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Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 13:09:10 -1000 (HST)
From: John 

Dear Listees,

My awakening occured about 6 weeks ago.  I've read a couple of books
which have helped me understand what is happening, but it would really
be nice to be able to talk with others, share information, and get
support when needed.  I live in Portland, Oregon and am interested
in finding others (of us) who may live nearby.

I'm normally very open and willing to share, but lately I've had a sense
of caution... so I will wait till another time to share my story.  Also,
since the chaos of kundalini began, my enthusiasm and hunger for spirit-
ual growth has dampened somewhat.  Here I sit at work with my body
singing at a very high pitch and I can hardly bring myself to follow
through with my responsibilities.  I find some comfort knowing that
this is something I did not specifically ask for.  It was given to me
by those who must have felt that I was ready.  Still, my faith, moods,
and emotions ping-pong all over and I sometimes think about how things
used to be.  I've had no bliss, but mostly periods of gut-wrenching
sobbing.  I think that I've made it through the period where it felt
like I was dying and going insane.  My heart goes out to those who
stumble upon this with little preparation.


For the new person John who is sobbing, I have been there, too. It is part
of the process for many people.  I felt like I was dying for 3 or 4  weeks
and  mourned my life. (Unknown to me at the time was anything about
Kundalini.) As it turned out  my mourning was appropriate, because I did
have a near-death experience! I was much happier after I went into the light
and the place of unconditional love, becuase then at least there were some
fringe benefits to what I was going through. (and stil am going through.)
Still grateful for the good that came. And, gratitude is still the best way
I have to deal with the ongoing saga.

Best to all, Patti

I must have missed the post about John and Patti's reference
of "sobbing".  I have experienced this phenomenon for the last
year where I am unable to stop crying at times.  I have learned
that my resonance or vibration is about to change when that
happens and it is necessary that I release old hurt and pain
in order for me to evolve to a higher level.

Karol Ann

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