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Tales of Awakening

   These personal experiences are posted with the permission of the people involved. Reproduction for anything other than personal use is prohibited.

Age of Awakening

    Question: What age were you when you first became K awakened? What do you think triggered your awakening?

This time there have been 23 responses to date, as follows:

0-25 8
26-35 4
26-45 7
over 45 4

Either the age of awakening is getting younger :)), or simply that more younger people are finding their way to the K-list.

Combining the two polls, the figures are as follows:

Born awake 1
0-25 11
26-35 11
36-45 10
Over 45 9

Pretty evenly divided, oddly enough.


The posts


New poll? Jot me down for 21...though I had no idea what was happening at the time.:^)


And to respond to your second part of the question...thinking about Jesus' crucifixion.


I was self-aware at 3 years of age and had my k-awakening at 42 years of age.

Just thinking of a discussion I had with a friend on a trip from Mich to Min.
I asked him how long he felt I was on the spiritual path and he replied oh my...years and years.
I told him I had been on a spiritual path for 5 years... tops. He could not believe it. We talked further and thought that maybe because I had became self aware at 3 this could have something to do with it? Maybe spirituality is linked to becoming self aware? I have always felt 'conscious' and have dealt with it all my life. I feel that I have had compassion when others would not...usually to my physical/emotional detriment.
Only after suffering extremely did I (re)awaken to the spiritual world and its path.

It was only after totally relaxing under a friends fingertips and THEN while haveing sex I experienced having an orgasm. I stayed relaxed up to and through the orgasm but after the first wave that is when the k-awakening occured. I think that staying relaxed and in tune to the electrical feelings that occur during such times, this instead of rushing headlong to the O.

Oh yeah...dont forget to breath...


sorry to sounds stupid but what do you mean by your were self aware at 3. How do you know if you have had a full k awakening.
Does it not happen on and off throughout your life. I guess my first k experience was at 24- 2 months ago but how can we be sure about these things and does it really matter. It's something that's in all of us and when we are ready we will open up to it, no?



Well, I've always thought it interesting to know at what ages people awaken--especially as more and more people seem to be becoming K-awakened at an early age. My awakening came at age 55.

Love, Hillary


17 for k- awakening



I was 24 years old when I first experienced Kundalini, and I'm 43 now.

As a young single man of 24, I had been meditating, fasting and otherwise "cleansing" myself for several years in an attempt to get closer to God. One day I was chanting the Rosary to Mother Mary (I'm not Catholic, or even very interested in churches, but I'm attracted to Ascended Masters and Angels...) and clasping my hands tightly over my heart and I started to feel a burning sensation there in the center of my chest. I didn't realize what was happening right away and was a little concerned. It happened for several days in a row before I remembered some Theosophy teachings about Kundalini and then I connected the dots.

I was a little worried at first because I had always heard that you need to have a Guru right there who can help in case things get out of hand. I had nothing like that so I just sat down and asked Mother Mary to stop the Kundalini thing if it was not meant to be or was dangerous to me. Otherwise--I asked Her to watch over me and moderate things, and I'd just keep going and be mindful of keeping pure thoughts.

The next day I sat down to meditate and I touched myself on the top of my head where the soft spot is on a baby. Within about 10 minutes the light had risen up to my crown chakra and was causing the same burning/swelling sensation in the top of my head as had happened the last few day in my heart chakra. The effect on my conscious awareness was pretty amazing. I had always been very sensitive and kind of psychic. But this was a hundred time stronger. I gradually learned how to summon the Light up my spine at will and to direct it into whatever chakra I was working on at the time.

I'm 43 years old now and so I've been lit up with the Kundalini almost constantly for about 19 years now. The worst things that have ever happened to me are short-term headaches from prolonged overuse by projecting too much energy out of my brow or third eye chakra. Also, there are times in which my body gets so lit up that I have a hard time sleeping.



> What age were you when you first became K awakened? 41 years old

>What do you think triggered your awakening?

Many years of meditation and being in front of a Swami, who came to give an introduction talk about Siddha Yoga. (Very unexpected and confusing.)


I was 31.

I think my surge was built on a pyramid of happenings: three years of hard work in therapy with a psychotherapist who was also a shaman; meditation; Reiki I initiation and tai chi.
The actual awakening itself came on the Rolfing table - whole-body bliss to an amazing degree - followed by three weeks of incredible peace and lightness and wonderful energy surges. (Then came the deep dark hole.) It was totally unexpected. I'd always been afraid of Kundalini (and knew very little about it) so it took me a while to piece it all together.
So not one thing really. I think I was ready and the Rolfing aligned me physically.



I became conciously aware of being k awakened when I was 46. It was triggered by meditation and k has always been kind, considerate and gentle with me.

Love, Maria


hello all!
my awakening was about 10 months ago, and I am 25 years old. during the past couple of years before, I had done several intense vipassana meditation courses, and meditated every day for some time. I also had a chaotic relationship that broke my identity into pieces and sent me down into depression. my 'pre-kundalini descent', in other words, all the way down into the black underworld to find that divine fire.... in this time I started getting very interested in earth centered religion, goddess worship, shamanism. i also started mixing the vipassana meditation technique with focus on chakras and practising awareness in channeling sexual energy. ('peeling of the desire from the desire'... in lack of better words) in addition, I had smoked quite a bit of marijuana and used hallucinogenics over the last however many years.

the night of the awakening I tumbled through all kinds of sensations and visions and sounds, through the whole night. a couple of days later while I was lying on the floor in meditation, I felt like a layer of skin lifted off me, and my spine started moving like a snake. i sat down in front of my altar, quite confused, and my whole body started moving. i had no idea what was going on... i didn't know what kundalini was, although I had heard of the term. but strangely enough, I was never scared. just observed, and was blown away with gratitude over what I knew was a positive thing. a couple of weeks or so later I was told about kundalini from a friend who was studying History of Religion with me. (a few weeks before that, the same guy had jokingly asked me, while I was indulging in a cigarette outside the university building, 'are you trying to smoke down your kundalini snake?' but i didn't really register it at the time. funny) and it's been like that ever since - little parts of the puzzle falling into place one at a time.

wow, long answer to short question... sorry.

blessings to all



What age were you when you first became K awakened? What do you think triggered your awakening?


Dear Hillary and List,

I have no idea! ;-) Strange things always happened, i.e., "knowings," dreams, visions. When I was very young I often had bad dreams, altho' I think they were "dreams" of being lost. So lost that it became a horrible nightmare. It could have been a dream of separation from God and not wanting to come into this world. I'm not very comfortable in this world.

When I was six or so, I would, according to my parents, get out of bed and dance in a circle chanting some kind of gibberish -- they said. Robert Peterson writes about this kind of thing in his book on OB experiences.

As I became older I always felt out of place and then began spending a lot of time by myself, lying on my back, crossing and uncrossing my legs. I used to "count" with my fingers all the time. I was always counting. I got older, I started having visions...and on it goes. Very boring, most of you here have had the same things. However, I didn't until I came to this list that there ARE people who experience these things!

But as far as "awakening," well, perhaps, I've always been "awake?" When I was four years old, I stuck out my tongue at the pastor. I didn't like him. No reason. I used to "see" fairies?

If I had to actually choose a year when I realized I was awake, I'd say 44. That's because that's the year when I knew I had to find out why I was so different from other people AND that was the year when I knew precisely who Jesus is and was and what the Bible really means as opposed to what most people, myself included, think/thought it means/meant. When I was 45 I was "told" to lead a discussion group on The Course in Miracles -- never read it until then and knew precisely the whole point of the entire Course. It is Kundalini. No one really recognizes this, I find.

Also, it was then I knew that if time is NOW, and everything is happening in the now, karma is simply guilt. It was then I decided that karma doesn't exist, as guilt shouldn't/doesn't exist because we're all the perfect beings in the NOW because time doesn't exist. We are at once at the beginning and the end, without any effort on our part. You see? If we are One, we are totally free, sinless and without karma. Forget the guilt! ;-)

Excuse the rambling. I had to get that out. It's a very hard concept to 'see' but I think, it's the whole point of our being. No worry. Very hard.

So, Hillary, put me down as both always awake and awake at 44...I don't know. Since joining this list I can only conclude that we're all a terribly weird awakened bunch experiencing and exhibiting perhaps, some of the most wonderful mysteries this life has to offer.



I was 33 years and 9 months.

I had been practising TM for 3 months. About a year earlier I had read Steven Covey's book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People." It was in this book that I had heard about the focusing and relaxation benefits of TM. I had approached the Melbourne centre at the time and was outraged at the prices they charged for the group service they offered. I decided they were a cult and decided not to have anything to do with them. The thought of doing it wouldn't go away though. Each Saturday I would see the ad in the newspaper and somehow feel guilty. In