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Heat Thread November 2007

[K-list] Burning

To Y'all:
I am new here and haven't figured out how to add my comment to the discussion(s), so I do not know where it will end up (!)
My comment is about the fire that we must go through. I have been in it for the better part of a year: face completely red, hot, blistering; other parts of the body craking open from fire {NB: these are all on significant acupuncture points}; nervous, anxoius, fearful, etc.
Anyway, if these manifestations are matching your own, you might be interested in a suggestion that one of my Tai chi students offered me. She noted that my body was burning hot and that my feet were cold. I have found that reflexology is one of the few things that can relieve these painful manifestations. She suggested that I soak my feet in hot water. I did and it worked: the red drained from my face and the color of normal flesh returned.
I hope that someone finds this useful as an integrative practice.

Bee man



I've had the burning sensations for about 17 years now continuously, 24/7. To some extent, I have become used to it. The energy starts in minor chakras in my feet and in my Root chakra. (Yes, you do have several minor chakras.) Most of my chakras noticeably burn with a heat. There is also an electrical activity within my body and especially through the acupuncture meridians. (I can feel the 'cracklings' of the electrical type charge.)

Additionally now recently, an electrical charge on the surface of my skin which increases with intensity when I become relaxed (as does chakra activity, generally). I really haven't had much of an issue with cold feet -- just the opposite -- the bottoms of my feet are normally warm from the chakra activity. As well as sometimes feeling a heat in front connecting the chakras, on occasion now I have also experienced a heat up my spine....

My Heart chakra has always been very active. It has increased in activity in the past five months. It always has been usual for burning energy to extend outward from that chakra across my chest to my shoulders and down my upper arms. (My system and skin have long ago become acclimated to the burning, and so my skin does not react with an extreme sensitivity any longer.) Now the burning in my Heart chakra has been white hot like a supernova. A professional type psychic looked at it very recently and told me that my Heart chakra looks like a "brilliant jewel."

I've tried shutting down the Heart chakra (as much as possible) for several months in the past, but it only delays the inevitable, and only creates more problems, so I gave up on that. The energy that flows through me is apparently much too powerful for any remedy like reflexology...I know, I've tried things! The energy cannot be redirected or halted -- I've tried that and it's like a super-strong river breaking through a dam -- it stays the course.

...And the above are just some of the manifestations, there are more.

A most excellent book on the subject is the study done by Lee Sannella, M.D. 'The Kundalini Experience' -- highly recommended.



Agreed been burning for a while now (13 years) but can control it and cool down when need to by either doing some chi kung, pranayama or meditation. Someone posted about the cold feet. That seems to me you could benefit from breathing in and out through your "sole" chakras to stimulate and also help ground you a bit and bring blood flow to the feet to balance that heat or lack there of a bit.

Key is in my opinion Balance and moderation. Burn to much to fast you may over stimulate adrenals & Heart, and kidneys. Burn not enough you may suffer from weak metabolism low drive etc.

One thing for sure the "Kundalini" will teach you or force you to learn either through the path of least resistance or a bolt of lightning kicking you into gear to notice the "path" you need to follow for yourself.





I've had the burning sensations as well, but for me they did not last very long, perhaps 6 months as best I can recall. But I don't see that the symptom went away, rather what happened is that it morphed. I'm still in very active kundalini transformation as I write this.

What I've noticed about my sensations in regards to skin sensations, heat and vibration, is that over time the vibration increases each day and the sensation on the skin changes with it. After the burning I felt more of an intense tingling that would grow to numbness when I lied down to sleep at night. (In general that's when I can detect the overall sensation better, when I'm the most relaxed, also because I think it sets up the strongest during the night.) (I try to recall this as best I can from memory.)

Next i started to feel the symptom in my legs as 'electric shocks', sort of, like a pulse in the muscles, with the feeling of the muscle being tugged on in patches in the leg. Later this changed to the feeling of my bones getting hot, like they had a deep ache in them, but the surface of my skin didn't feel hot, no sweat, etc.

Recently I notice another change, and it's more like spiraling waves circling the legs, that repeatedly go down them. It feels like theses waves are pulling the muslces, or gently massaging the legs. In parallel with this I also notice a similar progression of change in the internal sound i hear in my head over this time. The sound started out loud and muscial, then like single tones, then like spots of sound, then like 100's of spots of sound, next 100,000 spots of sound, next 1,000,000 spots of sound and now like it's blending all together and hardly any sound, yet it's there. I still have 'sound events' when something opens, there is a long clear high-pitched tone that lasts about 30 seconds.

The same in the legs, for the first time in 2 years, it's not tingling so much in the legs, like it's integrating and smoothing out, yet the energy is still very strong.

Then in the last weeks i start to notice the strong electric shock feeling in the fingers and lower arms and a numbness setting up in them, like that which has happened in the legs for many months. Also in the last weeks there is now a numbness like that in the mouth and lips each night. So it becomes apparent to me that this sensation is slowly moving up the body for me over time.

Several things occur to me to add to this. The first is that early on I felt that I needed more energy, I had the intuition that the more energy I could 'raise', then the more force I would have to do the 'work' or to help with making the changes in the body.

over several days I had a few visions which came, obviously not dreams, that told me exactly what to do. Applying this information and through experimentation I came up with a technique that worked very good for me, to activate my body quickly, I still use this every day. many times I think I don't need it, that I have enough power, and then I start to realize that my sessions are getting hard again. Reminded over and over again to go back to it. The acupressure treatment on the meridians opens up a new path, and does a kind of nervous system strengthening. then later in the stretch, it goes into new territory in the body. very much like 'opening up new paths'. I share that with anybody that might be interested to try it:

(PS: Ramping up my energy like this, never caused me any negative side-effects, it just made all easier.)

The second thing I think to share is an article I wrote awhile ago on vibration, which tells more about this subject, in regards to increasing vibration in bodies and how it relates to growing awareness:




Heat thread October 2003


A lot of heat in my body lately, my eyes become very hot every now and then,and I have to close them otherwise it's really uncomfortable.

Last night I had an out of body thing, where i woke up and I could feel thatI was going out of body.  Was paralyzed, and started drifting... but I didn't want to.  Because the more I let go into it, the more it burned.  And it was really starting to burn.

It does this a lot lately, the more relaxed I am, the more I burn.  But I have to relax, otherwise my thoughts take over.

Is it safe to burn?  I don't know if I have the courage.



At 06:39 AM 27/10/03, Tom wrote:
>It does this a lot lately, the more relaxed I am, the more I burn.  But I
>have to relax, otherwise my thoughts take over.

Hello, Tom:

Heat is a pretty normal, and positive side effect with K. Women sometimes feel them as hot flashes and wonder if menopause has hit early! The heat tends to accelerate the process in a positive way and normally there are no detrimental effects. The heat is karma burning. It is not the same as a fever, which can be dangerous if the brain temperature gets too high... I trust that you have seen a doctor to rule out the possibility that the heat has a physical cause that requires medical treatment? Allow the burn, surrender to it. Drink lots of water.

Occasionally, (rarely) an excess of heat indicates your K snakes are unbalanced. There are two serpents, a hot red one and a cool blue one. If the hot red one rises faster than the cool blue one, then there is more heat than cool.

If the heat gets very uncomfortable, then imagine cool blue. Hold mental images of being immersed in the ice cold water of a mountain glacier stream, imagine yourself surrounded in ice-blue light, or the fog of a cool blue cloud, sitting on a blue iceberg. Think of your energy field-aura as being a cool ice-blue colour. This will feed the cool blue snake and bring
you back into balance.

Here are some blue iceberg photos to meditate on. Imagine drawing the
blue cold into yourself, breathing it in as you gaze at the photos.

    Let me know how it goes! Blessings...


I am so glad that mystress put the pictures of the blue on, i have been fealing heat in my crown area for awhile now .. while i relax i feal sooo much better... thank you



Dear Tom,

Heat is one of the more consistent of K symptoms.  A number of people over the years on the k-list have experienced burning heat in various parts of the body.  We all seem to survive it without harm!   ;) Gopi Krishna's experience with heat is one of the classic stories.  Fear seemed to have made matters much worse as he had no one who could relate to what was happening to him, and he got some rather bad advice which scared him further!

He finally succeeded in easing his symptoms by visualizing the energy going through the "ida" channel on the left side of the spine.  "I brought my attention to bear on the left side of the seat of kundalini and tried to force an imaginary cold current upward through the middle of the spinal cord."

Sound familiar?   ;)    I suspect that the location of the imagery is not as important as the cooling imagery itself.

He also learned that it is best for the body when undergoing powerful K symptoms to take small meals every three hours.  Keeping the stomach from being empty seems also connected to averting certain types of panic attacks caused in part by low blood sugar.  Drinking cool milk also helped him.

I continue to feel mild heat when the energy is most active (usually coinciding with feelings of mild catalepsy--they seem to go together).  I've learned simply to relax and let it pass into brain fireworks.

Love, Hillary

"...I distinctly felt the location of the nerve and strained hard mentally to divert its flow into the central channel.  ...instantaneously a silvery streak passed zigzag through the spinal cord, exactly like the sinuous movement of a white serpent in rapid flight, pouring an effulgent, cascading shower of brilliant vital energy into my brain, filling my head with a blissful luster in place of the flame that had been tormenting me for the last three hours.  p. 162  Gopi Krishna Living with Kundalini.


Mystress wrote:

     Heat is a pretty normal, and positive side effect with K. Women sometimes feel them as hot flashes and wonder if menopause has hit early!

   The heat tends to accelerate the process in a positive way and normally there are no detrimental effects. The heat is karma burning. It is not the same as a fever, which can be dangerous if the brain temperature gets too high... I trust that you have seen a doctor to rule out the possibility that the heat has a physical cause that requires medical treatment?

    Allow the burn, surrender to it. Drink lots of water.

Dear Angelique and All,

Personally, at age 47, I found that I was imagining the menopause effect, as I call it, as early as age 36.  So I agree.  Don't think I'm anywhere near where I should be feeling as intense heat, especially when it rises from my left foot and burns, sometimes, intensely in my leg.  Exploding colors too. As I write this even, I'm feeling that familiar throbbing sensation in my left foot.

Also, and interestingly enough, just the other day I 'saw' a red piece of snake, or rather snakeskin, moving through my third eye vision.  It was definitely red.  And most interestingly, I always 'see' blue!  But this was red.  Who knows.  Issues not resolved, issues I have that I ignore or deny.

However, I don't believe it's karma burning anything.  As I've said before, how can perfect beings (for we all are -- in time) carry anything but perfection?  Please answer this question!  Not that I would change my feeling about karma -- aka guilt -- but to learn why people believe there <should> be guilt or karma.  Same thing, no?  And, if you think about it, what is karma but guilt but judgement?  Who's to judge what karma is?  If it's the Judge and God/dess, well than that certainly answers the question? How could the Judge create us to fail?  Or, for that matter, create us to SET us up to fail?  ;^)  S/he wouldn't.  It wouldn't.  We just are. Experiencing.  Just like, Angelique, you love yourself when you're a perfect bitch just like when you're a perfect angel.

So then, what's burning, why the heat?  Am I so obtuse that I continue to challenge what will be?  Am I that stubborn?  Perhaps I'm creating too much friction in trying to follow what I believe to be the right life path.  And why am I so obstinate about the karma thing?

RKShankar said something very interesting the other day.  He said to go
deeply into the dream state to find answers.  Th night before I had a conversation deep into a dream state with a person who said to go deep into a dream state to find the answers.  What those answers are, I don't know. Perhaps I shouldn't look so deeply or question so hard.  As a human being, seeking answers that come via an awakened state and through third eye visions, to me, is so difficult.  We are limited in the translation because perhaps, there is no translation.  So how do we interpret the heat, or the snakes or the red or the blue?



Hi Y'all,

>However, I don't believe it's karma burning anything.  As I've said before, >how can perfect beings (for we all are -- in time) carry anything but >perfection?  Please answer this question!  Not that I would change my
>feeling about karma -- aka guilt -- but to learn why people believe there ><should> be guilt or karma.  Same thing, no?  And, if you think about it,
>what is karma but guilt but judgement?  Who's to judge what karma is?  If
>it's the Judge and God/dess, well than that certainly answers the question? >How could the Judge create us to fail?  Or, for that matter, create us to
>SET us up to fail?  ;^)

Somehow, I've gotten a little different spin on what karma is.

To me karma isn't guilt or what's "right" or "wrong" or a "failing grade", etc. It's not just an idea or a method of score keeping. To me it's a matter of physics; a law kind of like gravity.

At all times we are supplied with energy to use as we wish. It's like opportunity. And we use our free will to make choices in how we will spend this energy. So this energy passes through the nexus of our faculty of attention and our emotional and mental bodies and is modulated in frequency in some way. If we modulate the energy frequency as love or encouragement or gratitude we stamp this energy with a high frequency and a couple of things happen. The energy goes out to the object of our attention and blesses it. The packet of energy might travel around some more during which it gathers more energy of a like vibration unto itself. It eventually returns to us and ascends to our causal body which acts  as a kind of bank account, aggregating these energies which can then be drawn on if you know how.

If, on the other hand we stamp our energy with a vibration which is below a certain threshold frequency, it sort of sinks into our auras and physical bodies and looks like muck or tar or worse. This is what happens when we do harm to others or commit any of the innumerable things which people call "evil". This muck is one of the primary causes of old age, disease and death. As we hop from incarnation to incarnation this misqualified energy follows us and gets more and more compressed. According to timetables, we are given opportunity to make good on this debt through right behavior and decisions, which allows for the transmutation of a portion of this murky substance for each right decision or test which is passed.

Spiritual fire, of which Kundalini is just one particular frequency, can "burn" or accelerate the frequency of this dross substance back into pure unqualified light again. This is something that I see and work with all the time.

It can take a while though because the muck is compressed and dense. You have to whittle away at it. We are still required to demonstrate mastery over our past mistakes in order to warrant this opportunity though. The fire is a gift which hastens the payment of debts for those who are consciously quickening their pace on the way Home.



This may gross you and others out, but if you can get over the cultural conditioning and try it, it works! and taoist have been doing it for ages for relieving the intensity of the heat.  It is drinking your urine. 

I was taught that when the heat started that if it got to intense that you could use this method to relieve the heat.  Also eating a lot of green fresh vegetables (cooling) may help as well as the other suggestions provided by others.

The heat, in my experience, lasted for maybe 6-8 months after which I didn't need to continue the diet or drinking urine.  I found that whenever I stopped drinking the urine, the heat would start back up.  I just drank a small amount each morning and that seemed to work.  The one thing is that there is a recommended way to drink it.  Info at link here (you don't have to read the lengthy article because it isn't about the heat, you can just skim for the parts that tell you how to do it so it is done safely):

Good luck!


Good grief!

Seeing how piss is just water and body waste, the skeptic in me wins. If it does work, it could be because those who drink it strongly believe it will work. Or: perhaps the heat is meant to happen. The body is doing something natural with K. Then you drink urine - going against the natural grain - and the body shudders and shuts down whatever
it was doing.

I personally wouldn't recommend drinking pee for
the same reason I wouldn't recommend eating poop.


Mr. Fidious Fastenbabel


In a message dated 10/27/2003 7:58:51 PM Pacific Standard Time, Matt writes: "This may gross you and others out, but if you can get over the cultural conditioning and try it, it works! and taoist have been doing it for ages for relieving the intensity of the heat.  It is drinking your urine."

Dear Matt,

Thanks for the very useful information.  Drinking one's own urine has been known to help with some serious health problems.  It seems to work on the same principle as homeopathy.  Urine is not simply body waste!  ;)  

"In 1975, one of the founders of Miles Laboratories, Dr. A. H. Free, published his book Urinalysis in Clinical Laboratory Practice, in which he remarked that not only is urine a sterile body compound (purer than distilled water), but that it is now recognized that urine contains literally thousands of compounds. Among the urine constituents mentioned in Dr. Free's treatise is a list of nutrients that will knock your socks off. Here's just a few..."

If any one else has heat solutions I'll add them to a "heat" thread on the Gateway site.

Love, Hillary


> > > >Is it safe to burn? I don't know if I have the courage. > > > > > >Tom >

Burn like there is no tomorrow, Tom. The fear is what kills you, not the burn. Despite the cries of others I've read elsewhere, I refuse to believe that the body will give you any kind of energy that will wind up killing itself. Unless one's kharma has one destined to be inherently suicidal---then perhaps the Kundalini may just fry their nervous system entirely; this is their destiny; let us be happy they've achieved it. Burn, baby, burn. I feared the burn last night, as well, stopped a bit, then returned and gave into it. It must better to burn alive than to live in that death of fear.

> >> > > Occasionally, (rarely) an excess of heat indicates your K snakes are > > unbalanced. There are two serpents, a hot red one and a cool blue one. If > > the hot red one rises faster than the cool blue one, then there is more > > heat than cool.

Yes, it was to cool one I was integrating last night. It is ice, and if feared and shunned, it will attack you with anxiety. To embrace that sword of cool ice diving up from my bottom to my crown left me super-sensory, aware of unseen things around corners and voices far out of earshot. It opened my animal eyes, and I know if I was attacked, I'd have the animal's strength. I like the cool serpent. That has been my hardest friend to make. And the hot one has been the most elusive, but I found it, later on, with passion. Asking my friend to devour me, possesss me, take total control, jettison the love and passion and heat into me with every kiss and stroke, It awakened my own. I loved it and I'm still buzzing. It is the red serpent that I let go dormant for a bit too long, and now, I'm using mad lovesex to wake her up again. She tends to feed of heat from others. This is how she grows. From bottom to crown.



Heat thread October 2001

> I knew the heat was the result of K, but didn't know whether >it was a unique experience or something that would continue. Now I >am feeling heat patches with fair regularity.

I still get it, especially when I am doing healing work. Fires of transmutation. Occasionally I do InnerSun Tummo fire initiations, to wake the healing fires of clear light within someone.

> I believe the divine light received through this area is >of a healing quality, and I noticed on one occasion receiving it >produced tears automatically, which as you might know flush out >toxicity.

Yep, emotional release. Lovely.

>I noticed the last time I was given a healing there was heat, and I >inherently feel a healing quality in the heat I am experiencing. >Recently, as I was having just that thought while driving, >poignantly, ahead of me was an ambulance with a caduceus on the back >window. There is a long tie with Kundalini and healing. I wonder if >the heat is Kundalini as natural healing assistance for stress - it >is an instinctive question that keeps arising.

Yes.. most stress comes more from old memories of pain causing fear of the future, than as a reaction to events themselves. The events simply push the old buttons, so that you can know the stuff is there and surrender it.


Heat thread December 2000

On 2000/12/09 09:44, Divine Goddess posted thus to the K-list:
Oops, I just realized that the page was talking about sponataneous human combustion.

I think there could be cases of people bursting into flame because of k but I tend to doubt it.

I used to think that people did sponataneously combust until I was watching a science program on discovery.

A couple of scientists in England began to investigate SHC, reviewing all the cases and tried to duplicate what was left after the fire.

They were able to duplicate the results.

How they did it was have a fire proof room in which they placed a large dead pig the approximate weight of an adult male. They placed bedding and clothes on it and set it afire. The thing burned for eight and at a very slow hot flame though the fabric burned quickly. The fire pattern on the walls and around the pig were just like the SHC victims. The only thing left of the pig was the front and back feet (intact and complete) and a crisp, charred body of mostly ashes and bones. Not unlike other victims whose feet and partial legs may remain in a chair or in a bed.

Some of the victims were known smokers and alcoholics. They postulated that the victims could have easily have dropped a cigarette while sleeping and quickly have been overcome by the smoke fumes and passed out.

The reason for the slow, intense burn is because of the fat content of the body. I remember doing an experiment in grade school to determine what kind of food had more calories. We put a piece of popcorn on a needle and set in on fire. It burned up quickly. Then we put a peanut on the needle and set it on fire. I thought the peanut would never burn up. Too much fat/oil in the peanut.

Of course, the experiments don't address those incidents were people seem to have burned to a crip in an hour. Maybe he was really skinny? :D

But, from my experiences, I have felt extreme, EXTREME heat, even just a few days ago from tummo fire which panicked me and hurt but which eventually subsided after eight hours. It was extremely beneficial to me because it burned up a lot of pain I was having and removed some deep blocks that I was not aware of because now I feel a 'lightening' in my attitude and emotions and a loss of general resentment at the world around me that was more pronounced than I would like to admit ;)

It is interesting that this powerful energy I was feeling not only felt like a burning but also had a minty, cool quality to it.


PS. I also think Gopi Krishna was something of an alarmist regarding k cause his experiences were so momumnentally intense. But I always figure he must have needed to have those kind of experiences for his own personal growth. K can be painful and dangerous but it can also be soft and wonderful. I think it all boils down to surrendering to the flow and events in one's life when k is rising.


Heat thread June 1996 palms and soles of my feet have burned, sometimes for days. The first time this happened it was very distracting. I ran water over my palms repeatedly in an attempt to soothe the burning. After 24 hours of intense burning and asking everyone I could find for ideas about how to alleviate the burning, someone suggested holding crystals. I had a large quartz crystal, and this did seem to help.

One thought I've had is that the burning is a result of working through impurities. But it seems to be a contstant for me. So now I'm not sure what to think. The burning often comes after a period of intense energy flowing and most often now I just accept it as part of the work and rarely seek relief for it anymore, although I massage my palms *a lot*.

I've had discussions with a few yogis on IRC, one who claimed that I was not experiencing real kundalini activity. And I may not be. But if kundalini is an evolutionary energy, then what is to say that its presence may not evolve from how it is documented in cases from traditional India, etc.? And then I've talked with experienced energy workers who said this was clearly kundalini. All I know is *something* is going on here!




Hi my name is Brian and I have lived in a Yoga Ashram for the past 8 years (leaving last spring).

The reason I am writing is that, for the past 2 years, my crown has been burning non-stop. Nothing I do seems to change it. And now it is localized on the only on the crown. The sensations are very strong and painful.

I have tried most everything and am close to giving up.


When the burning first manifested, I was told that it was a 'good thing' and to leave it up to 'grace' and the protection of my 'path'.

Now there are times when I wish I never heard of the word yoga. I can only imagine what is happening is a result of my years of practice (which relied heavily on grace) I did ask my 'guru' what he thought at the beginning, but he admitted he really didn't know what to do.

Do you, or do you know of anyone who can help?

I have tried everything form accupunction to pranic healing. Nothing has helped.

Thanks for you help.



Aloha Brian,

You have a very interesting message here. I'm not sure how to advise you, but I'm in contact with a huge body of people who may have some ideas. Since you asked if anyone could help you, I'm forwarding your message to the "kundalini-l" mailing list.(snip)

You may want to join this list, too, and observe what others have experienced with kundalini awakening. You can find links to this mailing list all over the kundalini Web pages.

I wish I could offer more, but I'm at a loss for words right now. My heart goes out to you though.




Dear Richard,

Many people seem to be bothered a lot by heat. It seems that the amount of heat generated depends on the temperament/past life karma etc. Fortunately, I have not experienced any discomfort from heat. However, there might be some easy remedy for that.

I have read, both in the biography of Ramakrishna and the autobiography of Muktananda, about their problems with heat. One has to wear a garland of sweet smelling (it is important that they have a sweet smell) flowers. In addition , one can use natural sweet smelling scents on the body. A paste of sandal wood (or chandana),usually applied to the forehead during meditation (to keep it cool), can also be applied to the body.

In puujaas, one worships the deva-s/devii-s (lit. beings of light gods/godesses) with sweet smelling flowers. Sandal wood paste is also used on the statues and pictures representing the deva-s/devii-s.

I haven't any experience in this matter so I can't recommend the above procedure to anyone. If some members suffer too much from heat, its probably worth a try. It is however strictly up to them.


(signature deleted)


Dear ori^

Your experiences parallel my own more than any I have read so far. I too have burning palms and feet (the feet only sometimes) and experience spontaneous orgasms. Someone just told me the burning palms are healing energy I could use to help others. The fleshy part of my hand below the little finger is quite red to the eye. The night my feet were most involved I wanted to scream. I massaged them with aloe vera gel and it helped a bit but I eventually took a very strong antihistimine. I frequently take salt baths and have been told to add baking soda as well.

I hope you will continue to communicate. Finding someone with such similar 'symptoms' is very helpful to my peace of mind - even on this wonderful list. Bless you for the courage to post. I hope you will find it gets easier and more rewarding.



> The other somewhat disturbing factor has been that after major
> sessions of working with the energy, my palms and soles of my
> feet have burned, sometimes for days. The first time this happened
> it was very distracting. I ran water over my palms repeatedly in
> an attempt to soothe the burning.

I am not sure what to make of this... other than to point out that many many energy channels end up in the hands and feet, which is why reflexology is so effective. The heightened energy is probably flowing strongly enough that it goes to the hands and feet, causing the sensations. Since I don't know enough of your practices and such, I cannot comment on what else might be occurring.

Good luck,


I don't understand. Why is Kundalini almost always accompanied by some degree of pain? For some, excruciating? Is it a lack of something on our part? Some past life Karma as Richard suggested? Surely, something so wonderful isn't INTENDED to hurt. Then why the pain? And what explains some of the very few all-good experiences, one which was described on this list recently. My experience was pretty short, because I somehow made it stop (trying to do it temporarily; ended up gone for good until I tried to get it back). I experienced very little pain, and when I did, I seemed to know what to try to stop it. All I got in terms of pain were quick body-stabs, which are over so quick you hardly notice them, and head pressure, which I alleved by breathing and concentrating on relaxing and releasing.

I also experienced intense heat, but it never got painful. It started to a few times, as my fear level increased. As I concentrated on breathing, relaxing, and NOT BEING AFRAID, it stayed at a tolerable level. I hear stories all the time, though, where people have resigned themselves to pain as part of the process. Most of these I've read are not afraid, though, so that can't be the explanation--at least not for them. So what is? There ARE a few people who have purely benign experiences. What makes them so different from everyone else? Why do those few seem to be "the chosen few" picked out to have benign experiences? It doesn't make sense to me that most people have to pay a price for the process, and a few don't. Are they just better people than others or what? I don't really subscribe to that theory. I would just like some comments and input on this.


Dear Melissa,

It is my belief that every person's destiny is God union. We decended into matter and now must find our way back out... back to God from whence we came. I see the Kundalini as a purifying energy that helps to prepare us for the journey back.

Concerning pain, I'm allergic to it... don't like it at all, but it seems to be the common lot for earthly existance, and little good seems to occur without it's presence. Just like childbirth, there is a period of excruciating pain and then this wonderful thing happens.

I'm in total agreement with the need for a foundation. Foundation meaning phsyical, mental, and psychologic stability and strength. I believe that Kundalini helps to prepare us for enlightenment, which is such a shock to the human system that preparation and conditioning is needed. When you think about coming into contact with all knowledge, power, and eternity, is it any wonder that conditioning (foundation) is required? Even just a small taste has been known to send those who are unprepared careening out of control.



I have lots of burning too, and have never figured out how to do anything about it. It sounds to me like you have kundalini rising.

I am interested in your IRC forays. Do you discuss kundalini on them? What is going on out there? (If it has nothing to do with the kundalini, you can answer me privately.)

Best, Patti

P.s. Anyone who knows a way to mitigate burning, please let us know. Actually, I did go to see a homeopath. If it helps my burning, I will let you all know!


To Ori and Patti,

It is possible that the burning sensation that you feel is due to a blockage in one of the two main channels that travel up alongside the spinal column. One is positively charged, the other negatively charged. In order for the energy to flow correctly both 'must' be open. I recommend that when in meditation, to focus on relaxing first the thighs, mentally working up to the vulva, perineum muscle(between the genitals and the anus), the buttocks, the anus and the lower spinal column, in that order. As you do this you want to 'watch for' any pressure or tightness in the lower back, mainly at the base of the spine. If you find any, turn your total focus on 'releasing' where you find that pressure. This will, no doubt, increase the flow of your sexual energy as well.

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