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Lubuvitcher Rebbe - White fog

Date: Wed, 19 Jun 96 08:56:38 -0500
From: Richard Satin 

Last night I was at a fundraiser honoring the Lubuvitcher Rebbe.  For those
of you who are not familiar with him, he was a very powerful individual, who
could and did effect people from all walks of life, sometimes simply by
looking at or touching them.  His strongest quality was his overwhelming
love for all people from all races as individuals.  It was this awareness
which came over me almost as a presence.

At this presentation, a short video was shown of the giving of the U.S.
Congressional gold medal, presented recently posthumously.  Interspersed
were pictures of him at various times in his life.  Throughout the evening,
the vision out of my left eye blanked in and out, as if by a white fog.
While this was going on, I sensed a palpable lightness about my head and
torso.  The experience faded in and out repeatedly.

Sensations are pretty common for all of us.  I tend to observe them, and not
give them to much importance.  But this was pretty odd (for me).  Has anyone
else experienced anything like this?


Date: Fri, 21 Jun 1996 05:06:39 -0700
From: Melissa 

I have also experienced facial pressures, Snowbird.  Maybe not the same
way as you, but still in the face.  I have had the weird lip thing some
people have mentioned--only to me it felt more like a vibration than
electricity.  I have felt pressure in my left eyeball, as if someone were
pushing their thumb into it; although it was mild pain and quite
tolerable.  I have also felt a strange pressure outside my face that
feels/seems to me like another face, invisible but real and of the same
shape, pressing against my own.  I felt a strange comfort from this,
rather than fear which is what I would expect.  I'm not sure if this is
my "light body" which I have read of or something else--I just know I
feel the definite curve of a face and feel/sense that's what it is.  I
also have felt like someone's invisible hands were gently kneading my
eyeballs.  It is not painful, but to me is somehow relaxing and
comforting.  This is one of my most common experiences these days, along
with seeing dim color swirls through closed lids.

Speaking of which, I think two people have requested more info on the
vision I spoke of earlier.  First of all, the best I can explain how I
saw what I saw is this:  It was dark, my eyes were closed--but it looked
to me like I was actually seeing things with my eyes--that is, the images
were projected in front of my closed eyes like watching a TV; rather than
having images in my mind.  However, I can almost guarantee you I would
have lost the visions should I have opened my eyes.  Perhaps it was both
the "third eye weirdness" and the type of vision someone mentioned to
me.  {Again, I apologize for not always remembering who said what--there
are so many people on this list!!}  There is nothing much more to say
about that--except that I had the feeling that more would have come to me
if I had been in a position to receive it--more meditative, less afraid,
more accepting or surrendering, or something--I don't know exactly what.
 It was just a feeling/knowing that came after the vision.

I am not sure if this is what Richard is talking about, but I have seen a
white light out of the corner of my left eye.  Always with eyes shut;
never while open or during a non-meditative state.  But it to me is like
a big white worm or small snake.  I can feel it moving up and down the
left side of my face--by means of heat and pressure--before I see it.
Then I usually see a glimpse of it through the corner of my (closed)
eyes.  Sometimes it comes into full view--I can see the small white snake
moving up and down like a real snake would, bringing with it heat,
non-painful pressure, and a relaxed, drugged-like happy feeling.  I
always just assumed it was it a visualization of the Kundalini running
through my head.  I don't know anything for sure.

It sure is a comfort to me, seeing other people describe Kundalini
experiences that are similar to mine, although I have not read of them.
I thought the lip thing, the gray screens, and this white light from
seemingly out of the left eye were strictly my own experience, or just my
imagination.  Then I read of others with the same things, and my jaw
falls open.  But, I am glad.  Now I can say with conviction, "it's not my


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