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Team K.

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The Volunteers.

   The Kundalini gateway is grateful to the team of volunteers who have helped with this site over the years. This enormous website and collection of lists is too big to be a one woman show. It was a full time volunteer job for me for several years, I am very grateful to those who stepped forward to help it grow.

The Mystress.

    The list began in June 1996. I joined the list late that August. I actually visited the site a few times and joined other lists, but with this one my inner voice said "wait." It knew what I did not, that this list would become a full time job for me and transform all my paradigms. Soon after I joined, Richard disappeared and later announced that he was not enjoying the job and wanted to pass it on. I had been informally stepping into the empty shoes already, soothing flame wars and chasing off disruptive people. I was willing to take on the rest of it but I had some things scheduled that would take a few months.

In Feb 1997 Richard Satin turned over the list and the original website to me. On New Years Eve 1999 I moved the K-list and website from it's original address on the server, to a new server, and since then the K-list has moved many times and the site has been changed considerably and moved to this domain.

Tending to this beautiful garden has been a wonderfully rewarding experience, and it is my resolve that the list shall exist for so long and there are people finding value in it. Some of those people in turn contribute to the list by volunteering to co-moderate the list or help with the website. This community is supported by me, and by donations.

The Co-moderators.

   The K-list is not a moderated list. Only subscriptions are moderated. The owner and Moderator role is mostly to handle the administrivia of running a large list, and to remind members of the list guidelines when it appears they have been forgotten, and also to welcome new members. Thanks to Hillary, Percyval, Jason, Steve and Susan for their fine work on the list!

The Web Heads.

   Most of the work maintaining this website is handled by me, the List Mystress. Special thanks to Richard Satin, the original list owner and web designer who created the list and website back in 1996. The site and the list have changed a lot, since then!

Thanks to Frans who hosts the European mirror of the list, and who did a lot of work putting the pages into the new format and putting up the 1996 archives back in 1997. Thanks to Freda who helped out in many ways from 1997-1999. Thanks to Percyval, who was the links page editor for several years. He has retired from handling the links. Thanks to Hillary, who assists with web admin and updates.

Content Providers.

   Special thanks to Kurt Keutzer, who originally wrote his Kundalini FAQ's for the list back in 1995, and they have since been mirrored in many places around the web. thanks to those members who have contributed art, essays, poetry and meditations to the website. Thanks to, to all of the members since 1996 whose wisdom is contained in the precious and valuable list archives.

If you would like to add content to this website, please do! The goal of this site is to eventually become the world's largest resource of every kind of information about Kundalini. You can send your content to the moderator address or, better you can put your content into the HTML form for the list and send it to me or put it in the yahoogroups shared files so it can be uploaded right away!

If you would like to help with this site.

   Many people feel they have gained a great deal from the website and list community, and feel moved to give something back. Volunteers are always welcome!

What is mostly needed, is people to put content into the web page form so I can upload it to the site. Original content that you have created is welcome, but there is also a small archive of content, from notable stuff that has been posted to the list over the years that needs to be placed into a form to be uploaded. I am simply too busy to do it all.

If you would like to volunteer to help out with the website, instructions on how to use the form pages are here. You can also right click on this link and save this plain text file to your hard drive.

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