kundalini-l-d Digest				Volume 96 : Issue 212 

1 Date: Mon, 27 Aug 1956 
From: lodpressATNOSPAMinetworld.com (Larry Newman)

Robert Chalmers wrote:
> I agree with some of the posts here about the unparalleled opportunity
> in human history to connect the experiences of so many people.
> Since my own awakening experience I have wondered what will eventually
> "prove" kundalini as a phenomenon. There does not seem to be a source of
> scientific research on the subject- maybe I'm wrong.  I do get tired of
> reading so-called psychologists put similar phenomenon down to
> imagination or wishful thinking or worse.
> Now I don't feel so worried.  As long as I can communicate with others
> who have experienced the same thing- I feel validation.  Scientific
> proof is not necessary, although perhaps it will come.
> How significant is kundalini?  How significant is any understanding of
> human beings, especially unsuspected dimensions of the human being? Of
> course it is immensely important.... dare I suggest when a full
> understanding comes it will revolutionise our basic understanding of
> ourselves and our relationship to the universe?
> However good this form of communication is, however, I hunger for
> meeting people face to face.  Not a yoga session, not a religious
> gathering in the sense of a particular form of religious worship, but
> simply a gathering together, a sharing of experiences, a transmission of
> knowledge by knowers.
> A conference- perhaps in the US- but could I suggest Findhorn in
> Scotland?- could take place in a year or two- to give everyone time to
> prepare and make the arrangements.
> It would give us all something to look forward to... and maybe we'll
> find out more to enrich our lives in a genuine community gathering under
> the guidance of love...

It is entirely possible as we get to know each other there will be a
time and place to all come together and meet each other. That wouldn't
be that difficult if it is meant to be. Let's see how the relationships
develop. Gloria


2 Date: Mon, 27 Aug 1956 
From: lodpressATNOSPAMinetworld.com (Larry Newman)
Subject: Re: grandma (was: churlishness as a spiritual path)

GrandmmaATNOSPAMaol.com wrote:
> Dear Juliet and all list members,
> I would like to thank everyone who responded to my post.  Your support and
> understanding has helped me more than words can express.
> Juliet you asked about my prekundalini condition.  I didn't realize that
> talking about myself would be difficult but I am struggling for words so I'll
> make this short.  At this point I am willing to do whatever I can to help
> myself.  The suffering is getting to be more than I can bear.
> My pre k history:
> I was sexually abused as a child for many years.  I served the role of the
> invisible child in a large dysfunctional family.  I always considered myself
> to be (for the most part) invisible until I took my first drink of alcohol at
> the age of 23.  My drinking helped me come out of hiding.  I felt "normal"
> for the first time in my life.  I drank for the next 20 years.  I became a
> full blown alcoholic the last 5 years of my drinking career.  During those
> years I  had a few out of body experiences.  My drinking became so bad that I
> several times attempted suicide. DT's and alcoholic hallucinations were
> frequent.  I found myself in a situation where I couldn't live and I couldn't
> die.  At this time I began to have some spiritual experiences and contacted a
> Higher power.  I now have 5 1/2 years of sobriety.   I have suffered with
> bouts of depression all of my life until my K awakening approximately 3 or 4
> years ago.  I am now 48 years old.
> My awakening was spontaneous.  I had no preparation what so ever for what was
> to come.  One day while I sat at my computer I began to do some automatic
> writing.   I would write down the information and look up the meaning of the
> words after the fact.    I  floated through space and observed the creation
> of the universe.  I began to see energy fields and had visions.
> My experiences have been phenominal.  It wasn't until approximately 2 years
> after my initial awakening that I found out there was a name for what I was
> experiencing.  I now do some Kundalini Yoga and some T'ai Che ChiH but I'm
> not very disciplined in my routine.  I hurt so much on most days that nothing
> seems to matter.  The pain started about 2 1/2 years ago and has gotton
> progressively worse.  I do have some good days but in all honesty they are
> few and far between.  I mostly just suffer.  No matter how bad the pain is I
> know I can't go back and wouldn't even if I could.   I love this process.
>  For the first time ever, my life is beginning to take on some real meaning.
>  For the first time ever I know what real love is.   My financial situation
> and my physical pain has never been worse but my spirit is free.  I have had
> a great deal of difficulty projecting myself and my new awareness into this
> physical experience.   My physical health is good except for old diagnosis's
> which no longer apply.  I also look younger now than I did 15 years ago.   K
> has been good to me.  Perhaps my past history of alcoholism is in part
> responsible for my long term suffering.  My body was drugged and pickled for
> many years.
> I do the best I can every day and try to stay positive but some days I think
> more about death than anything else.   I am open for suggestions.
>   Connecting with you people has been very helpful.   I have felt so alone.
>   Thank you for all of your help and support.
>  Richard,  Thank you for making this list possible.   I appreciate all of
> your efforts.
>                                               Love and light
>                                                      Jean

	You said a lot more this time. In part the teaching that comes through
suffering in the body is forced detachment, but it shouldn't be taken so
far as to do yourself harm. Being out of the body, without a body to
work through is the least thing you want at this stage of your path.
Now, more then ever you have the ability to made huge strides in your
awakening. And, as you get your mind off of yourself and into something
of service you will find your place. 
	It sounds like you have been through a lot and because you did break
away from the addiction you have completed at least part of your soul
purpose, whatever controls our lives really needs to be neutralized and
you need a body to do this. 
	Meditate on what God's will is now for you, and ask if the discomfort
can be eliminated at least so you can better prepare for the detachment
process. I suggest your body needs a lot of water, can you take a nice
hot bath at night, if you have a tub with jets it is great, but if not,
just put your body into the higher frequency of the water. That will
help with cleansing of your body and aura. Although you will need to do
some work in removing the lower force energy that has become attached to
you. I have never seen a person that has been through what you have that
didn't have some lower energies living off of their lifeforce. You can
ask for help within in knowing what to do, and then really hold strong
to your faith and trust that God is working for you and in you. You have
come so far that it is just a matter of riding this out, and you can
learn to cancel the pain by going through spirit to the place in the
brain. This takes spiritual training and assistance directly from the
Holy Spirit as the Christ frequency coming in. Ask to see the cause and
effect of it, and let me know what comes to you from doing this. Gloria

3 Date: Mon, 27 Aug 1956 
From: lodpressATNOSPAMinetworld.com (Larry Newman)
Subject: Re: KRN event

Juliet wrote:
> HowardCushATNOSPAMaol.com wrote:
> >
> > Are those of you discussing a get-together aware of the annual > gathering of
> > the "Kundalini Research Network"?
> I tried to contact these people a couple of months ago (a couple of
> phone messages to a number, I think, in Canada)... But no response.  As
> I remember, they don't have email up and running, either.
> Maybe somebody else here has a better connection?  I think it would be
> worth talking to them about their event, possible going on a
> fact-finding mission, possibly even joining forces with them for some
> upcoming fest... (it seems they have *some* organizational infrstructure
> in place).
> Does anyone know details of the Germany event?  Or know better how to
> get in contact?  Maybe my experiences were just flukey...
> J.
I believe Bill Pealy from Hawaii has this information, or look on the
internet under kundalini research and events. Give that a try, I've seen
it several times. Gloria, I will keep an eye out while I'm surfing and
bring it in if it comes through.

4 Date: Mon, 27 Aug 1956 
From: lodpressATNOSPAMinetworld.com (Larry Newman)
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Re: Quatification]

Peter Norton wrote:
> Juliet wrote:
> > The project (if we are agreed on this pan-cultural part) would then be to
> > define the process in a clear enough way so that not only would we
> > possibly be able to identify it's expression in various places through
> > history, but also (and pehaps more importantly), so that we can identify
> > it amongst ourselves.
> >
> > The impetus for this was Natha's observation that many people are
> > unclear about whether they are experiencing kundalini or not.
> >
> > J.
> How about the appendix in Dr. Lee Sanella's book 'Kundalini: Psychosis
> or Transcendence?' where he has a questionnaire to be used in
> the diagnosis of 'physio-kundalini'?  I dont have it in front of me,
> or I would type it in.  But it seems like a good starting point?
> I would be interested if Gloria has thoughts on this questionnaire
> as to whether it has elements that make it distinct from the
> experience of Pneuma/Holy Spirit?  But I am succumbing to
> my chronic disease of overintellectualitiscuriosa again...

-	My feeling on this is that it really doesn't matter a whole lot if it
is Holy Spirit or kundalini energy. My personal experience is this, one
develops a personal relationship with God within oneself, at some point
during that relationship, the Holy Spirit becomes the teacher. Once that
connection is made and there is an inner knowing from God as a direct
and personal relationship with Godhead, then the effort, trying,
thinking, wanting, is replaced with the knowing that God has sent the
teacher in the third person of Godhead, as the Holy Spirit. 
	For me that teacher came in the form of Mother Mary, who gradually put
me in direct connection to the frequency of the Holy Spirit. I obviously
brought this knowing in with me since it happened as an infant and
continued until in my early twenties when Mother Mary handed me over to
the Christ. That Christ frequency coming in totally eliminated need for
anything else. 
	Where does kundalini fit into this? Well, for me it was a part of the
movement, it was a part of the empowerment that was happening within me.
The more I was absorbed into my interior knowledge of spirit, the more
that kundalini worked to balance, clear, and empower each center. As a
youth I am certain that the intense nature of my focus was due to
-	 But you see, kundalini is also seen as the Divine Mother from the
eastern teaching. Since my teacher was the Divine Mother in the form
that I knew her, Mother Mary, I simply responded to my teacher, and rode
the energy changes with great courage, and knowing that I was cared for
by the highest of beings. This really simplifies the process. 
	I didn't think or know about the word kundalini as a young person,
Mother Mary didn't say these are centers in your body. Instead she took
me at night, she showed me creation through the third eye both in and
out of the body.  How spiritual elements literally enveloped all of
creation, and what was real was divine energies stepped down into
matter.Even though I had a body to use for growth, I was not a body, I
was a spirit being that was empowering a body as my home. I always knew
that, and so now when I hear many people talk about kundalini as though
it was an end to itself, I think, how sad. It is only part of the
picture, and this part of the picture is looking through the world of
illusion while in the body. If we could all right this moment suddenly
stand away from the body, lets say at the ceiling level, and observe
maybe for a week, continuous without end. My the end of that time, many
of the illusions would dissolve into the nothing that it lives from. 
	Each center represents a state of consciousness, when you live in the
head centers using the heart as the engine to ground you and connect up
to this life, then everything in life ... just is.
	 Thoughts are stored as are belief systems in the solar plexus, what
eastern religions call samskara, or impressions are stored in our minds
from every action of the body, and every thought.
	 Any time you use words to communicate, these words either come from an
anchored awareness controlled from the solar plexus, or a anchored
knowing from purified through the Heart and Divine Love.  All I have to
relate through is the Heart. It has been a very long time since I've had
the experience of the other. So even when I observe, and put myself in
other peoples place, it isn't real to me, I understand and absorb much
static from going into it, but it still isn't real to me.
	 I can only be it from where I Am. The I Am is at the seventh chakra,
and my work isn't just centered there. It is centered at the eighth,
nineth and tenth chakra. If there is anyone who can communicate about
these experiences he or she would understand that these are actually
separate worlds because they are separate dimensions of experience.
	I've been told that a few people on the list think I'm a bible thumper,
or a fundamentalist, that is really quite interesting. Since I don't
hold beliefs in a belief system from thought one way or the other. Life
is movement, nothing is right or wrong, frequencies manifest on
different planes created from different concepts, that is all it is. For
me, none of those details mean a thing. Gloria


5 Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1996 
From: "gptay" 
Subject: Awakening Kundalini Energies


	Wonder if any1 tried conserving sexual energies in order to stimulate the
arousal of the kundalini ? I read books that said if u conserve ur sexual
energies (for male) for abt 100 days, coupled with some meditation daily,
u can easily arouse ur Kundalini. Any1 tried that with success b4? Care to

6 Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1996 
From: slcofksATNOSPAMfeist.com (Philip St. Romain)
Subject: On meat and meatheads

>Everything is as you believe it to be.. If you believe that you can't
>have meat to understand the energy rising experience then you
>probably won't be able to.   Just remember that the only limitation
>are the ones you place on yourself. Find where your beliefs stem from
>and if you wish.. change them..
>Carolyn Maloney
>Reiki Master, Empathic, Light worker
>Kundalini Awakened. Intuitive Explorer (psychic)
Hmmm... Within limits, Carolyn!  Or, such is my experience.  How I would
love to drink beer like I used to, or smoke Kool cigarettes, or eat
barbequed pork ribs and bacon (yum), or have sex like I used to (pretty 2nd
chakra).  It wasn't my narrow beliefs that forced me to give up these
things, for, initially, I didn't even know what was happening.  My dietary
and sexual beliefs were pretty liberal {even for a Catholic :)}.  It was my
bodily experience that called me to change my dietary and sexual practices.
I can "cheat" a little from time to time, but not for too long without
paying consequences (unbalanced energy, raw nerves, sluggishness, etc.)
The body is real and it operates within its own realm of lawfulness.
Thought can alter it for awhile, but not for too long.  Even the Buddha
died after consuming poison!  Each must find what works best to bring the
body into integration with the process.  In fact, this seems to be
precisely the point of the process: to transform the body so that one can
live more fully and consistently in spiritual consciousness.  So it seems
to me, at least.

Peace to all.  Phil St. Romain (a nostalgic pork-eater)

7 Date: Fri, 01 Nov 1996 
From: eileenrcATNOSPAMix.netcom.com
Subject: Sexual Energy

I'm new here - woman, age 52 - experienced a spontaneous 
explosive kundalini arousal nearly 30 years ago. So I can't address "how 
to arouse" this power, but a note of interest - I found that during the 
many months I was undergoing the bulk of my event of opening, sexual 
activity INCREASED Kundalini activity. Understandable, as they are 
closely related energies - I did not at this time feel any change in my 
sexaul energy per se, but the Kundalini was so AWAKE and roaring that any 
stimulus at all increased its power.
Personally, I doubt the wisdom of purposely rousing this tremendous 
transpersonal hurriciane. If you are not spiritually mature, you could 
blow your personality to shreds, and burn out your circuits. You 
can't make use of the Kundalini power if you are not "ripe". Instead, I 
would advise patient development of compassion, insights through 
meditation, and faith in untimate cosmic justice. Let go of attachment to 
results and let the rose of your beingness bloom in in its own time.
Easy to say for one such as I, who was thrust into the maelstrom of the 
Heavens and Hells with no conscious effort on my part.
And I confess, if this had not happened to me, I would also very likely 
be actively seeking it. Just, please, be careful.

8 Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1996 
From: SYL228ATNOSPAMaol.com
Subject: Re: conference

Have just returned from an extended trip, and caught up with the list.  

So in two days I have read a slew of both mail that attacks others points of
view , and mail that wants us all to meet face to face.

Seems to me  ( and I admit I am playing Devil's advocate a bit)----if we
can't handle the energy on this list via E-mail very well, how on earth will
we be able to do this face to face?

I'm with Gloria here.  Wait and see.

I have been priviledged to be in the same room with someone else who also
went through a huge "K" experience, and believe me when two of us are
together, it is very very powerful.  It is particularly hard when one of us
has just gone through the experience and is not fully grounded yet.  You are
apt to fly out of your body for one thing!

I'm not sure anyone is ready for several of us in one room yet.

Where two or three are gathered together-------?????????????
Are you really ready?

Love Jule

9 Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1996 
From: SYL228ATNOSPAMaol.com
Subject: Re diet

Many of the things that have been touted on the list I am allergic to.  Like
Angelique I must eat meat as I am allergic to all grains, milk and many
fruits.  So I am left with meat and vegetables.  But I am also allergic to
things like flaxseed, herbs, and lots of vitamins.

So everyone beware.  You must sort out your diet in your own way, always
listening to your body to find out what is good for it.  We all have
different genetic makeups, racial groups, and harmonic vibrations. What works
for one does not work for another.  There is no right or wrong diet.

Since "k' I have become very aware that even rocks are alive.  Everything is
alive, and so whatever I eat even dirt is a living being.  This is by way of
saying, until I can live on light alone, I must eat something to survive.  So
I let my body decide, not the ethics of one belief system or another.

Love Jule

10 Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1996 
From: Aaron Williams 
Subject: AutoPost from Kundalini Resource Center 

Howdy, I'm now 23 and had my kundalini awakening about a year and a half ago. 
I was abroad in England and spent alot of time painting, meditating and
partying with freinds.  

The occurance happened after doing free form yoga.  This is when you shake the
tension out of your body, basically feeling for tense muscles and tight joints
and moving them around till the tension is gone.  I have always been interested
in eastern philosophy and mysticism and had taken a course in Tai Chi, but knew
of Kundalini only as it's Taoist counter part (golden pill or something).  I
sat on the edge of a chair and started feeling the chi moving throung my arms. 
With arms extended I begain swiveling my head back and forth.  This is an
exelent meditation and balances the nadis.  The imagery is that your head is a
snake's head and your spine is it's body.  Start low and move like a snake. 
You will feel drawn to move the head back and forth and eventually upward
untill your back is perfectly strait.  

I sat this way for some time, arms extended to each side like a piramid or
triangle.  Energy was flying up and down my arms and over my head and I felt
like I could orgasm out of my skull. Perhaps I started thinking too much, but
the sensations started to taper off and I felt light headed so I layed down.  I
was lying on my right side and was quite comfortable when energy the size and
shape of a soup can and the imagined color blue and white moved out of my
pelvis and up the inside of my spine.  It felt like it was moving my organs out
of the way, but the only pain I felt was when it broke through some "knot" and
went into my heart chakra.  I felt incredible love, like when your deeply in
love with someone, but it was reflected back toward myself, and unconditional
love for myself which seemied to mirror itself infinatly.  Filled with love in
passed up the back of my head, completely avoiding my third eye (which I have
now developed) and bursting over my head at the top chakra.  
It then passed down the front of my head as a beautiful red shower of light and
energy.  I was uncontrolably giddy and my memory of it seems patchy. 
Everything took on a translucent light and I could telepathically communicate
with the trees outside my building.  I had taken psycadelics before and related
some of the experience, but this could more likely mean I had partial
experiences of Kundalini when on the drugs.  

Since this experience I have learned about Kundalini finding Taoist Mystic Yoga
to be limited.  I feel very close to an awakening, but nothing as definite or
shocking as the one previously described.
P.S.  A nice waking meditation which I'm getting good results from is to lay in
      corpse pose and put your right hand over your heart chakra with the left
      hand over the navel.  concentrate on the navel, chanting Ram or Rang if
-      necessary.  After suffitient energy is aquired add the awarness of your
      back bone, from first chakra through crown and chant Hum while feeling
      every heart beat move up the spine.  After you feel done, assume child's
      pose and do some back bends.  I started this after reading Margurette's
      letter, and have also started having nice results. 
I am interested I having more Kundalini awakenings, and have never had negative
one's to my knowledge, but I'm very intuitive and perhaps have not recognized
or remembered all my experiences.  Lottsa Love.  

11 Date: Fri, 1 Nov 1996 
From: "Your friend at:" 
Subject: Re: Awakening Kundalini Energies

To whom it may concern, 

	The advice given in Bhakti-yoga is to avoid loosing any semin for
one to six months.  They say this will produce a healthier child.  In
other words, then only for conception.  

                       "That which pervades the entire body 
                       you should know to be indestructible.
                 No one is able to destroy that imperishable soul."
                           (Bhagavad-gita as it is 2.17)


On Fri, 1 Nov 1996, gptay wrote:

> Hi...
> 	Wonder if any1 tried conserving sexual energies in order to stimulate the
> arousal of the kundalini ? I read books that said if u conserve ur sexual
> energies (for male) for abt 100 days, coupled with some meditation daily,
> u can easily arouse ur Kundalini. Any1 tried that with success b4? Care to
> share?
> Jeff

12 Date: 01 Nov 1996 21:
From: Enric Rovira 
Subject: Self importance & Kundalini
Hello Everybody,
Let me expose some thoughts - questions without any kind of intention to hurt
anybody. It is, by the way my first entrance in a mail-list and in this issue.
So let me present my excuses for my ignorance about kundalini and for writing
in alanguage that I don't dominate. As I understand kundalini is the method by
which the overself become a fact as actual as any other. It should be the case
that it's discovery will make life more worth living, not less. This must, of
course, be found through personal experience, as others explain in the mails.
Do this in fact reinforce the relation between external and internal. That is,
it is put much stress on external methods, on physical techniques. But, is not
so that spirituality cannot be engrafted from the outside. Should not be laid
greater stress from the inside out. In fact the question should be: which is
the relation between self - egoism & ideal thinking & kundalini?. As I
understood it right the arousability of the kundalini doesn't last for ever but
must be aroused on and on. Doesn't it lead in some sense to a self - egoism in
order to keep trying to reawaken this kundalini. Is in fact kundalini different
to meditation where the gained in solitude must be transformed in outward

Under the framework of evolution it is maybe allowed to use the expression
ordinary less ordinary. The ordinary man then does not feel himself to be under
any special constraint to correct his faults or remove his weaknesses or
eradicate objectionable qualities. That's why society needs reform. Yes,
certainly! But oneself (those who exert kundalini) needs not less, possibly
even more reform. I am sure that the awakening of kundalini and the possible
gain in psychic =94powers=94 like the opening of the third eye may lead at
first to some kind of superiority  and I repeat maybe at first. Is it so easy
to handle such experiences that you are able to establish this ideal and
unconditional in-out, out-in.
Best regards and good whishes for everybody 

13 Date: Mon, 27 Aug 1956 
From: lodpressATNOSPAMinetworld.com (Larry Newman)
Subject: Re: churlishness as a spiritual path

MainerenoATNOSPAMaol.com wrote:
>   I started getting mail from the kundaini page what is it all about. Most of
> the time I don't even read it but if i know more I may enjoy reading it. But
> if i stay uninformed i may miss out on something that can help me grow.
>          Thank you for your help !

	You've entered another world, but it is a definite part of this one
also. My homepage is http://www.inetowrld.com/lodpress/ check it out and
then we can talk if you still have an interest. Gloria