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Cybrary (Cyber + Library)

N O P R S T V W Y  Music, Movies

The Kundalini Resource List is compiled from suggestions sent in by subscribers to the email list. It is a reference guide providing a starting place to find information about kundalini and related topics. It includes books, music, and websites. Descriptions of the item have been provided by the subscriber. Feel free to add additional comments, send other resources or request the list by contacting Mystress.
Please include:
1. Full title and author, artist, etc.
2. Publisher/producer, ISBN, year.
3. Brief description of the work and its relation to kundalini
4. Any other information that might be useful.



G. S. Arundale
Kundalini: An Occult Experience
Adyar, Madras India : Theosophical Publishing House

Sri Aurobindo
Integral Yoga

Arthur Avalon (pseud. of Sir John Woodroffe)
The serpent power
(Shat-Chakra-Nirupana and Paduka-Panchaka)
Madras, India : Ganesh & Co., 1953 (1st. ed. 1918)
Woodroffe was first to translate Sanskrit tantric text in English.


Richard Bach
Illusions : the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah
Delacorte Press/Eleanor Friede, c1977 0440043182
"Mystical adventure story. What if somebody came along who could teach me
how my world works and how to control it? What if a Siddhartha or a Jesus came
into our time, with power over the illusions of the world
because he knew the reality behind them? A look at the way many of us could live,
and the way some of us do."

Alice Bailey
Education in the New Age
Lucis 1954

Daniel J. Benor, MD, ABHM
PERSONAL SPIRITUALITY: Science, Spirit and the Eternal Soul
Spirit and soul inspire our lives. We may connect with our spiritual awareness in moments of communion with other people, with nature and with our higher selves. We may be touched by a human kindness or by the angels who guide and protect us - and bring us into this special awakening

Itshak Bentov
Stalking the wild pendulum
Great Britain : Wildwood House Ltd.
Bentov cooperated with Dr. Lee Sannella.
His book was one of the first links between the scientific and the mystic model.

Annie Besant
Death-- And after Reincarnation

"The Bible and Kundalini Energy"
Dorothy Elder
Doriel Publishing Company - 1997
2557 South Dover, #75
Denver, Colorado 80227

Bija Mantra
Chakra Tuning
American Sanskrit Institute
1-800-484-7112 (1008)

Emma Bragdon, Ph.D.
Current Triggers of Kundalini Awakening
Integration is the subject of this warm and clear presentation by therapist Bragdon:
how to incorporate transpersonal experience into a balanced and productive life.
The challenge can be overwhelming; experiences of awakening may disrupt
our normal functioning in the world, especially if a foundation or "container"
of personal and social stability is lacking.
Using Wilber's prepersonal-egoic-transpersonal developmental spectrum
and Mindell's process-oriented psychotherapy, Bragdon develops a model
of spiritual evolution that recognizes the need for both order and transcendence.
Illustrated with intriguing case histories, this talk offers helpful assistance on the
difficult journey toward a more conscious way of being that is both balanced and awake.

Alan P. Brauer and Donna J. Brauer
The ESO Ecstacy Program
ISBN 0-446-39178-6
A course for couples, including a number of communication excercises
to "clear the air", so such intimacy is possible. Tastefully illustrated.
Serpent's seal of approval as the best sex manual on the planet.
it does not deal with tantric energy tho, but for the perceptive, one can SEE
where the energy goes and how to enhance it.

Barbara Ann Brennan
Hands of Light - A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field
(Bantam New Age Books).

Eas Butterworth
The Tree of The Navel Earth


Dr. Loskesh Chandra
Tibetan Mandalas

Earlyne Chaney & William L. Messick
Dedication From Kundalini and the Third Eye
ASTRA Ph : 908-981-4941

Swami Chetanananda
The Breath of God
Portland, OR : Rudra Press, 1988 ISBN 0-915801-05-1.

Mantak Chia
Taoist Secrets
Taoist ways to transform stress into vitality: the inner smile
Healing Tao Books, 1985
Chi Self-Massage (0-935621-01-06)
Healing Tao Books $10.95
Taoist Secrets of Love
Cultivating Male Sexual Energy
Cultivating Female Sexual Energy
Taoist energy practices

Deepak Chopra
The Return of Merlin
Quantum Healing
Perfect Health
Ageless Body, Timeless Mind: The Quantum Alternative to Growing Old

Barbara Hand Clowd
Liquid light of sex : Kundalini rising at mid-life crisis
Bear & Co., 1996 1879181401


Baba Hari Dass Ashtanga
Yoga, Primer

Ram Dass
Journey Of Awakening


The Ecological Kitchen
(0-688-10051-1) New York, NY : William Morrow & Co.
emphasizes whole foods, minimal processing, use of regional and seasonal foods,
creative recycling of leftovers, beautiful eye appeal,
and just as importantly, delicious taste.


Patrick Flanagan
Pyramid Power
Beyond Pyramid Power

Georg Feuerstein.
Holy madness


Thaddeus Golas
The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment
Bantam Books, 1980.

Shyam Sundar Gosvami Laya Yoga Routledge and Kegan Paul 1980
Beautiful designs of the chakras and a comprehensive analysis
of Sanskrit kundalini-texts.

Gloria Joy Greco
Good and Evil In Our Times
Light of Day Press, Inc, 1995

Bonnie Greenwell, Ph.D.
Energies Of Transformation : A guide to the Kundalini Process
Assessing and Integrating Kundalini Process: A Clinical Perspective
In this "pragmatic workshop", therapist Greenwell, author of
Energies of Transformation: A Guide to the Kundalini Process, offers suggestions
on how to identify the kundalini awakening experience and help people
through its processes. Although no two experiences are alike, Greenwell describes
seven characteristics frequently present and suggests ways of assisting in the
often chaotic and lengthy process of moving through the awakening.
A clear and informative discussion.

Kundalini: Chaos or Completion?
Therapist Greenwell offers an in-depth look at the kundalini experience,
noted by the ancients yet still little-understood today. Utilizing research for her book
The Energies of Transformation, as well as personal experience, Greenwell describes
some of the most common characteristics of kundalini awakening and offers
basic guidelines for assisting the process in oneself and others.
Spirituality is intimately connected to bodily energies, says Greenwell,
and in the proper context these energies can lead to a lifetime of personal development.

Christina Grof
The Stormy Search for the Self
A good overview of the phenomenon of spiritual emergence: What is it?
What sort of events typically trigger it? How is it different from mental illness?
What are the best strategies for working with it? Christina Grof shares her
difficult experience and describes other case histories to illustrate stages in the process
of emergence to a higher level of awareness. The often disturbing symptoms of spiritual
emergence are really a pathway to greater wholeness and authentic existence. This new understanding welcomes emergence as guide and teacher and recognizes it as a common experience, to be worked with as a path to greater freedom and well-being
when its emergent energies are allowed to lead the transformation.

Stanislav Grof
The Holotropic Mind
Harper Collins 1993

Bernard Gunther
Energy Ecstacy
Los Angeles : Guild of Tutors Press, 1978

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
Clear Light of Bliss
London : Wisdom Publications


William Hart
Vipassana As taught by SN Goenka

Bonnie Lee Hood, Ph.D.
Perils of the Path
Hood tells the story of her own cataclysmic spiritual awakening and presents a model
of the death and rebirth in spiritual emergency. It can be terrifying when all familiar levels
of experience are broken through but if the process is allowed to unfold it can be
healing and transforming - moving the person to higher levels of
awareness and integration. Hood's careful study of spiritual emergency
discusses precipitating causes, stages of the process and the recovery that can occur
with complete surrender.

Valerie V. Hunt
Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness
She places different altered states of consciousness along a continum of vibrations
which we open up by meditation and other means.
Her theory of the Mind-Field provides a rationale for understanding
Kundalini and such phenomena.


Harish Johari
Breath Mind and Consiousness

Linda Johnson
Daughters Of the Goddess : The Women Saints of India

Anodea Judith
Wheels Of Life

Carl Jung
Man and His Symbols
The psychology of Kundalini Yoga:
notes of the seminar given in 1932
Routledge, 1996

Jyoti (Jeanine Prevatt, Ph.D.)
Types of Spiritual Emergency
Prevatt, former director of the Spiritual Emergence Network, presents her typology
of ten categories of spiritual emergence. From kundalini awakening and
shamanic crisis to near-death experiences and encounters with UFO's Prevatt outlines
a vast and mysterious field of profoundly transformative non-ordinary experiences.
Prevatt shares her own dramatic experiences and encourages openness in the presence
of these unfamiliar visitations for they come, she says, to heal and teach and awaken.
With courage and trust in Mother Shakti these remarkable journeys can be
an extraordinarily valuable adventure.


Yvonne Kason
A Further Shore

Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa.
Kundalini yoga : the flow of eternal power
Distributed by Ancient Healing Ways, 1996

Keeping up with Kundalini yoga :
Exercises and Mediations for the daily practice of Kundalini yoga.

K.R.I. Publications, 1980

Gene Kieffer
Kundalini Catechism

Roy E. Klienwachter
Your Life Was Never Meant to be a Struggle
Spirituality is not about being religious. Religion is humanity's attempt to explain spirituality and it has missed the one most important aspect of spirituality.

Jack Kornfield
A Path With Heart
New York : Bantam Books, 1993
ISBN 0-553-37211-4.

Gopi Krishna
Living with Kundalini
Shambhala, 1993

Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth
Peter Kelder
ISBN= : 0-936197-25-0. Harbor Press.
This short book has an interesting story and six yoga (kundalini releasing) exercises
promoted as restorers of youth.

Gopi Krishna
Kundalini : the evolutionary energy in man
Shambhala, 1997


C.W. Leadbeater
The Masters and the Path
on the path leading to higher evolution.

Bob Lehman
Big K : the Kundalini story
Hara Pub., 1996
1883697360 (pbk.)
A biographical account of Elaine Lehman, a western woman and her experiences
with the Big K

David Lukoff, Ph.D.
Making a Place in the DSM-IV for Spiritual Emergency
Transpersonal psychology meets mainstream psychiatry in this story of the attempt
to win recognition for spiritual experience in the paradigm-defining diagnostic manual
the DSM, soon to undergo a major revision. The four presenters on this panel examine
different aspects of the controversy: the issues around DSM categorization, the status
of research on psychospiritual anomalies, criteria for distinguishing spiritual emergence
from mental illness, etc. Of interest to clinicians and others seeking more appropriate
diagnostic categories.

Mary Luytens
Krishnamurti : The Years of Awakening
Contains information on the Kundalini Awakening process that he went through.


John Mann & Lar Short
The Body of Light
New York : Globe Press Books, 1990
Published in Dutch: 1992
Schors - Amsterdam, Holland
Het lichaam van licht

Play Of Consiousness

Ajit Mookerjee
Arousal of Inner Energy Kundalini
Thames & Hudson, Ltd.

Richard Moss, MD
The Black Butterfly; An Invitation to Radical Aliveness
Berkeley : Celestial Arts, 1986
ISBN 0-89087-475-1.

Dr. John Mumford (swami Anandakapila Saraswati)
A Chakra & Kundalini Workbook
Llewellyn Publications, 1994
Published in Dutch: 1995
J.H. Gottmer/H.J.W. Becht
Bloemendaal, Holland
Kundalini & Chakra Werkboek


Claudio Naranjo, M.D.
The Kundalini Process and the Hero's Journey
The kundalini phenomenon is really inseparable from the process of
human development says psychiatrist Naranjo and he illustrates his view through
archetype and myth, the deep levels where transformation takes place. Tales such as
the Iliad and the Odyssey, the legends of Osiris and the plumed serpent Quetzalcoatl
speak of voyage and return, descent to the depths and return with treasure.
Contact with this deep energy sets the stage for a new body and consciousness,
bringing darkness into light, freeing the dragon of our being.
A wide-ranging presentation blending myth with biology for a new understanding
of the meaning of emergence.

Thich Nhat Hanh
The Miracle Of Mindfullness


Finger pointing at the moon
his thoughts on the Adhyatma Upanishad. He speaks of whom we are and
he refers to this as the witness.


Genevieve Lewis Paulson
Kundalini and the chakras: a practical manual,
Evolution in this lifetime
Published in Dutch: 1992
Schors - Amsterdam, Holland
Koendalini en de chakra's, een cursus in het openen van de diverse
lichamelijke krachtcentra

Jill Purce
The Subtle Body


Swami Sivananda Radha
Kundalini yoga for the west :
a foundation for character building, courage, and awareness
Timeless books, 1993 0931454379 (hard) : 0931454387 (pbk.)

Jack Rauhala
Find Your God:
A Pilgrim's Guide to the Cosmos
ISBN 0-9739498-0-5

Swami Rama
Path of fire and light
Himalayan Publishers, Honesdale 1986

Sanaya Roman
Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self
A "how-to" book, with exercises to help the reader become one with the
Higher Self. Includes information and exercises on meditation, lightwork,
and energy-building techniques.

Swami Radha
Kundalini Yoga for the West

Swami Rudrananda
The Nature of Spiritual Work
N.Y. : Big Indian, RBIC Press

Ken Ring
Heading toward Omega


Solomae Sananda
Kundalini and the Evolution of Consciousness
Living Spirit Press, 2003
"Kundalini and the Evolution of Consciousness is both guide and friend on this journey and well beyond. A wealth of information and insights are shared in practical, down-to-earth language, as well as a remarkable view into advanced states of consciousness far exceeding the threshold of enlightenment. The author has provided a western paradigm for the process of spiritual growth, bringing new understanding to the teachings of Christ and the path to experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven while on earth."

Dr. Lee Sanella
The Kundalini Experience
Kundalini : Psychosis or Transcendence

San Francisco, 1976

Gerald & Betty Schueler
Enochian Yoga

John Selby
Kundalini Awakeniing : A Gentle guide to Chakra Activation and Spiritual Growth
"This is an easy to understand how-to manual for balancing chakra energy.
Instructions are given for meditations, visualizations, breathwork, chants, and mandalas
for each of the seven chakras to activate and guide kundalini energy toward illumination.
It is easy to read because Selby uses English equivalents for Hindu and Buddhist terms."

Serpent of Fire
Darrel Irving.
ISBN 0-87728-830-5. Samuel Weiser, Inc.
Box 612, York Beach, ME 03910-0612.
back cover condensed: "...Kundalini and its relationship to psychological vitality and
spiritual transformation...readers learn that kundalini is more than a spiritual concept,
a religious illusion, or a New Age fantasy. It is a subtle energy at the base of the spine
that when unleashed becomes a powerful force leading to altered and higher states of is a curative process if approached with knowledge and is the mechanism of evolution contained in the human body...
In these pages Irving makes a provocative case for a strong connection between
madness and the kundalini process gone awry...Kundalini is the birthright of everyone,
and kundalini-activated individuals are the hope and promise of the new millennium."

Max Schupbach, Ph.D.
Cataclysmic Energy Behind Bodily Symptoms
A warm and witty presentation by Swiss psychologist Schupbach. Working in the process-oriented therapy of Arnold Mindell, Schupbach stresses the wisdom of
bodily symptoms. Unpredictable as they may be, symptoms are really a developmental
process seeking expression. We should trust the symptoms and in their own way they
will lead us to heightened states of being. Surrendering to the symptoms is the path
to expanded identity, beyond the limits of the rational mind. Schupbach's portrait
of this intelligent universal energy seeking expression is fascinating and compelling.

Shalila Sharamon & Bodo J. Baginski
Das Chakra Handbuch
Windpferd Verlagsgesellschaft mbH- Durach, Germany 1989
Published in Dutch: 1990
Schors - Amsterdam, Holland
Het chakrahandboek
Activating the energy centers via sounds, colours, crystals, aroma, breathing,
reflexzones, nature, meditation

Ravi Singh
Kundalini Yoga for Body, Mind and beyond

Jacqueline Small
Embodying Spirit

Sounds of the chakras
Stuart Sovatsky, Ph.D.
Energetic Transmutations in the Kundalini Process
In this thoughtful presentation Sovatsky, director of the Kundalini Clinic, offers
a tantric yoga for our time. Going deeply into emotion permits reunion with the ground
of our existence. Feeling is really the power of reality emerging through us,
whether in joy or pain. Faithfully opening to our experience, it becomes universal energy, deepening our being with its radiant truth. Sovatsky discusses yogic techniques
of chant and breathing, and powerfully demonstrates what a kundalini emergence is like.

Phillip St. Romain
Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality

Choa KoK Sui
Pranic Healing & Advanced Pranic Healing
ISBN : 0-87728-842-9

Swara yoga


I.K. Taimini
Self culture on spiritual evolution

Charles Tart
Waking Up: Overcoming the obstacles to human potential
Shambhala Press

Tibetan Book of the Dead

Tools for Tantra

Choegyam Trungpa
The Myth Of Freedom


Vipassana Research Institute
Sayagi u ba kihn journal for information on kalapas and on planes of evolution.

Swami Vivekananda
The complete works of Swami Vivekananda, v. 1 Raja Yoga
which details the awakening of Kundalini through Meditation and Pranayama
and is a good introduction to the terminology like Ida, Pingala and Sushumna..

The Voice of Silence
Theosophical Publishing House
on Inner Voice or Buddhic plane


Dorothy Walters
Unmasking the Rose: A Record of a Kundalini Initiation
Hampton Roads Publishing Co., Inc. : ISBN 1-57174-301-4 : 2002
This is the personal account of one woman's unexpected kundalini awakening, which occurred without warning in the early 1980's. A teacher then living in Kansas, she had no prior experience of the inner energies, and no one to guide her in her prolonged, sometimes ecstatic, sometimes painful experience. Thus, without human instructor or external authority, she followed the lead of the inner guru, the internal wisdom which assures us of our unbreakable connection to the divine. Her ultimate conclusion is that kundalini is the transformative energy which has the potential to redeem and transfigure humanity itself.

John White (ed.)
Kundalini, Evolution and Enlightenment
Anchor Books : Garden City, N.Y., 1978

Barbara Whitfield
Spiritual Awakenings

Ken Wilber
A Brief History of Everything
Shambhala 1996

John Wood
Serpent Power


Paramahansa Yogananda
Autobiography of a Yogi

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