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Reason for Awakening

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 00:59:40 -0400
From: V487

Many people spend a life time trying to awaken this Kundalini and may never
succeed. I have a stupid question for your Newsgroup to help me with.   I
should know better, but what is the real reason some one would want to awaken
this force.  Would it be just for a spiritual quest or for power?  Maybe they
think they would become a grate master like Buddha or something.  Even though
I went through this awakening and it did change my life for ever I still
wonder way people want to go through it.  I read many books and studied many
autobiographies of people who have awakened this force, but in the end what
is the reason.   It seems to me that once some one goes through this process
then that person does not go through it again unless they intentionally want
to continue playing with this force and to hold it for longer periods of time
through meditation.

Please answer this question for me.  Thank you very much


Date: Tue, 18 Jun 96 09:00:35 PDT
From: John

For as long as I can remember I've had a spiritual side that wanted to know
God.  It has been in the forefront or background according to the circum-
stances and demands of my life.  A few years ago I divorced and began a
long journey of self-awareness and healing.  I discovered that as I healed,
more life opened up to me.  It's hard to put into words, but the deeper
I mined into my psyche, the more gold was brought to the surface, and the
more I embraced life and others.  It was damned hard work, but the
benefits far outweighed the cost of tears, pain, and lonliness.  I would
often tell my friends that I used to be dead, I could only go forward,
to go back meant death to me.  I would look at old pictures of myself
and couldn't relate to who that person was.

Then, several months ago, my process took a spiritual turn (Godward), and
had a great deal of energy around it.  Not long after, the kundalini began
and here I am.  I did not have it as a goal, it just came as a natural
sequence of the work that I was doing.  I didn't even know what it was
for a while.

I honor your question.  For me, it all revolves around the ego and the
Self.  Attitude is everything.  If I am aiming to feed the ego, I am
doomed.  I have to constantly be aware of this tendency with each step
toward the Self.  My motivations are first my own salvation, and second,
service to humanity.  The reason I put my own salvation first is that
I know only too well how much destruction and suffering are caused by
well intentioned people who want to help, yet they themselves are blind.

A side note:  I think "playing with this force" is a poor choice of words.
Anyone who is involved in plumbing the depths of the psyche knows that it
is not to be played with or approached casually.


Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 12:41:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: Karol Ann 

It's my understanding that the k-energy is propelling us forward
in a very physical, very real evolution of the human species.  And
it seems that, like any change, it's awkward at first, but with
experience, becomes more elegant.

Karol Ann

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 01:06:03 +0000
From: Patti
Subject: kundalini's plans for us...?

I can't say for sure what the k is or means. I only have my hunches &
personal observations. My own personal mythology, even.

I feel that the k force within me has an agenda. When I am in alignment with
it I feel normal, even good. In alignment means following my personal
passion (of course, which came first, the k or my passion?)...WHen I have
deviated, (by not following the course I am on now, as a publisher, author,
teacher, etc) it tortures me and forces me back on to this path. I already
quit my job as a high-powered money manager on Wall ST. due to this force.

I am fascinated with  the Internet as a means of connecting the planet and
bringing out a consciousness of love and connectedness. In my fantasies, we
need a global elevation of consciousness if we are to protect the earth from
destruction. We need a global mindset that is compelling us to a more
loving, holistic, balanced coexistence with nature. And at the same time,
this mindset must be economically compelling also.

Not only can the Internet spread this concept, but it contributes by
reducing our needs for physical resource consumption. We can telecommute,
teleconference, read, all from our screen, and talk to 20 million other
people without using up resources. Individuals are empowered to think for
themselves, everyone is the ruler of their own domain. We are empowered to
think about non-patriarchal systems when so many alternatives coexist.
Diversity of thought may flourish anew one day to all our benefits.

If the kundalini is a great mother, then she- like the Internet- is broad,
everywhere, connective, linking, not authoritative, single-minded, and
doctrinaire. We are all equal children to her, all people, all things on
this planet.

Studies have shown that people growing up today are not thinking the way we
were taught. They are not accepting other people's doctrines. There is hope
that with newer generations,  newer thought-tools can emerge that empower
all of us to be in our hearts and in our compassion for all living things.

Maybe the kundalini wants this to happen. Everytime there has been a major
evolution, smaller organisms melt into a larger one, without losing their
individual function. Perhaps we as humans can become a more functional
networked system...and perhaps the k is using the internet as a tool?

Just a thought........, Patti

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 15:46:44 -0500 (CDT)
From: Debee 
	There is no such thing as a stupid question.  Save maybe those
left unasked.  I'm no expert on Kundalini, and I didn't know a thing
about it until my dream concerning it.  I guess it came to me as opposed
to me seeking it.  However, now that I'm learning a bit more about it, I
can tell you why I personally may want to awaken it if I had the option
to do so.
	In this life experience, I want to learn all that I can. I want
to evolve as much spiritually as I possibly can.  If awakening the
Kundalini helps empower me to do so, then it's well worth seeking.  There
are so many possible roads to travel.  But the best traveled path is the
path within.  Seeing as how Kundalini energies are already within and
dormant, awaiting the right time to awaken, I'd say let's wake them and
continue to grow.  Might it be likened to an 'accelerated' growth?  This
is my thought on it and if I'm a bit off base, will someone throw me a
life line and correct me please?

Blessed Be


Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 14:28:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mary 

On Tue, 18 Jun 1996, Karol Ann Barnett wrote:

> It's my understanding that the k-energy is propelling us forward
> in a very physical, very real evolution of the human species.  And

I have read this many many places and it just doesn't make sense to me.
Most people with awakened Kundalini do not seem to be of the age or
temperment to have children and pass on their genetic material.  Or is
evolution meant in a more spiritual way?  If so, how do we impact the
species with it?  If people have been having kundalini awakenings for
centuries, what has been the evolutionary benefit to homo sapiens?  I just
don't get it.  The Old Testament and the Greek tragedies, etc. seem like
our late 20th century news broadcasts, talk shows and soap operas.  Has
there been evoluion of the soul?

I do not mean to seem irreverent, but htis has just never made sense to
me.  Actually never only means 7 months.  That's how long ago it was that
I first started reading about kundalini.

Personal evolution I could understand, but isn't there a better word for

Thanks in advance for help with this.


Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 17:19:08 -0500 (CDT)
From: Debee 

Hi Mary,
	I'll share my personal views with you on this topic for a
moment.  I believe that the evoloution is indeed that of the soul.  Now,
I also believe that we live more than one earth experience so it's safe
to say I also believe in reincarnation.  I beleive that we grow
spiritually as well as physically.  Just like a new born child can not
just get up and walk but must first go through a few stages, I believe we
do so spiritually too.  With each life we live, we go through a few more
stages of growth and development.
	Now, for your question as to how we can have an impact as a species
with it.  I also believe that we are all tied together on a spiritual level.
What happens to one, happens to all in a way.  There has been scientific
studies done on 'subatomic particles' which shows conclusive evidence
that they appear to constantly be making decisions.  Not only this, but
their decisions seem to be made based on particles in another location.
Now, to better explain this thought let me give you a tiny example which
came to me one day bright and early. I work in fast food.  We open
at 6:00 am daily.  I've come to rely on our first hour in that it sets
the pace for the morning crowd.  It has not failed yet!  Customers come
in and order, and within the first order a pattern or two is
established.  I've listened to co-workers comment on this and just
smiled.  Once or twice I've explained my thoughts on it and it made them
stop and wonder.  Realistically speaking, we know for certain that one
person doesn't call the next, so on and so forth and inform them of what
they intend to eat for breakfast.  Yet, people will come in and be
ordering the same thing in abundance!  Is this just a coincidence?  Or,
is it just possible, that like those subatomic particles, that are
seeminly connected by a means we can not see, that we too are all
connected by a means which we can not see?  How else can we explain how
everyone seems to want the very same thing to eat at the same time on the
same day?  It's a pattern I have been observing for quite some time now
and it's how I guage what is needed for the day.
	Now, let's take this one step further.  If we are all connected
by some invisible means, and we can affect others with what we are hungry
for, is it not possible that if we focus more on love, compassion,
understanding and positive things that we can also affect others in this
way?  Isn't it possible that they will begin to think more along this
line?  If this is true, then just think what the potential is!  We can
each make a difference whether we truly believe it or not.  How often do
you think of someone you haven't seen or heard from in a very long time
only to 'bump' into them one day or have them call you?  How often have
you wanted something only to have it turn up as a gift from someone?  Is
it just coincidence or is there indeed an internal link?  Just my
personal thoughts.

Blessed Be


Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 03:40:07 -0400
From: V487

Dear Melissa:

Please accept my two cents worth.  My understanding is that there is no
problem at all in deliberately awakening this kundalini. In fact that is
what most yoga schools of  thought teach.  There is a real danger however
in not having a solid foundation first to which I surely never had.  In the
state mental hospitals you will always see patients that really should not
belong in such a place.

I was in the medical fild for many years so that is way I mentioned this.
 The patients just went out of control due to the fact that so much (strange
new and different) material came into their consciousness so fast.  There is
just way to much on the other side for any one person to comprehend and sort
out alone.  Of course the natural awakening is much better because it happens
at you own speed. You may wonder what the awakening has to do with the other
side?  If you notice the out of body experiences go hand in hand with a lot
of people and probably most.

I tried to answer you the best that I could.

Good luck

Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 15:16:50
From: MaceSpace

On Tue, 18 Jun 1996 15:46:44 -0500 (CDT), the conversation went as
>> Many people spend a life time trying to awaken this Kundalini
>>and may never succeed. I have a stupid question for your
>>Newsgroup to help me with. I should know better, but what is the
>>real reason some one would want to awaken {kundalini}

>In this life experience, I want to learn all that I can. I want
>to evolve as much spiritually as I possibly can.  If awakening
>the Kundalini helps empower me to do so, then it's well worth

First, let me apologize that I am mostly "book-learned" about K
with only a bit of personal physical/spiritual experience. But
just from the books of others' experiences, I've learned that
Kundalini is not just some powerful flow of energy up the spine.
It is also connected to the seven (or more) major chakras, many
minor chakras, tons of mini-chakras. Each of these are related to
meridians, nadis, etc. So the whole system is affected.

Just a study of the seven major chakras tells one that different
aspects of personality is affected, physical health is affected,
latent karmic energies are stimulated (in order to be cleansed
thru personal experience) and the physical vessel becomes an
endless font of the purest spiritual energy which can then be
transmitted to others for healing.

Also, another note on an e-mail I just read about someone whose
third eye is open, but no excess kundalini energy...... We can
open and close specific chakras, like the third eye without the
whole K channel being stimulated or closed. Practically EVERYONE
has such imbalances in their energy fields. K-power may blast a
hole in some of these closed chakras, therefore the dangers of
premature excitation (careful, this is a G-rated list!).

So I see the bigger picture for K energy, not just the single
channel up the spine. There's Ida and Pingala, there are Chakras
higher than the physical body, there are over seven layers of
energy, blah, blah, blah, and ALL are affected by each other,
ESPECIALLY the condition of the main Power Source, the Kundalini.


Date: Fri, 21 Jun 1996 15:42:59 +0000
From: Niles 
Subject: Kundalini

I am an egg
i r r e s i s t i b l y   d r a w n
to the light that shines in
through the crack in the shell

Kundalini is the process of metamorphosis from male or female to male and
female. Once this state is achieved, usually through meditation, one
becomes  whole and complete. Thus, one wakes up to their true nature.

Because the Civilized world has decided that this shouldn't be so, and
ostracizes anyone who would be different from their belief system, it has
been kept rather well hidden, and transferred mostly thru word of mouth.

It has absolutely nothing to do with religion, but rather is a normal part of
the evolutionary process,...which sadly has been interfered with by our
unwittingly putting up fences, because, we know better than God, what
should and shouldn't be. God being  that which is.

Mankind built a cage, locked himself in it, and wonders what's wrong?
Fearful of what he may find, he hides from his own shadow, in the sanctity
of his ego.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The ideas and opinions expressed here are those of the author and/or authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the site host, or the community at large. Also, any exercises presented here, either physical or mental, are to be practiced at your own risk. Consult your physician, therapist, guide, or guru before you begin, or should you experience any discomfort or trauma from any of the processes involved in the awakening of kundalini energy. Many people consider this energy force too powerful to work with on your own without the active assistance of a guide. Use your own best judgment. By all means, be extremely careful, and progress slowly and cautiously on your path to Kundalini Awakening. It is in your best interest to do so.

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