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Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 21:05:31 -0500
From: jenny
Subject: response to Patti's post on June 7 and a word on RC counseling

Hi all--
 I think this is going out to everyone on the Kundalini list, but I couldn't
find a way to respond just to Patti, so I apologize in advance if this was
the wrong way to go about it. Also, I'm not sure anything else from me has
been posted yet, as I'm new to this site ( and very grateful for it, as
everyone else seems to be, too.) The story of my first, and recent,
fullblown kundalini experience should be posted soon. I sent it to Bill P.
not knowing where else to send it and today I just gave him permission to
post it on this site.

Patti- you mentioned wishing to be able to deal with the migraines without
drugs, or at least that's what I think you meant here:

>I would like to know how to deal with my migraines, which seem to be getting
>worse and worse over time. I am reluctant to take drugs to prevent them, for
>I have heard that resisted kundalini is far more dangerous than when one
>lets it just do its thing. But, my migraines are so bad that at times I
>couldn't even be moved to be taken to an emergency room. Now with Imitrex
>and painkillers, I cope, but I have to keep telling my doctor something
>about what I am doing about this situation ....

I have a couple of suggestions, well, several really. I'm a bodyworker and
do lots of work with energy and other modes of healing. I usually hesitate
to give advice, but I know the migraines can be killers. So, first I suggest
a book called "MAP: the White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program" by
Machelle Wright.

OK now first let me say that I know this sounds like something from the ku
klux klan or some other white supremecists, but it's not. The white
brotherhood refers to a group of "ascended souls" like Jesus and other
saints, or bodhisattvas, or however you think of those folks.  Machelle
Wright also wrote "Behaving As If The God In All Life Mattered."
She has done extensive work with nature spirits for growing and using
plants, medicinally and as food, and  this is work that she pursued with the
folks at the Findhorn Community in Scotland, (if that means anything to
you.) She says in the introduction to the MAP book that she felt that due to
her constant work with the nature and plant spirits, her spirit began to
evolve and that part of this evolution involved an expansion of the
cranial/meningeal fluid and caused a subsequent need for expansion of the
cranial plates in her skull. Because the knitted joints of the skull are
pretty inflexible in adults, this was causing her to have massive headaches.
Initially she found a chiropractor who did craniosacral therapy who was able
to help the cranial plates expand sufficiently to relieve the pain.
Eventually though, she needed more help, and looked for help to a group of
spirit beings who had been making themselves apparent to her as she did her
work with the plant and nature spirits. These entities identified themselves
as being members of the white brotherhood and said that they were here to
assist humans with the process of spiritual evolution which is becoming more
and more accelerated these days, and which a lot of people are going to need
help with adapting to the physical changes. They also told Machelle to write
this book so that they could make their help available to a wide range of
With the help of her white brotherhood medical assistance team, Machelle's
headache's went away, and her work began to focus on helping people work
with this resource.

When I was introduced to this book and its concepts, I have to admit at
first I was really skeptical, not having had any experience with any kind of
spirit entities, nor being particularly interested in having any. But the
woman who told me about this is one of the most practical and down-to-earth
folks I've ever known, and when she told me about her experiences with her
white brotherhood medical team, I felt I had to try it.
And I believe that it was work with my MAP team, among other things, that
cleared the path for my first kundalini experience. Even though Machelle
never refers to kundalini directly, it seems to me that the kind of
spiritual evolution she was talking about is the same brought about by
kundalini experiences. At any rate, I have been working with my own personal
white brotherhood MAP team now for a year, and the transformative
experiences have been phenomenal, not the least of which has been my first
full blown kundalini release. I'm convinced that working with a MAP team
would give you tremendous relief with the migraines and any other physical
difficulties. If you're interested and can't find the book, email me and
I'll give you an address from which you can order it directly.

If that option doesn't seem quite right for you, I'd  also like to suggest
finding either a network chiropractor, craniosacral therapist, Trager
practitioner,  or Reiki practitioner. I've recieved treatments from all of
the above and practice Reiki and Trager myself. The thing all of those modes
of treatment have in common is working with the wisdom of the body receiving
treatment to release energy blockages in an apprpriate way. I know from
personal experience that Reiki treatments can even stop a fullblown migraine
in progress. I;ve worked with clients who's migraines were so bad they
literally couldn't move, and would've been in the hospital if they could've
moved. One very nice thing, as far as migraines are concerned, is that Reiki
doesn't even require being touched, it can be done from near but not
touching, or even by someone who isn't physically in the same room.

Network chiropractic, and all the other modalities I mentioned, are good
preventatives, and Network has the advantage of assuming that kundalini
release is a likely result of receiving treatment. (There's little or no
"bone popping" in Network, by the way, it's an energy techique designed to
assist the body in releasing distortions and blockages in the central
nervous system, and the primary kundalini channel.) I could probably find
out if there;s a Network practitioner in your area from my Network
chiropracter, if you're interested.

The other thing I'd suggest for any one working with kundalini is a practice
called Re-evaluation Co-counseling. It's a peer counseling technique which,
much like Network Chiro. and a lot of other healing methods, assumes that we
were all born perfect beings with an unlimited capacity for vast
intelligence, zestful and limitless health,  and loving cooperation with
others; and that we were born with a flawless mechanism* for healing any
trauma that we might experience, so that we're left unscarred and fully
functional. ( *sound like kundalini, anyone?) The very simple premise is
that our ability to heal has been interfered with since the day we were
born, (or perhaps even before then) and that all of the physical problems
and emotional limits and baggage we carry are simply unhealed trauma waiting
to be healed. The way we can get this healing process started up again is by
having the clear, undistressed, positive, and interested attention of
another person, and then our bodies, with perhaps a little encouragement
from this person, will spontaneously begin to heal. All the supporting
person need do is continue to support and encourage whatever the body
chooses to bring about ( usually a lot of interested talking accompanied by
laughing, crying, sweating, yawning, sighing, shaking, and often a
re-experiencing of the original traumas) and reassure the person that what
they are experiencing, no matter how momentarily distressing, is the healing
process in action.

The name "re-evaluation co-counseling" refers to the idea that as the
healing of old trauma occurs, the ability to think flexibly and rationally
improves and that one re-evaluates reality without the distorted thinking
that was caused by old hurts. The "co-counseling" refers to the fact that
this healing work is intended to be done by people on a peer,
"non-professional" basis, with counseling partners trading equal time for
giving and receiving attention. This counseling technique never mentions
kundalini, or energy blocks, or any other metaphysical terms, but the
process is, in my experience, a very powerful and direct method of removing
the impediments to kundalini flow.

Anyone interested in learning more about this work can email me and I'll be
happy to send addresses for getting literature on the subject, and  I can
find a local contact in your area to find out about taking classes. This
work is done on a grass roots level in each community, but is part of a
larger international organization, and is a non-profit and made known only
through word of mouth.

I apologize to all if this post was way too long. It's my first time posting
to any web group, so if there's a more appropriate way to do a long post,
please let me know.

Once again I'd like to express gratitude for this website and all the
contributors to and maintainers of it. I especially found the personal
experience posts invaluable, they explained a lot of strange things I've
been through.

Please feel free to email me


Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 14:03:11 -0700

Just thought I would add that I also experienced head pains and went and
got cranial sacral therapy.  It helped enormously.    My hat size HAS grown
since then which my husband has great fun reminding me of (often).

Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 16:40:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mary 

In Geneieve Paulson's book: Kundalin and the Chakras, she recommends
massaging certain areas of the head.  There is a diagram.  I found this
book at a fairly big Barnes and Noble bookstore.  The subtitle of the book
is: a practical manual. It suggests many exercises.


Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 23:42:42 -0400
From: Ggji

Mary and all,
You can work at cleansing the bodies;  physical, mental, emotional, and
spiritual. Very often the mind has held certain thought forms that are
negative and causing a lower of your frequency. And, when the emotions are
 on a roller coaster, it  sets up the situation for holding on instead of
letting go. The bottom line however, is to keep the physical body as free of
waste and toxins as is possible. Meditate and ask to be shown what is causing
the imbalance. It will come to you. Hope you feel better. Gloria

Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 06:41:52 +0000
From: Patti

I thank everyone for thier comments on the migraines and what to do. I have
tried many, many things, and they still seem to be getting worse. In
general, it seems like the kundalini energy is getting more intense, going
back into the type of thing that occurred 11 years ago. I was encouraged
reading about Jai who has undergone 3 full blown episodes. Here I am at one
plus ongoing currents. Looking at maybe going into a second?

I am going to have to see a neurologist in order to keep receiving the
medication, etc. I am wondering, what on earth do I tell him  or her? I am a
little nervous about having my health record look weird, or being considered
a weirdo.

My headaches have been very very closely tied to hormones and my cycle. I
have read that hormonal shifts can wreak havoc on k-people  so I always felt
that my symptoms are consistent with what the standard wisdom is. However
once they start they can rage ferociously for up to 2 weeks after their onset.

Anyway I have read all suggestions with gratitude and agree with Debbee that
a post would be wonderful. I have tried a whole lot of things: feverfew,
network chiropractic, progesterone cream, ...  Would like to try
cranio-sacral therapy, homeopathy, and accupuncture, if I had alternate
lives and sources of income. If I find anything that works, you can be sure
that I will share it, too. So far the best I have come up with is gratitude.
When I can just accept my fate in life it seems to be a better day.

Best to all, Patti

For migraines, I take a homeopathy preparation which costs less
than $10 at the health food store and works every single time
without side effects.

Karol Ann

Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 11:33:59 -0400
From: Jai

To all and Patti--Though I have never had migraines I certainly have
unbelievable mood and energy swings and a very wacky hormonal system now (the
last ten months I have had a period every two and a half /three weeks!). I
have played around for many years with many alternative healing
ways--breathing, herbs and bodywork being my long stays. Two of the more
successful and inexspensive treatments that help with my hormonal chaos are
homeopathy and the Bach flower remedies. I suppose perhaps because they both
work by subtly shifting the electromagnetics of the body. K is certainly
about hardcore electrical movement, and since these systems of knowledge are
based on bio-electronics, they  seem to work fastest for me, as far as a
cheap, self done way of dealing with the flux. I would suggest you get a
cheap book on the flower essences and maybe one on homeopathy. Forgive me for
sounding preachy, especially if you have already tried these with limited or
no success. A visit to a qualified homeopath is great, but if you can't
afford it now, try looking up your specific sets of symptoms and
experiementing a bit--belladonna, bryonia, gelsemium, pulsatilla--are all
migraine formulas. On the average, homeopathic preps., available at
healthfood stores, run 3-6 dollars a piece. You need very little. Actually
the flower remedies are so strong I have to really watch out and take them
for just a week or so, staying very mindful of the condition I am taking them
for. They have a good one for fear of losing your mind--cherry plum--that has
helped me. They run about 8 bucks a bottle and you can pick two or three and
take them together if you want. As I am writing this I am getting a total
crawling sensation up my neck--how funny, I don't normally have what you
might term classic k body sensation, though if you watch me dance you can
certainly see it in action, big time, and occasionally at other randier
moments you can see my head go. I also get mild energy rushes in the body,
like water in a stream around the seat of my spine and I definetly get a
snese of the release of something (it feels like a hormone or a secretion of
some sort) from my spine tip if I pay attention and get really into it I can
make it drip, but I don't really do this too much. Mostly I deal with bone
crushiong fatigu, which I am still stuck on the idea is because of force
being jammed up due to my curved spine, and my nerves are very sketchy and
irritable. I can sympathize with all the frustrations--fortunately I am
self-employed right now--I have been spending probably ten or twelve hours a
day sleeping lately and that is interspersed with periods of blankly staring
out into sapce, unable to do anything including consciously think. I have had
no choice but to become ok with this weird inertia pit I have stumbled into,
because it's pull is so strong, I can't do much of anything about it or
anything else. Ongoing surrender and trust in the universe to help make my
world turn out all right (even when it looks on the outside to me and anyone
else like a complete and total shambles) seems to be my lifetime's lesson.
P.S. To whoever was talking about screaming--I once howled like a wolf in the
middle of an episode (part of me was funneling the rage of animals it felt
like) for about six hours straight at the top of my lungs. I promptly spat
out the entire contents of my lungs afterwards, a weird green/brown slime (
how marvelously the body uses this force to clean itself out), prompting the
barbaric dark ages goalers who were guarding me to think I was possesed by
the devil.

Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 02:44:03 +0000
From: Patti

Hi Gloria. Thanks so much for your concern.

I do think my headaches--migraines-- are caused by my hormones going crazy
and having reactions. I say this becuase: I can be in a great mood, and if I
am having my period, I can have all kinds of problems. If it is not that
time of the month, I can withstand all sorts of negative stress, no problems
at all. (By the way, the migraines began with my kundalini awakening 11
years ago...they first started then; only in the last 3 years have they
gotten progressively more intense.

An interesting note about the magnets: I think that is an interesting thing
to study. My husband and I have been going to Sedona AZ every year for
several years. In all but one instance, I never had a migraine there, even
when it was meant to be a problem time of the month. We are certain by this
point that it is the electro magnetic field, having ruled out other things
one by one. (Just cannot explain the one occurance).  Sedona is on top of a
huge electromagnetic field. I like the magnet concept. I also have tried
homeopathy a long time ago, perhaps had limited success.  Based on what
responses I have gotten am going to try this again. It seems so much more in
line with the k-forces.

By the way our roomate is an MD and I have talked to him at lenth about the
k. He is fascinated but at a loss to help any more than he has already. He
will be the first to tell me that MD's will have a pretty hard time
understanding this stuff. He is very openminded, and has done lots of pure
medical research for me on the subject. He loves the connection between the
electromagnetic fields and the migraines and thinks there may be something
to this.

Thanks everyone for your responses. I am pretty amazed at the outpouring of
love and concern, and certainly hope that others are also getting lots of
good ideas from all this discussion....

Love to all, Patti

Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 13:47:18 -0700
From: jean

You know, this is a major problem.  At the KRN conference, two years ago?,
they announced that Kundalini was in the new DMR-IV - a thick book that
therapists and doctors use to diagnose patients.  Many doctors do not know
what it is and prescribe drugs to make it go away.

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