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Practices after K awakening


Nine people responded to the "practices after K" mini poll: Almost everyone continued some form of practice, but some changed or varied it. Many mentioned that certain practices calmed, balanced, or grounded the energy. Other practices increased it. For most, it seems to be a matter of trial and error, and sometimes there is a change of motivation behind the practice. It's always interesting that at times the energy seems to push/pull us in different directions.

Two people said it might be best to quit the practices for awhile, but the overall advice seems to be simply to do what works best via trial and error or inspiration.

Here are some snippets:


"My experience has been very much like Hillary's, except with tai chi, not yoga. I, too, feel tai chi was implicated in my awakening and now practice for love. I've never had much of a sitting meditation practice but I've always been very good at sit-around-and-do-nothing contemplation :). I was sitting around and feeling grumpy the night kundalini rose. "


"I feel it's important to meditate, to stay in the 'witness state'. I wonder if otherwise the Kundalini would stop rising and just feed the lower chakra's (ego)?
Continuing meditation has been an intuïtive decision as well as an personal necesity, for inner peace."


"I feel following my intuition works the best, which meant I did need some meditation/mindfulness at times, did yoga at times, danced at times, but did not follow one practice. It still works for me that way. At times it is just keeping quiet, walking, listening, feeling what's there."


"...kundalini took off with a roar without any knowledge I how I had awakened it. Over the years it came and went back to sleep. I did eventually take up meditation through a spiritual group. This over time seemed to ground me.
Advice: My advice is to continue what works for you.

Janet :

"I can't meditate for much longer than about 20 or 30 minutes. or I get totally blissed out ...
Tai chi and qigong are designed to build up energy. I have enough energy so doing these doesn't work for me. ...
I've never done yoga other than going spontaneously into yoga positions when going through the k.a.
Advice: ... stop doing spiritual practices for a regular exercises...walk, swim, scrub a floor....whatever you like to do. After that it is trial and error...
Often people going through awakening will tire easily so overdoing exercise is not always a good idea. ..."


"I like doing the sun salutation every morning. It helps circulate my energy. And get to an Inipi sweat lodge at least once a year. I don't do formal tai chi, etc... but just naturally feel certain movements that I just try to flow with. Whatever way the body wants to go to get the energy balanced and moving. I enjoy sitting still to and reflecting about whatever comes into my mind. Meditation becomes sort of a conversation with myself...."
"Sometimes it's nice to come down and just develop connection with real people. Like the old Japanese saying, 'pure water houses no fish'. I choose how I let people affect me. .."
Advice: "Take care of yourself, and be honest with yourself. Do what you like..."


"I found listening and doing the methods of Frantzis of benefit to balance the energy; Previous Tai chi and Qi Gung accelerated and also had me O'd on K anergy but the Tao method of Bruce helped me."

Gustaf :

"I had to stop them pretty much completely for some time, except very simple ones like conscious breathing. Then gradually I felt compelled to pick things up again, but with an entirely different approach and perspective."
Advice:" I don't think there's any one sure way for everyone. Our paths take quite unique forms. But during an awakening it can help for some to quit the practices for some time. Then if you feel inspired intuitively, new practices will come, if any. You may not need anything.. It doesn't really matter. :)"


"I found out that meditation is a state of mind, I find myself meditating without explicit intention. Meditation is also connected with dreams and very often it is carried out during night-time. During my awakening time I had a lot of dreams involving oriental monks. One of this dreams persuaded me to start practicing a martial art. After the awakening I continued to read a lot about spiritual subjects.
...Playing martial art has been really useful, both for physical and psychological health and for calming down vibrations"

Advice: "To keep an active contact with the external world. To put energies in helping other people. To love the world we are in and to be trustful, I'm convinced there is a reason for everything..."



On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 10:42 AM, Hillary wrote:

> > To continue or not to continue spiritual practices after K awakening > is an important subject, and one that hasn't really been fully or > properly addressed here. I would love list member input!

> > How has it been for you?
> Have you continued to meditate and/or do other practices?
> Has it helped? If so, How?
> Have you stopped? If so why,
> Has stopping practices helped in calming the energy or in other ways?
> What do you personally advise?


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