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Tales of Awakening

  These personal experiences are posted with the permission of the people involved. Reproduction for anything other than personal use is prohibited.


   I'm a 39 yr-old woman healer/bodyworker and have been doing that kind of work for about 12 years now. The last few years I've discovered healing techniques that are very powerful at removing energy blockages, and the more I use them for myself, the "stranger" my life gets.
   This last year in particular has led me to working with shaman practices and to learning and working with a group of Wiccans doing energy work. It is directly due to working with the shaman practices and Wiccan work that I believe I had my first kundalini experience recently.
   (and slightly less directly but JUST as importantly due to the other work I've done, chiefly RC co-counseling, Network chiropractic, Reiki energy work and other bodywork modalities, tai chi, work with prayer and guardians, and MAP healing work.)

    Fortunately I already had some idea of what a Kundalini release might be like, thanks to information from Network chiropractic, and, oddly enough, from a book of my roommate's called _Kundalini Energy and Christian Spirituality_ (or something like that.) (my roommate's very into esoteric Christianity and Gurdjieff's teachings via a church here called the Church of Conscious Harmony.) Although I'd had some very powerful experiences of energy moving through my body before, nothing even remotely approximated the moving of kundalini as I'd heard it described. I just assumed I was one of those people not destined for that experience, and then it happened.

   I'd like to share my experience with you, since you seem like someone more familiear with this realm. I also apologize for the length of this letter, but I couldn't seem to get this story out without including the whole tale.

   About a month ago I went to a 4-day Beltane festival out in the Hill country of Texas, near Austin, where I live. Beltane is the spring festival/ceremony of Wiccans and other European pagans celebrating fertility and fecundity. It tends to be a wild event, so I was a little titillated and a lot apprehensive about going (my first time.) I went with my Wicca friends who, although not a coven, are a tightly-knit group who've been doing energy ritual together for a while.

   The first night one of my friends came to get help from me. She had built up an enormous amount of energy in her body during a ritual (which had lots of naked bodies and sexual-type movements, although nothing actually sexual) but she was unable to release the energy or have it move freely in her body. I could tell she had some kind of major blockages in her sacral and solar plexus chakras, so I took her back to our campsite to do some release work. Another of our friends, Forrest, who also does energy healing work came to assist.

    I had my friend Heather stand and bend slightly forward from the waist and start exhaling forcefully from her lower belly and then told her to let whatever sounds she needed to make come out with her breathe. Meanwhile Forrest and I stood next to her and supported her. After a few big breaths and grunts she suddenly began to scream loudly and would've fallen had we not been holding her. We lowered to the ground on a blanket, and continued to hold her til eventually the screaming subsided and was replaced by all sorts of involuntary movements and sounds. Eventually she grew quiet and was very peaceful and blissful and said that she felt indescribable joy, lightness and a sense that some very old energy blockages were gone.

    We sat with her a while, I was lying on the ground next to her, and then Forrest and I spontaneously began to do energy work with each other, sort of in a remarkable dance. At one point he was holding his hands lightly over my left ankle, I'd been having trouble with it for about a week as if it had been sprained but with no apparent cause for the pain. I was lying on my back at that point, with my hand on Heather's foot. Then as she put her hand on Forrest's head, a sudden, loud and completely involuntary scream left my mouth, followed by many more. I remember thinking how strange this whole thing was, to be screaming from my pelvic bowl all the way up, as loudly as possible, and not seeming to have any control over it. Then suddenly the screams changed to heavy wracking sobs, that lasted a few minutes; then uncontrollable, hard side-splitting laughter.

   All of this was without any mental content except for my wondering what the heck was happening to me. Then the laughter changed into this very forceful breathing, not like any I've ever experienced, and then just when I thought it must be over, my whole torso started rippling up and down like a rollercoaster. It was like someone had my spine by the tailbone and was waving it up and down fairly forcefully.

   While this was going on, I was seeing a field of bright electric blue light, at first just on the edges of my vision, and eventually it spread across my entire field of vision. Finally the movement subsided and I lay there on the ground in a state that's hard to describe. On the one hand my mind was racing trying to take in everything that had just happened and make some kind of sense out of it. On the other hand, though, I was practically levitating with what I can only describe as ecstasy. Everything around me was completely, exquisitely beautiful, ( a moonless, clear starry night overhead) and I seem to remember something about being very aware of how everything kind of fell into place and made sense in a very profound, "cosmic" way. I was totally peaceful, but at the same time, vibrating and overflowing with a tremendous amount of energy.

    For a little while all I could do was lie there and say "wow" over and over again. Then I began to do the energy healing exchange dance again with Forrest. He had a very intense regression experience, going back to a frightening and painful childhood experience. I ended up sitting and holding him in my arms for a long time til eventually he came back to the present feeling good and refreshed and curious but not disturbed about the regression.

    Needless to say, the rest of the weekend was very profound and wonderful for all of us. Since then, the changes in my life seem to be accelerating, all for the good, and I have increased energy and sense of well-being. That's fairly major, too, because for most of my life I've battled fatigue and/or depression, and this event seems to have caused a major shift in that regard.

   One of the best things since then is that, more and more, my healing work is incorporating all the things I know how to do but had previously thought might be too "strange" for my average client. It's exhilarating to get to help people in their profound healing. I don't have any clear ideas about how to replicate the kundalini experience, but I have no doubt that there will be more, when the time is right.

   I am extremely grateful for the chance to share my experience with others who know what this is all about.

    Oh by the way, I dont' consider myself Wiccan just yet, I'm new to the whole thing and am not sure that's a path for me. Obviously I'm pagan friendly though; I say this as sort of a caveat because here in Texas people are still pretty superstitious/ignorant about these things and it comes as a habit to explain/feel out receptivity toward things pagan. As far as I'm concerned it's just another flavor of spirituality.


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