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Member Essays.

Power and Free Will

    Mystress Angelique Serpent

At 02:20 AM 2/19/2005, G. wrote:
>Recently I moved on to a new stage in Nadi Shodan Pranayama, as
>instructed by the swami who is teaching it to me.. It is just slightly
>longer in duration than previous stage, so I am not sure it is happening >because of the pranayama or it's spontaneous.

It can happen spontaneously, but in you at this time, it is the pranayama.

There is a reason why I don't teach pranayama, and that is it can stir up too much stuff, too fast. Chinese curse.

I used to get K-rushes, they alternated intense heat and cold that was like ice lightning shivering through my bones. Hot and cold K-snakes doing a tag team on me.

Sometimes, when something triggered a big release. Often it came when I had overdone it with some kind of magic, like hanging out too long with the Fey. My limits have expanded quite a bit, I haven't had one in years.
While on one hand it was kind of intense and delicious, on the other I was often left feeling a bit scorched, like I'd been somewhat electrocuted. Poking it non stop can get hard on the body and the mind...

>But the heat especially during breath retention is intense and
>magnificent. My body is filled with something that feels like intense
>heat, like plasma,but it's at the same time piercing cold.. It change my >perceptions too..It seems that wherever I direct my attention, there
is a lot of energy.. If I focus on the eyebrow center, there's
>intense focus of energy there, if I focus on the body, I feel the whole
>body... If I focus on being cranky, I get very very cranky (lol), If I
>focus on the NOW it is almost effortless.

ho ho. Do ya get it now?

What you focus on, will grow with the energy of your attention. If you are being triggered a lot and attach to anything, it can pull you into that reality.

Your reality is self created. Where do you want to live?

Here is a rule of power. The only one who has any power over you, is the one who holds something you think you need. They lose all power, as soon as you decide you don't need whatever carrot they dangle.

Remember it. Put it on a post it note. It is a key to processing the power chakra opening that the righteous hero phase of K is all about.

Here is how modern advertising works: create a need that did not exist before, then provide the solution. Life is boring because you are not a rich famous basketball star? Have a coke. It adds life.

Feeling insecure and want to be a hero? Join our cult. According to our favorite most flattering entities, we are all heroes saving the world plus a few butt sitters... whups, no wait a minute, we are all butt sitters.

If you want to be a hero, join the Red Cross. Go read books to the elderly, or to sick children. Volunteer in a soup kitchen.
Thought-word-deed, each increases the focus of magical attention, and the result-reward.

No judgments, but if you want to, then play full out. Life is passionate.

Wanna travel to other dimensions and to a better life? Think you cannot do it now? Along come the used merkaba salesmen. Persuading you that you need something you never thought you needed before... and the reason why you never considered it is because you already have one, built in and functioning perfectly.
It's called Free Will, and linear attention.

What you focus on, will grow. Where do you want to live? What ideas do you want to nurture? The food of your attention, Goddess looking through your eyes, is pure creative energy. She doesn't judge... those decisions are up to you, your free will.

Do you want to live in a reality where the Mother Planet is going to die unless you dance the hokey pokey and rattle the bones? That's an old idea, very arrogant. Without the Pharaoh, the nile won't flood and the sun won't rise. Without the Druids the seasons would not turn. Without the Mayan Sun King, the sun will freeze in the sky at solstice.

Basic power game of advertising. Create a need, provide the solution. It is a game to get your precious magical power of free will and attention, (sometimes manifest as money) so it can be diverted to someone else's agenda.

It only works on people who feel needy. Who do not have faith that Goddess has it handled, even to the desperate point where they are not sure if the sun will rise tomorrow without the top guy doing the thing with the hokey pokey and the bones. Very scared people, ruled by fear.

Fears people and critters promote, because peddling fear is the surest form of advertising, we are wired in our bodies to respond to a threat, become attentive like a deer hearing a lion. Ears pricked up, instant receptivity. You want to move to their "safe" reality, so you give them your vote, power, money, belief, support, time... and maybe they deliver, maybe not... let the buyer beware because there is one born every minute.

For advertising, the one telling you to "be afraid, be very afraid" is always pointing away from themselves, at some other guy, or critter; or idea, or... hair colour? Us and Them. Tribal instincts of the body, invoked. That sales pitch works well for army recruiting posters, but it is surprisingly widespead.

Lets take a poll, do you belong to the pepsi tribe or the coke tribe? I'm a coke classic myself, but I really prefer root beer... flat and room temperature.
There are places in the world where that is really an issue. Native peoples replaced their traditional sacred beverages with either coke or pepsi, depending on whose salesmen got there first, and it varied from tribe to tribe. They fight over whether coke or pepsi is the true sacred beverage.

Be afraid, be very afraid, Satan/Santa will eat your soul/socks unless you follow these rules and do what the priest/Mom/coke guy tells you. That one gets a lot of mileage. Be afraid of what will happen if you have dandruff, or are too fat or too thin or your teeth are not white enough or you do not attend church, or college, or wash with Tide.

Certainly the body was well designed to evade lions... to have this great fight or flight reflex, basic self preservation keeps us from stepping off a cliff or in front of a bus.

The stress reflex cannot tell the difference between a real mountain lion and Friday the 13th part 8 million, or some chaneller spewing armageddon, or worrying what might happen if you do not ... ? It gets way much stress having the button poked over and over till it just gets stuck in the "on" position. Chronic stress, ungrounded. Adrenaline addiction.

Fear and need, exploited. It can only be exploited when someone believes someone else has something that Goddess won't give them too, if they ask for it... by the power of free will and attention.

All this lightworker, UFO chasing stuff is, as I said, a phase. It is a symptom of power chakra opening, and that is the chakra dimension where these critters live. The astral realm. Their higher purpose is to teach you about power, and help you work out your power chakra issues of illusions of hero, victim, winner, loser, etc. until you release the karmic stuff they trigger and/or get fed up with being a slave to fear.

However, they do not know their higher purpose, and they are parasitical little buggers who like to manipulate people for their own self interest... and some people who get too attached to their stories end up dead. Your attention and emotional energy feeds them, so it is in their best interests to scare and flatter you. If you agree to let them guide you then you enter their reality and become a banquet of stress for leeches who get to play

Why do people get involved? Because they do not believe in their own power, and absolutely do not want to be responsible for their own lives. Easier, to give power away.

What you focus on, will grow. Where do you want to live? You want to live in a reality where the Earth is dying and there are aliens and email tappers poking into people and all that... go ahead. You can have it. Really. Every thought is a prayer... you get what you pray for. That is the merkaba.

You want it? Give it your attention and watch it grow into a reality. Get stuck there, trying to remember the exit when you are standing on a mountaintop waiting for the aliens to come save us all... or hiding out in the survivalist camp waiting for armageddon.

Personally, I like to live in a universe where things tend to turn out for the best, although that may not be obvious at the time. I like to have lots of handy little synchronicities like Goddess hugs, and some miracles regularly... small ones are fine, bigger ones cool too. I like to whack people and have them thank me for it, and even pay me to do it. I like to eat lightworker's entities with ketchup and a side of pickles. I like to have a rainforest for the view out my office window, and work that is fun, rewarding, on my own schedule and can be done at home, in my bathrobe, by internet or phone. Plus, occasionally working with groups, in person. I like to live in a lovely home on a quiet safe street, and drive a hot car. I like to hang out with people who are spiritually aware, but in a natural and not uptight way. Even if we all do have our sacred cows. That's just human. I like to be loved, for who I am... and to love myself.

Funny, I have all that... Goddess provides.

In an infinite universe, everything that can exist, must exist, somewhere, some when in the illusion of space time. What you focus on, will grow... even as your destination appears to get larger when you get nearer to it. That is the merkaba, and you have had it all your life. The steering wheel is what you choose to believe, and give your attention to.

Sure, there are some basic rules of reality consensus we agreed to. For example, flying like Superman is out. Only in your dreams... but aside from basic stuff like that, (and even that gets occasionally suspended) possibilities are wide open.

Where do you want to live? Energy is infinite, but oddly, the life span of most mammals measures a billion heartbeats. For humans it is triple that, we have learned to live longer than our ancestors. .. Time is short, that is what makes life precious. The coin of your life heartbeats, how will you spend it?

Mindfullness. what do you give your energy and attention to?

Ever since my punk high school days I've wanted to be the front man for a wild punkish rock band. Goddess provides my friend Brian who is a genuine pop star to agree to make a band with me, so long as 2/3 of what we do is original stuff and I write it. He is very funny, opening my eyes to potentials. "Any message you want to send out," he said, "write it into lyrics and you will have people listening, even singing it to themselves 'yaaaa, I'm an idiot, give my head a shake' ... whatever you want."

I've been stuck writers block with the songwriting, thinking to make Goddess loves you peace and joy lalala lyrics... but I realize my inspiration lies in punk songs that whack people. My sense of humour goes there too. Thanks to the lightasses for the inspiration.

So some of you are confused, wondering at me telling you about free will based magic when my whole thing is surrender...

Surrender, is the key. Buddha said life is suffering, and desire is the cause of the suffering. We are human. We have desires. Desires make karma, but only if you cling to them. Not, if you accept them and let them go.

It is simple. Here is how to pray:

Imagine the thing you want, as if you already had it... what it would be like to be there in the future where you have placed it. Feel yourself in that moment, feel the emotions of being where you desire, put it in the here and now, as if it is really happening, happened.

Then, let it go. Completely. Laugh at yourself for being human and having desires, and ask Goddess to take it all because you are smart enough to know desire leads to suffering and "be careful what you pray for", and unable to predict chaos math... the ripple effect of your actions. Not wanting to make more karma.
'yaaaa, I'm an idiot, give my head a shake' God-dess take it away... repeat, if it comes up again.

If it is meant to be, the universe will hand it to you quickly, prayers answered. If it is no good then it won't manifest, no worries and good thing you left it go.

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