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Tales of Awakening

  These personal experiences are posted with the permission of the people involved. Reproduction for anything other than personal use is prohibited.

Jim Cook

    Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 02:23:01 -0700
    Subject: A Short Biography
    Hi Everyone,
    And, Thank you Richard for making this Mailing list possible.
    My name is Jim Cook
    Sex - Male
    I am 48 years old. Born, Dec 16, 1947 in Boston, Mass.
    I have five brothers and one sister. My father was in the military so we did a lot of traveling thruout the world.
    I now live in Petaluma, Calif. with my five cats.
    My hobbies are - Photography, Painting with oils and watercolors, Ceramics, Silk Screen, Organic Gardening.
    I have been a member of The Self Realization Fellowship For five years now.
    I became aware of my Kundalini awakening three years ago while doing "Raja Yoga" processes.
    I have never experienced any bad manifistations from the Awakening.
    I have experienced ,increased energy. Usually too much.
    Better intuition. I can sometimes know a lot about about someone just by looking at them. This is not a continual gift though. It comes and goes.
    I discovered that in order to know someone elses thought, I have to become that person.
    Greater artistic abilities. Before the Awakening, I never had a talent for writing poetry or Haiku. Now I get inspirations almost everyday.
    I've also become a vegetarian because, the smell at the meat department is too nauseating.
    I've been given a lot more gifts which I will write about later.
    Since I was twelve years old, I have always had an extreme interest in Zen Buddhism.
    I read somewhere, a Zen Master once said, " There is a cave where a dragon lives. For one to become enlightend, one must enter the cave and get past the dragon".
    For many years I wondered, what in the world does this mean ?
    Now I know who the dragon is.
    Bye for now,
    Jim Cook

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