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[K-list] FAQ : Please read this before subscribing.

This list is for the free exchange of information, advice and friendship among those interested in, undergoing, or in any way involved with the awakening of Kundalini energy.

By the very nature of the phenomena, such a process touches upon every aspect of life. As a result, this list is set up to be a forum in which list members should feel able to post openly on any subject which is related to this topic.

[K-list] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  Subscribing to the Kundalini List
  The Digest Option
  Guidelines for the Kundalini List
  Background and General Comments

 Posting Address

Subscribing to the Kundalini List

What is a Mailing List?

A mailing list is a sort of computerised bulletin board. Members can post messages which are then sent to everyone else who belongs to the list. Other members can then respond to the list or to the member privately. The latter is sometimes referred to as "taking it off line". A chain of messages on a particular topic is called a thread.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing to kundalini-l

The subscription list is hidden. No one has access, except the list owner. If you choose to subscribe, you can be certain that your name and address will not be given to anyone. All identities are hidden, unless you choose to reveal yourself by posting.

   To subscribe OR unsubscribe

Note that Smartlist (the computer program that interprets these requests) will ignore anything else you might add. It also will only allow you to unsubscribe yourself from the same account on which you are subscribed. You cannot subscribe or unsubscribe from a different account. This is to protect you from someone else monkeying around with your email account. If you need to unsubscribe yourself from an account you can no longer access, write me. I'll take care of it pronto.

Any message sent to the "posting address" kundalini-l@execpc.com is automatically rebroadcast to every one on the list.

Make sure that this is what you want to do! If you send subscribe/unsubscribe messages to the posting address, your innocent and perfectly valid request will be sent throughout the world, possibly annoying other list members and making you look very inconsiderate.

A hint. If you use your mail reader to automatically reply to posts which came from the list, you will be sending private email to whoever wrote that particular post. No one else will be able to see what you write. Instead, send your replies to the posting address (kundalini-l@execpc.com).

List Owner Adress: This is where problems and questions should be sent. All mail to this address is read by a human being: me! kundalini-l-owner@execpc.com

The Digest Option

A digest option is available. When subscribed to the digest, the postings are grouped together and mailed to you at one time; either when the file reaches 32k in size, or when the oldest message is two days old.

All posts will show up on both the regular kundalini-l list and on the digest (kundalini-l-d). So, there is no advantage to subscribing to both lists. You might want to subscribe to the regular (kundalini-l) option, unless you have a specific reason to do otherwise.

To subscribe to the digest option:

To unsubscribe from the digest option:

New Guidelines for the Kundalini List

Dear List Members,

Thank you very much to the large number of you which responded publicly or privately to my questions about the list's direction. I especially appreciated the comments I received from people who have not yet posted to the list. Hopefully you will feel comfortable enough to share with others some of the things you hinted to in your emails. You are of great importance to the rest of us.

While I didn't have time to respond to most of the emails, I want you to know that I read each of them very carefully, and pondered everything you had to say. Of course there were a whole range of responses. But there were certain themes which continued to repeat themselves. These ideas have been summarised in this letter.

The following letter from a member seems to capture the feelings of most of who responded.


Regarding the list:

1) Volume -- seems high. I can keep up if I checked mail daily, but Mondays and post-vacation are problems. I use e-mail at work and don't have my own computer.

2) Moderated vs. unmoderated list. ...many posts have seemed to be remarks better addressed to the individual, or simply "chatty" with no immediate context. I'm more interested in the phenomenology of kundalini activity, how it fits into our models of reality, and how people deal with it. I'm not particularly interested in clever, off-the-cuff remarks.

3) Have I been offended? My gut response to the IMHO comment was that someone was trying to be clever while not answering the question. So not only was it potentially insulting to gay/lesbian groups, it also denigrated an honest query by not answering.

4) How should the list be changed? Less chat. Helpful responses.

---------------(end excerpt)--------------------------------------------------------------

Here is what I propose to "tweak" the list a bit so as to better serve all of our members.

1. Please don't quote any more of a post in your reply than necessary.

The optimum is not to quote anything at all except what is needed to put your comment in perspective. DO NOT post "I agree" notes to the list. And especially do not post "I agree" notes which quote a 7k long post!!! Your fellow list members thank you.

2. Take "private" jokes, conversations, etc. off line. Do not post anything which is of interest to only one person to the list in general. Remember: everything which is posted to the list is rebroadcast to more than 300 people. Keep this in mind, and post privately whenever appropriate. This is treating others with respect and consideration.

3. Try to make your header convey the subject of the post accurately. This will really pay dividends to you and others. Take the extra 10 seconds. If you are posting a personal experience, try something like SUBJECT: Personal Experience. If it about a book you enjoyed, try SUBJECT: Kundalini book. You get the idea. Make it specific when you can. This will help the rest of the list members key in to the posts that are of interest to them. In addition, you will find that more people will read your post. Many members (myself included) find ourselves deleting tens of posts at a time, because we simply run out of time to keep up.

The list is serving a great purpose. Almost everyone had kind words to say. So it looks like we are succeeding to a very great degree. I know that I am very thankful to be able to play a role in this list.

Background to the List

The list began in June 1996. There was an earlier list called Kundalini-l hosted by Haakon Rian Ueland which became inactive sometime before. That list was moderated. Haakon would accept postings for a period of time. At some point, he would edit them and send them back out as a large packet of information. This had the benefit of removing "noise" and clutter. On the downside, a vibrancy and immediacy was lost.

After communicating to various people as a Friend Online from the Shared Transformation site and journal, it became obvious that there was a real need for a forum in which people could feel free to openly discuss the ways in which kundalini is active in their lives. Many are undergoing this process more or less alone. Others may have loving and supportive friends and partners, yet still feel a need for connections with like minded others. This list is an attempt to meet these needs.


If you wish to forward any of the posts you receive to others outside of the list, etiquette would seem to dictate that you first contact the original poster and ask permission. It is true that many things on the net are treated rightly or wrongly as public domain. For us on this list however, the basic rule should be courtesy and mutual respect. If the subject matter is of a sensitive nature, please exercise prudence. If anyone has any thoughts on this one way or the other, please email me.

There will be no censorship of posts. However, due to the extremely personal nature of this subject; all members are strongly requested to exercise patience, gentleness and compassion. It stands to reason that there may be times when tempers rise and feelings get hurt. There will almost definitely be less than appealing posts and/or posters appearing at some point. Yet rather than striking out thoughtlessly or making personal attacks, we should try to take a deep breath, remain calm and thereby determine the best response. It may very well be that some error needs to be addressed. If so, then do so directly, kindly and to the point. On the other hand, perhaps ignoring the post or use of the delete key is the best way to deal with the issue.

In the case of a member who launches repeated scurrilous attacks or otherwise attempts to degrade the list, the list owner(s) will send private email to the individual in which the issue is addressed. If the problem continues, it will be brought up on the list publicly for a vote an whether the member should be temporarily or even permanantly barred from the list. Such a vote shouldn't ever occur. However, the mechanism is here established in case it is ever needed.


On a lighter note, this list should be viewed as a resource of trusted collegues and fellow travellers. A lot has been said about the dangers of Kundalini. But there are also great wonders and joys which seem to increase proportionately with time and growth. Are you experiencing emotions in a different way than before? How so? Have you ever experienced synchronicity? Other list members would be very interested in hearing about it. Do you view kundalini as a purely scientific process? How and why?

There is almost no limit to the types of ways this list could be of benefit to its members. Perhaps you are in the midst of some change which you are having a hard time understanding or assimilating. There is a good chance that someone else here has some insight which could be of value to you.


Lurking and posting are both equally fine. But please do not feel afraid to post! If you have something which you feel would be relevant or interesting, but are hesitant for whatever reason, please send the post to kundalini-l-owner@ execpc.com with a note that you would like it to be posted anonymously. I will make sure to remove your name and header information, and will post to the list from my own account. That way, you can participate in the list according to your own comfort level. At the same time, we can benefit from your wisdom and insight! We definitely all need each other. The quiet voices sometimes go unnoticed. Let yours be heard.


The fact of my administering this list should not be taken to mean that I consider myself some kind of expert in the area of Kundalini. I have hope that the real experts will come forward and join with us in our exploration. My intention is facilitate the discussion when necessary and act as a human interface to the list server. I am very much looking forward to gaining insight into this wonderful, bright, dangerous, troubling, and very, very interesting path we find ourselves on.

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