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Member Polls and Surveys.

Handedness poll


Dear List,

Here are the results of the handedness poll taken January 2010:

36 members responded to this survey.

Twenty-three list members said they were Right handed (or about 64%) (7 of these 23 said they sometimes use their left hand.)

Eight said they were Left handed (or about 22.2%) (Two of these eight said they sometimes use their right hand.)

Five said they were Ambidextrous (or about 14%). But if one takes into account those who sometimes use their "other" hand, it brings the number to 14, or about 38.8% a surprisingly high number.

These results are quite surprising and interesting. While the norm is that 8-10% of the population are left handed (although recent small studies have figures between 12 and 15% see below for Url), and ambidexterity is generally under 10% of the population (more lefties tend to be ambidextrous), our survey shows we have more than double the number of lefties than the "norm," and many more list members than "normal" are ambidextrous.

It would have been nice to get more of a sampling, but this certainly shows a trend.



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