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Tales of Awakening

  These personal experiences are posted with the permission of the people involved. Reproduction for anything other than personal use is prohibited.

Gloria Joy Greco

   After reading stories from several people I decided to contribute to the sharing effort with my story.

    My experience spans a period of fifty years.
    It is important to recognize that each soul's development in terms of consciousness and character brings about a specific awakening process. When there is memory from one life to another, and when their is direct experience in the spiritual world, it is an indication that the awakening process is well underway and is only continuing. This is what has happened in my case.
    My awakening:
    I was born in 1945 and named Gloria Joy. As the third of four daughters, my childhood was wonderful and extremely positive. We lived in Virginia City, a mining town in Nevada with less then 500 people.
    It doesn't seem all that unusual in the first year or so, but I have vivid memories of infancy and my hot pink satin blanket with dragons all over it.
    I also have memories from a very young age of being taught by Mary, Our Blessed Mother. Her instructions to me as a child was to talk to her before going to sleep, and to always test spirits since they were always around me. I was taught about vibrations, and energies right from the beginning. I learned to read and evaluate each frequency of light and could recognize a poor imitation right off. I always made the spirits show who they were to me, I was told it was a very important part of my preparatory training for awakening.
    I also had vivid dreams of flying, like Peter Pan I would sore through the heavens fighting the bad guy when it was necessary. My only teacher was Mama Mary. She taught me about flowing and how certain spiritual gifts were mine but were not to be misused. She also taught me to keep silent and to keep my mouth shut when I saw things around other people, or when I knew their thoughts.
    From the age of three to forty I had a series of incident/accidents which were all a part of the kundalini awakening process going on inside of me.
    The first accident was at age three, I was riding a wagon with my sister down our drive way where there was a four foot bulkhead, my sister jumped off the wagon and I went over landing on my head. This was the first of many incidents that brought trauma to the third eye area.
    The second was a rock between the eyebrows at age seven, then at ten I had eye surgery, which involved wearing patches on my eyes for two weeks.
    During that time I saw and talked to spirits in my room day and night, which upset my parents to no end.
    Kundalini at this point of my life was nothing more then energy in my body, I never named it or knew exactly what it was until I read a book on Eastern Philosophy in my early twenties. I always knew that Mother Mary was guiding me and preparing me for something very important.
    What was I like? Spontaneous, happy and creative, I loved to sing, dance and play music. School work was easy but I never put much effort into developing the mind.
    I learned to play the accordion at age six and have continued to play the piano through out my life teaching professionally at the age of sixteen.
    Music brought me to my first conscious experiences of kundalini. It would start at the base of my spine and like a snake, in waves move up and down my spine bringing warmth, light, and tingling along with it. I often felt like I was floating during these musical realizations, I saw myself as a body of light. Whenever I allowed my music to carry me into a meditative state, I was deeply moved by this spiritual dance.
    It also showed me what music was, it taught me that my body was an instrument just as much as a piano, and that sound and light were vibrations that were absorbed inside the body with great intensity and energy. It was one more teaching of how God, through the Holy Spirit, was inside of me, moving and using my whole body to experience him through. My experience with music naturally developed into writing, I treat my computer; keyboard in exactly the way as I do the keys on a piano.
    I met the man I was to marry when I was eleven, he was an important ingredient in God's plan for me. We married when I was seventeen and have been together thirty two years. We were brought together by the Holy Spirit. He knew I was different and it didn't bother him at all.
    I have known life through an open window to the spirit world, because of this, people around me are also affected by the vibrations of light.
    Wherever the Holy Spirit is at work, you can be sure transformation is quite visible.
    For instance, we had been married three months when I had a dream that I was talking to a beautiful baby girl. She asked me if I had come for her, and could she come home with me then. I responded, "that is a great idea."
    I woke up, gently shook my husband. Told him my dream, and added, "I think we have to do it now." Tammy was born nine months later. My second daughter was born the following year.
    While some of this may seem unconnected to kundalini awakening, it was in fact an important part. My first commitment was to God through his divine will. This has been the overriding focus of my entire realization. So, knowledge of and work with the Holy Spirit came first, and then through the spiritual dance, I learned about kundalini.
    I learned that God had a plan for me and all I need do was flow with his will, and then WHATEVER HAPPENED WAS PERFECT. This is the attitude I have maintained through out life. What ever was going on inside my body was nothing more then God using and working through me. I knew my journey absorbed in God's Will was a true adventure, and no matter where it took me I was blessed and carried by his grace.
    At twenty-one I was in a car accident, a man had a seizure and ran a red light going 45 miles an hour, my car was totaled. My injuries kept me in the hospital for a couple weeks but it was again a great blessing. A year later I had neck surgery which I viewed from the ceiling of the surgery room. I heard the doctor's talk about riding motorcycles while they were working on me. I was tempted to tell them about what they were talking about, but my instructions from Mother would not allow that sort of indiscretion.
    Shortly after the surgery Mother Mary told me it was time for me to be transferred to her son, Jesus.
    Christ, Jesus came into my body, mind, and soul. He came during sleep, his face is burned into my consciousness as his face with the crown of thorns appeared in my third eye. His eyes were closed, then open, next his eyes turned into burning flames of light. He said one word. Awake!
    My heart beat so fast I thought I would certainly have to leave the body, but that didn't happen. From that moment on insight and intuition flooded my soul. In that one spectacular moment I became spirit.
    Two other back surgeries would be necessary in the next twenty years, again a part of the kundalini energy working in the spine area. In spite of many physical challenges, and kundalini eruptions, I have come to understand my body in a profound and real way.
    I now move from center to center with total freedom alive and open to the spiritual dance. My spiritual energies for most part sit in the heavenly heart at the third eye and the crown chakra at the top of the head.
    The kundalini energies inside and the cosmic light stream from God as the Holy Spirit are meant to meet in the Heart Center so that God can bring his light and power into the world of matter to transform his creation.
    Kundalini rises spontaneously while the Holy Spirit drops down through the top of the head. When the Christ frequency unites with the kundalini life-force the heart center is totally illuminated which draws the frequency of the Kundalini up and out through the top of the head at the crown chakra. This drastic increase in vibration balances and synchronizes all seven centers until a point of perfect balance is achieved. This is a major achievement on the road to enlightenment.
    I have read many things about Kundalini and there is very little information available talking about the Holy Spirit and kundalini force as being two distinct and separate forces. One comes from within the body and the other drops down as cosmic energy directly from the cosmic stream of divine will.
    Kundalini is the sleeping dragon within the body that is to be brought into action when all soul preparation is accomplished. There is a time and place for its awakening, it is not meant to be manipulated or forced in anyway.
    Meditation is an important tool in this movement, it's job is to silence the mind and produce undoing of the ego so that union with the Christ becomes possible. Spiritualization involves creating a brand new body to house the Christ frequency. In addition, light bodies are created so that the soul/spirit can work through divine will in other dimensions.
    How does all this light come into the body? There are six wheels and a< crown that become perfect receptors for extremely high frequencies of light.
    Each center relates to a frequency and a point of development of the soul. As a soul begins to enter the frequency of the heart center, preparation is well underway for the journey inward.
    Man will first come to know the frequency of love as a gentle guidance from God. As more light is dropped through the souls window of consciousness, self remembering occurs. Self remembering is the soul becoming conscious of itself as a soul with the capacity to become spirit.
    The place of remembrance is when the soul is most at home, during sleep. It is very important for each soul to learn about the spiritual world in relationship to the world of matter. Kundalini awakens naturally to prepare the human body for the divine frequency of Christ Consciousness.
    This renewal of the body is what I call a kundalini eruption. When this happens it is literally like an explosion occurs from within the body as a huge intensity of electrical energy is released up the spine.
    These eruptions cause many physical symptoms. I have experienced everything from my hands being burned and blistered to paralyzing headaches where I couldn't pick my head up off the pillow. At times my heart has beat so fast that it would seem I would explode. I have had seizures from having my balance thrown off by lights flashing, and intense heat smoldering inside of my brain. This list goes on. But, throughout these ongoing challenges I have never had a moment of fear, panic, or mental confusion.
    Why have I shared all of this with you? It is obvious that God is bringing about change in these hours before the millennium. Last year I went public with my experience for the first time in a book called Good and Evil In Our Times. Since then I have been shown specific tasks that are unfolding as a part of my spiritual assignment.
    I am now fifty years old. In the past twenty eight years I have worked with a handful of people, (thirty or forty at the most) who are all experiencing kundalini awakening naturally and in their soul rhythm. The only way to know if a teaching is of God, is by fruit.
    My job has been to ground transformation into every aspect of my earthly experience. The light transforms everything in its atmosphere, like a ripple effect it heals and lifts the human condition.
    God is love. Humans are easily confused by the word love. It has been misused so often in our day. Spirit works through a much higher form of love called transformational love which I call T-Love. This T-Love is God working through the Holy Spirit manifesting himself to those open to his frequency through divine will. Kundalini is a part of this divine awakening process. When experienced through divine will there is nothing to fear. Love and joy is God's gift to each of us. We are each invited to come home, the method we use can be effortless and joy filled. It is the natural and spontaneous way to know God.

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