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Electricity and Teeth

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Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 08:11:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mary 

Only this list would make me feel 'ok' about my effect on electronics and
electrical appliances.  My somehow favorite and yet worst manifestation of
the effects involved my garage door.  At first it just seemed like I was
careless and left it open sometimes.  Then it looked like ( to my
neighbors as well as me ) it just opened at will ... and it willed to do
so quite frequently!  Then we got to the point where anytime my nearest
neighbors opened their garage doors , mine opened too!!!

Now I don't mind being thought of as a little weird by my intimate
friends, but having the whole neighborhood exposed to this was
embarrassing to say the least.  This was happening at a time when I was
very sensitive to everyone else's emotions as well, so the symbolism was
not lost on me.  I never bothered to delve too deeply into the symbolism
of random openings.  For years all front entrances to my condo were hard
to open and this was, symbolically anyway, a pleasant change.

Initially I changed the code on my garage door opener and that helped.
Then the owners association decided to by us all new garage doors and I
took the opportunity to purchase a new opener at the same time.  It all
broke within a few days but got fixed immediately and has been fine for
about a month now.  My front door still opens from either side too.

Light bulbs have been ok for a while now. I still have one computer that
doesn't work too well for me but does for others.  I had been thinking of
doing a web site and it's too old for that task, so I think it's helping
me decide to get a new one. I try to see these manifestations as messages
and when I get the message the problem clears up. It's more peaceful than
drawing other conclusions anyway.

My biggest problem has been my teeth.  I still smoke and think it holds
the energies down a bit but I know my body does not like the toxins.  Any


Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 11:38:54
From: SnowbirdV

I too experienced some effects on electrical appliances. It occurred at first
when I had those entities in my house and I figured they were responsible.
But after a medium cleaned my house, it continued and I think I'm responsible
for those. It affected my house alarm system. I had it checked twice and they
couldn't find the reason why it would set itself off. I also affected the
gizmo that comes with cable tv. It went crazy several times. And when I got
my laptop, I had to format the hard disk because it was kaput, like when a
computer is exposed to a surcharge of static electricity. When the Gateway
technician asked me if it was exposed to some static electricity, how could I
tell him that I thought it came from me?

As for smoking, I can't tell you why I stopped. I just know that since then I
almost never got the flue, except for the time I experimented with the
exchange of energies with a person suffering from the flue. No more headaches
either. My friend who is also experiencing kundalini told me that the last
time she was in Florida, there was a big thunderstorm and that she could feel
each thunder "resonate" through her teeth and jaw. She doesn't smoke either,
so my guess would be that your smoking is not to blame. I just think that
when you're ready, you will stop on your own.

I smoked for 20 years and it was very difficult to stop. I had to use a
program that lets you stop gradually. Quitting cold turkey was too traumatic
for me. I also think that physical activity helps rid you body of the
accumulated toxins.

I wish I could help you more.

Date: Sat, 15 Jun 1996 23:13:43 -0400
From: Ggji

Welcome to my world. It is just a way of life, so get use to the strange
things like that happening. I have some people tell me their computers won't
work when I come into the room. How about this one, I bought my sister a set
of lamps for their living room, she got rid of them because she said the only
time they worked was when I was in the room, and then they never knew when
they would come on. I could write a book, but no one would believe it. I
don't wear a watch for the same reason. 

Here is a good one, have your hair analysis done, sometimes you have major
toxins in your body that will cause disturbance, I was becoming extremely
allergic to my surroundings. So much so that I had to carry a shot with me,
after the hair analysis I found out that I had 800% copper in my body. Which
was extremely high. I have been dumping copper ever since and I'm much
better. If you have a lot of toxins like lead, or aluminum you will have
problems. Gloria

Date: Sun, 16 Jun 1996 09:30:49 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Debee 

	It's been my experience, and that of some people I know, that
this is a very real phenomena.  Some people have an unusually large
amount of energy flowing through them and out from them.  I've found that
when I become agitated at times and am operating equipment it will begin
to seemingly 'act up.'  When I pause to become more centered and
balanced, the problems seem to disappear.  There is a visualization you
can try and see if it will help you.  It's worked for some people I know.
I took a course called "Awakening Your Light Body."  The lower energy
centers we work with are responsible for bringing energies into our
bodies.  With the lowest center, the visualization was that of a cone
sitting underneat us with the point upwards.  It would remind you of the
dunce cap some of us were forced to endure as children in school.  (warm
smile)  If you open this cone up fully until it becomes spherical, you'll
be taking in enormous amounts of energy.  What you must do to lessen the
energy flow is to close the cone down.  Begin with it totally closed
(pointed) and then open it a little.  This will decrease the flow.  You
can practice with the cone until you find a comfortable place for you to
be in.  Just remember to visualize closing the cone down when you feel
large amounts of energy within your body.  Hope this will be of some help
to you.

Blessed Be


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