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Confused Energies

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 22:48:55 -0400
From: shiva 
Subject: Confused energies.

Hello, friends.

I have been a subscriber to this list for just a few days, and have enjoyed
lurking around ;).  I like the atmosphere here.  I think I'll hang around
if you'll have me.

My name is Preston.  I am 26 years old and have had limited experience with
Kundalini on and off since I was 17.  I may go into my first real (?)
experience sometime if it seems pertinent.  Suffice it to say, I am a
novice.  Anyway...

Maybe someone here can help with a problem I've been having.  A friend of
mine has always been spiritually inclined just as I.  We really are the
best of friends and have a great rapport (maybe part of the problem).  For
one thing, he's always boasted about how much "power" he has, and up to
about a year ago, I wrote it off as an ego trip.  Maybe it was a result of
some experiments with the K-forces and various meditations I was doing at
the time--I don't know--but I started reacting strangly to him.  Just
thinking his name caused my feet to tingle.  I know this sounds either
stupid or sexual or both (this is not a physical relationship, though).
That was how it started.

Now, a year or so later, I'm to the point where hanging out with him leads
anywhere from tingles to light-headedness to headaches.  I've experienced
this a little bit with others and have been diagnosed by a neurologist as
having migraines (yeah, I had the MRI--phew! no tumor).  But a lot of
this still seems to center around my friend.  Sometimes I'll get an
annoying (but rarely painful) pressure in my head and neck.  I've been to
a chiropractor and that helped a little.  Lately, I've started to work
on my own energies more, as well as keeping my heart open, and sometimes
the symptons are not as strong.  I'd really like to resolve this on what
ever level I have to.  I do love him dearly and wish to remain his friend.

Sorry for such a long and involved introductory letter.  I will listen to
and respect any suggestions you may have.  Feel free to e-mail me privately
if you prefer.  Thanks.


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