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Psychic Experiences

Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 23:38:13
From: SnowbirdV

Tonight I've read some really interesting messages on our m-list. Since K
feels like a succession of highs and lows, I would like to share something
that happened to me and was very uplifting. I'd like to concentrate on the
positive for a while.

My daughter lives 3 hours away since she studies at the university of
Montreal. We had to go to her place and since we both have a car, I decided
to ride with her and take a bus back home. I NEVER ride in buses, they make
me feel queazy usually. It was a really fine day, bought a dozen books I'm
really eager to read and I get on the bus. Suddenly, my emotion centre
becomes alarmed and I think it's because of the four girls that just got next
to me. I felt some turmoil in their emotions. So I take another seat, next to
a young man. The poor guy seems very nervous, he's biting his nails right up
to his elbows. I used to be very intolerant of this habit, but instead of
going to another seat, I start a meditation session. As soon as I closed my
eyes, I see a man, then a woman. So I think I'm flipping cause I don't even
know them. But then, I sensed that the poor student was very nervous about
going home to his parents. So I visualized myself hugging him like I would do
for my son and telling him not to worry, that everything will be fine. When I
finished my meditation a few minutes later, they were all sleeping! I mean
those girls were really on a partying mood! When we got off the bus, one of
the girls looked at me, kind of wondering.

I kind of felt guided by something that wanted to show me I could do some
good, even in a small way. It was like I was a witness to all this.

I would like very much to hear from other people about their own positive
experiences. K is not only about backaches and migraine. My highs can be so
high!!! The feeling of helping others is so rewarding to me, I truly think
it's a big part of our goal and I couldn't do without now. The experience of
seeing other people's third eye must be something! At first when I had my
house cleared of entities, the clairvoyant person told me right at the door
that some day I will help people like she was helping me, that my third eye
was very "developped" and all sorts of things like that. That was before I
knew about K, so at first I wondered why she was telling such things, but now
I can appreciate her abilities. I'm not yet there, but I hope to be one day.

Love to all. Viviane

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