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To: K-list,br> Recieved: 2001/09/24 04:39
Subject: Re: [K-list] Desperate!
From: jb

On 2001/09/24 04:39, jb posted thus to the K-list: On 9/24/01 at 10:26 AM Kate wrote:
°Bit odd this, but has anyone experienced sinus problems as a result of °k-activity? Since recovering from my recent depression I've had intense °electrical/energy buzzing in my head, especially intense from 4am-7am - °and my nose is going mad - dreadful sneezing, constant alternating between °dripping and blocked nose, intense sinus headaches, ears going funny. I °KNOW the two are linked - anyone got any ideas for relief cos it's driving °me nuts and I can't function properly.

° °Thanks in desperation!

Kate Hi Kate, This sounds very familiar to me: Jokingly, Shakti could be called "the great Cleaner"
and the act of cleaning (purifying) does not differentiate between mind and body... Unless on a (mainly) raw vegan diet, i would display all the symptoms you mention and probably even more, like feeling without energy.
This is not to say that would fully apply to you too - but a "clean" body will also evaporate those symptoms in those, not experiencing the effects of active K. Finding out it easy: fast for a couple of days (drinking plenty of water). A change (symptoms getting worse or less) will indicate if it concerns an act of cleaning. Another indication will be, starting to feel tired. Jan


On 2002/08/15 10:58, Mystress Angelique Serpent posted thus to the K-list: At 04:02 PM 14/08/02, Meredith, Justin wrote:
>My very first migraine was also the first night that I was awakened to K and >higher states.

K-related migranes are most often caused by too much energy in the head. The karma combusting in your body needs to be released out the crown chakra, and if your crown is closed then it is like a fireplace with a blocked chimney. Open the crown with the opening flower visualization at the beginning of the grounding. Let the stuff out at the first sign of migraine.
If I am doing work with someone, and their crown is closed I'll start to get a headache almost immediately. Sometimes I will request permission to control their crown so I can hold it open myself, and not get a headache.
The other, much less common cause of K. related headaches is more physical. K. makes your brain grow and changes the shape of your head, and that can be a painful process... usually tho, it is just a closed crown. Blessings...


At 10:26 PM 24/06/02, starfire wrote:
>I have been expericencing dizziness, headaches, and other strange >feelings. About a day of this and I start all this writing and the >feelings get stronger where I just have to lie down. My head will >even get numb. I do alot of writing, have notebooks of it. About >the world and whats going on within the inner spaces of us. Wondered >if anyone has heard of this before. Thankyou....Stellia...

From: Mystress Angelique Serpent

On 2002/06/26 11:47, Mystress Angelique Serpent posted thus to the K-list:
What you describe is classic K. The energy brings the karma up, and you release it through a creative act... writing it onto paper gets it out of you. It is a way to surrender.



To: K-list
Recieved: 2002/05/20 00:41
Subject: [K-list] Re: Crown Chakra Energies-Migraines To: Mystress and All

On 2002/05/20 00:41, Barley posted thus to the K-list:
Has anyone on this list had any success of curing
> themselves from migraines?
Hi Cynthia,
I also suffer with migraine and stiffness in the neck.
Although I know no way of curing migraine I have found that a medication called Diclofenac takes away the pain for me with in ten to forty five minutes, (I am from the UK, the medication may be called something else in the USA and elsewhere) The medication is administered as a suppository so isn't so convenient, it does come in pill form but I have not tried this.

I think that medicine is more effective for migraine if administered by by-passing the stomach, hence the need for a suppository. I am never keen on recommending medication as the potential side effects are many as in the case of Diclofenac so you would need to read the patient handout carefully, it can be dangerous if taken with certain other drugs for example warfarin, so you would need to see a doctor first. Here in the UK you can only get this medication by prescription. I personally have not had any serious side effects and wouldn't be without this medication now. Sometimes I have two or three attacks each week and can't imagine what my life would be like without this pain killer.

Hope this helps

I know the pain of migraine can be so awful, I feel so sad to hear of anyone suffering in this way. In addition to migraine I have problems with daily tension headaches. Sometimes when I meditate I get headaches, heaviness and other unusual feelings and have been meaning to write to the group for advice about this but have been so busy with moving house that I have not had a chance to do so but will as soon as life becomes less hectic, but I felt that I had to write and offer this suggestion to you. Incidentally I would not even think of moving some three hundred miles away if I did not have this medication for my headaches as I would simply be too incapacitated to do so.

Peace and love Christine


At 03:56 PM 18/05/02, Mystikstar wrote:

> My question to you all is if you feel the kundalini energies may >have contributed to the migraine headaches she and my friends have now and >also, if there any effective metaphysical ways out there that will put an end >to their migraines and neck pain?

To: K-list
Recieved: 2002/05/18 19:30
Subject: Re: [K-list] Re: Kundalini Rising Connected to Migraines?
From: Mystress Angelique Serpent
Migraines come from too much energy in the head, and can be avoided by keeping your crown chakra open. Just imagine the top of your head opening like a flower, and the headache blowing away like pollen. Blessings...


At 09:15 PM 23/10/01, ladygaladrie wrote:
>Thank you. I had thought that the back of the neck was associated >with the pineal gland -

To: K-list
Recieved: 2001/10/23 21:52
Subject: Re: [K-list] Kundalini question - how do you know...
From: Mystress Angelique Serpent

The back of the neck is part of the throat chakra.. spiritual communication, etc. So, Goddess speaks and you are too resistant/stubborn, so next your third eye goes off as She tries to show you, and then you get a headache.. ? The pineal is in the center of your head.. associated with the third eye, and also the root source of that sensation between your eyes.. the third eye is centered in the pineal, but it also covers an area that extends to the tip of your nose.. those sinus sensations someone mentioned. There is an area at the back of your sinuses, the wall there that is a receptor for emotional energy.

>perhaps in another sense it is also >associated with stubborness. Interesting - I imagine by virtue of >the chakra it is closest with.

Actually, a lot of normal cliche expressions are body-language. That is how the body talks, in the metaphor language of cliches and truisms. A stiff neck is symbolic of stubborness and resistance whether it is people or jackasses. Like, when we say someone is a pain in the neck because they are not compliant.

>About a year ago I began having what I guess is "Kundalini karma" - >what I am referring to here is coming across Kundalini in various >walks of life, reading, people I ran across, and various kinds of >life symbolisms.

Yeah.. that is like what I wrote, about experiencing a vibrational increase where suddenly spiritual folks and synchronicities start popping up everywhere.

> I knew the heat was the result of K, but didn't know whether >it was a unique experience or something that would continue. Now I >am feeling heat patches with fair regularity.

I still get it, especially when I am doing healing work. Fires of transmutation. Occasionally I do InnerSun Tummo fire initiations, to wake the healing fires of clear light within someone.

> I believe the divine light received through this area is >of a healing quality, and I noticed on one occasion receiving it >produced tears automatically, which as you might know flush out >toxicity.

Yep, emotional release. Lovely.

>I noticed the last time I was given a healing there was heat, and I >inherently feel a healing quality in the heat I am experiencing. >Recently, as I was having just that thought while driving, >poignantly, ahead of me was an ambulance with a caduceus on the back >window. There is a long tie with Kundalini and healing. I wonder if >the heat is Kundalini as natural healing assistance for stress - it >is an instinctive question that keeps arising.

Yes.. most stress comes more from old memories of pain causing fear of the future, than as a reaction to events themselves. The events simply push the old buttons, so that you can know the stuff is there and surrender it.

>I will certainly make the conscious effort to allow the heat, for >whatever reason it is there, to be released through the crown. I was >given advice to send it to "Mother Earth" (downwards) - this produced >stomach and digestive upset.

Before awakening, people are mostly prana-fired.. Sun/sky energy flowing downwards to the Earth. K-fire goes up, so you need to allow stuff to go with the flow... out your crown.
Now that you are awakened, you may want to alter your meditation to include earth energy as well as sky... try the grounding mediation url at the bottom of this page. Also, consider thinking of your energy as clear light.. like a heat shimmer, instead of white light... and quit projecting energy. Your good intentioned prayers are getting you into karmic entanglements and energy arguments. Like when you tell someone "Have a nice day" and they respond, "You are not my boss, so quit trying to tell me what to do."

>Would you be kind enough to elucidate on what you meant by karma >burning off and there being not so much left that it would manifest >all over...that it is manifesting only in certain places? I guess my >question is what sort of karma are you referring to? Generally or >something making a theme of itself currently...

Hmm.. that is an essay I have written many times, in many places... So for an extended explanation, I'll refer you to two documents I have put in the K-list shared files, on healing and karma. Here is a snippet from one:

I think of Karma as the emotional content of memories. Karma in action is re-acting to previous memory experience. Re-acting as opposed to responding. The expression, "once burnt, twice shy" describes it well. The negative emotional memory of pain from the past, causes a reaction in the now. Just as I wrote about perceptions; why some see the glass half full and others see a glass half empty. When these emotional memories are cleared, there is simply a glass with some liquid in it, and no need to make judgments. How you respond to the glass will depend entirely on the needs of the now, not on programmed re-actions from the past.

>You can work through your karma the slow way, by living it, or you can go >looking for it. It is by the emotional content of Karma, that we discover >it. I find I watch people as I speak with them, and I notice the movements >of their energy body as they re-act. Most often I see what look like grey >cloudy abstract shapes that approximately correspond to muscle groups and >acupuncture meridians. What Wilhelm Reich calls "body armouring". Muscles >tightened around old painful memories held in the body. Every nerve and >cell in the body is capable of retaining memory, not just the brain. >If I am doing it by remote I will tend to feel it in my body, as mild >physical discomfort that draws my attention to what areas need clearing. >For example, if I am dealing with someone who has a lot of power chakra >issues, I might feel a tightness around the bottom of my ribs, I cannot >take a deep full breath, or I'll feel a knot in my stomach, or an ache in >my back. I observe the sensation with detachment, not resistance… it just >Is… and I use feelings and psychic vision to get an idea of the size and >shape of it. Get a handle on it, so to speak… so I can give it away.

>Blockages and issues are essentially, the karma of previous limiting >decisions. Negative experiences create limiting beliefs, which we cherish >as "lessons"… like, "nice guys finish last", or "life is hard then you >die". Our beliefs create our experiences: that is Karma manifesting. So, >probably a lot of what you cherish, as "lessons learned" is actually a >karma attachment that you would be better off, to release. Often the >blockage prevents you from seeing what the issue is really about.

>Surrender the blockage, Goddess will give you back insights, in return. > You have to give up what you think you know, to make room for new > information, new insights. Once you think you know something, your mind > becomes rigid and blocked, you are no longer open to new ideas about it. > Chuck the blockages, make room for Divine insight.

>Some people think they need to hang onto the Karma until they get the >lesson from it, but that is an ego trick of karma too. We grow up in >school, and so we think life is about lessons. Life is not about lessons, >it is about pure experience, for its own sake. On a soul level, you >already know everything there is to know, you deliberately forgot it, so >you could have experiences. Have faith. If Spirit wants you to know >something, synchronicity can make sure you get the message. An email, a >line from a movie or a song on the radio will resonate with wonderful >meaning, if you are open to hearing it and not blinded by preconceptions. >Goddess provides.

>All of our opinions and beliefs (including mine) do not define the >infinite, and by surrendering them we make room for something better. That >is why Zen Koans are so confusing, like "What is the sound of one hand >clapping?" You need to confuse the old ideas to make way for the insights >into Divine truth, and those usually cannot really be communicated, in words.

Hope that helps.. The grounding visualization for awakening Kundalini or smoothing it's flow is at: (text version with gentle Kundalini awakening through the heart chakra.) or (grounding only and realplayer video)
Please visit this page when you have 20 minutes to relax and do the meditation, as the page is "charged" with Shakti and keyed to be released by your free will choice to visit the page. Once you have learned the meditation, you will be able to do it more quickly. (Animated gif version of the basic visualization)

At 09:32 PM 22/10/01, ladygaladrie wrote:
>I am curious to find out from those who are accustomed to Kundalini >activity and know its effects well whether what I have been feeling >and experiencing is familliar or bears a likeness to your experience.

To: K-list
Recieved: 2001/10/22 23:30
Subject: Re: [K-list] Kundalini question - how do you know...
From: Mystress Angelique Serpent

The heat is totally normal.. it is just the karma burning off.. even as you create it, in times of stress. You are not feeling it all over anymore because there is not so much karma left, inside you.
Back of the neck is associated with stubbornness, and is also the place where your spirit enters and leaves your body. Headaches are usually caused by too much energy in your the smoke from the stuff burning cannot get out because you close your crown chakra when you are stressed. Focus on keeping it open.. just imagine the top of your head is opening like the lotus it is, or ask your body mind to keep it open for you. Blessings..


To: K-list

Recieved: 2000/12/12 19:57

Subject: [K-list] Re: From the K-list website.

From: Mystress Angelique Serpent
At 05:58 PM 12/12/00, you wrote:
>I've read about all your topics and I was surprised to know that >everything that has been happening to me is "normal", Normal for an awakened person. :) >I have a question, Shall I go on meditating? I've stopped a year ago, but >I really like it.

Some people find they cannot meditate after awakening.. There are no rules. Do what you feel.

> Eventhough I still close my eyes and see strange"things" like people or > animals.

Life becomes a meditation.

>The headaches sometimes are exhaustive.

Helps to open your crown chakra and let the energy out. Just imagine the top of your head is opening like a flower and the headache is blowing away like pollen on the wind.

>My native language is Spansih, so >I have to look up all in the information in English, which is not so >bad,but maybe you'll find some mistakes.

Nope. >I would like to be in touch with people for advice.

Join the list..

>I feel an inner wonderful experience and everything else. I don't have a >Guru, nor a teacher. I started meditating about 20 years ago, and it started >happening about 8 years ago. I've passed through all the symptoms. Mainly >overemotional stales an intelectual searching energy all the time.I have >also strange dreams that I remember after I wake up . I mean dreams >that I feel like reality . They are called Lucid Dreams. Look them up on the web. > I hope to hear from you soon...

Blessings! The grounding visualization for awakening Kundalini is at

or Please visit this page when you have 20 minutes to relax and do the meditation, as the page is "charged" with Shakti and keyed to be released by your free will choice to visit the page. Blessings, Mystress. *********

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