Theosophy magazine] in an article "The Egyptian Secret "on page 88 in the paragraph titled , The Journey of the Soul After the Darkness " After the fifth hour, images of weaving and of preparation of a cocoon appear "

It seems I am dealing with Universal Archetypes that encompasses Egyptian, Chinese and Tibetan [initiation] as Ba is Egyptian and further Li is Chinese Buddhist as in LaLi Ba , my given spiritual name .

Yesterday I recieved the information that Consciousness arrived at creation and is primal and insidious waiting to enter EVERYTHING at every opportunity as an evolutionary force.

... In LOVE and AWE

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