kundalini-l-d Digest				Volume 96 : Issue 211 

1 Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 
From: Juliet 
Subject: The Sanella Questionaire

Yesterday Peter Norton recommended that we look at this questionaire
from Lee Sanella's book "Kandalini: Psychosis or Transcendence" as a
starting point for the project of articlating actual kundalini
phenomenon.  Andrew Short typed it up and sent it over...

I guess *my* initial questions are:  Should *we* have such a
questionaire? How would we modify it?  How does Sanella use this tool in
his work?  How would we determine interpretation guidelines? If we *did*
have something like this, would it be interesting to tabulate the
information somehow, do a study, etc.??

Also, typically, does the question tend to be: "Is it psychosis or is it
kundalini?"  Or, does the question tend to be: "Is it kundalini or is it
my imagination?" (I know there's a joke about Memorex in there

Anyway, here it is, for our consideration:

> Following are pp. 157 - 158 of Lee Sannella's book, "Kundalini 
Experience: Psychosis or Transcendence?"; Integral Publishing; P.O. Box 1030;
Lower Lake, CA 95457; 1976; $12.95.
Appendix 5


The following questions have been formulated as a guide for physicians
and researchers exploring the psychosislike states that may accompany
physio-kundalini processes.  I am particularly interested in detailed
descriptions of pure sensory experiences rather than their
=93If you wish to participate, please send your case history and any
relevant information, including the place, date, and (if known) time of
your birth, to the author at the following address:  175 Cascade Court,
Rohnert Park, CA 94928.  Your account should include brief descriptions
of any psychic experiences such as psychokinetic effects, clairvoyance,
ESP, etc.

=93Please do not send original documents since I cannot guarantee the
return of any materials.  Your information will be treated
confidentially, though I may wish to draw from it anonymously in a
future edition of this book, unless you specifically ask me not to.

=931.     Do you hear sounds such as tones, music, hissing, roaring,
thunder, drumming, or the sound of symbols when no such sounds are
produced outside your head?  Do the sounds *seem* to come from inside or
outside your head?

=932.     Do you have visualizations or visual hallucinations?  Do you
experience light inside your head or body, or see the environment as
illuminated by other than normal means?  What color are the lights, how
bright are they, and of what duration?  Do they have a particular form?

=933.  Do you sense unusual heat or cold in your body or on your skin?
Does it move from place to place or stay in one area?  Is there any
objective evidence of temperature change?  In other words, can the heat
be measured by a thermometer?  If so, for how long at a time?  How often
do these temperature changes occur and how large are they?

=934.     Do you have sensations of tickling, tingling, vibrating,
itching, crawling -- pleasant or unpleasant -- within the body or on the
skin?  Do these sensations move around in a patterned manner?  Are the
movements the same on both sides?  Where do they start and to where to
they move?  Note especially if they start in the legs and move toward
the back, neck, and face, in that order.

=935.     Do you experience spontaneous involuntary positioning of the
limbs, fingers, or the whole body?  Are there jerky, smooth, sinuous,
rhythmic, spasmodic, or violent involuntary body movements?  Do you ever
inadvertently cry out, grunt, yell, or scream?  Do you ever stare into
space for long periods of time or appear wild-eyed?  Are there odd
breathing patterns at times?  If so, do these experiences occur most
often when you are alone, sitting quietly, or while lying in bed?=94


> If I can be of any more help, please let me know!
> Andrew Short
> Austin, TX

2 Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 
From: Mistress Angelique Serpent 
Subject: Re:Flax seed oil...meat.

  I take 7 to 9 flaxseed oil capsules daily for my exczema, and because I am
a light smoker, and it prevents lung cancer. I have also not had a single
cold or flu since I started taking it, 2 years ago, and my seasonal
allergies have almost disappeared.
 I think it also helps my exczema by calming my nerves, seed oils are rich
in b. complex  vitamins, important for stress. It is way more effective than
all the varieties of cortesone(steroid)  that all the whacko dermatology
specialists prescribed, over the years.
 K. friendly? I wouldn't be surprised: it promotes electrical conductivity
in the body, which is reduced by the north american diet of overheated oils
and margarine.
 I have an excellent book, which I've lent to my neighbor: Flax seed oil and
it's effect on arthritis, cancer and..heart disease? I'll get it back from
her, and post the info. It's by a German Doctor/Researcher who was on the
board of health in Germany in the 50's that debated whether to allow
artificially hardened fats, and oils that had been preserved by heating onto
grocery shelves. Her vote: No! They passed anyway.
  I think her name is Dr. Johanna Blundell, but I'm not sure. 
 Her research is pretty interesting-rats fed margarine or peanut butter with
oil added became sterile...she found that these fats cannot be processed by
the body, and so they are stored, as a coating around the cells which
reduces the elecrical conductivity of the cells, so they get mixed messages
from the nerves. 
- Cellulite, is hard to get rid of because it is a storage place for these
toxic fats, which the body cannot release until some cleansing has taken place.
 Flax seed oil can fasten onto these fats and change their composition, so
the body can process them. It is also a powerful antioxidant. Pack-a-day
rats fed flax seed oil didn't get lung cancer. Students given Flax seed oil
didn't catch colds or viruses. She was taking terminal cancer patients out
of hospitals, and effecting remarkable cures feeding fresh flax seed oil
mixed with quark cheese. Makes a very nice butter substitute. The oil binds
to the calcium in the cheese, and so both are made more effective. Tastier,
too. Mix with balsamic vinegar and a touch of maple syrup for a nutty salad

It is a very electrically active and volatile oil, best fresh and raw. 
*****Do not cook with it!***** Boiled flax seed oil is linseed oil-paint
Unless processed into capsules, it must be kept refrigerated. 
The only oil which is higher than Flax in essential fatty acids, is hemp
seed. Cannabis.
The most perfect food for humans, alas the sacred herb is persecuted in this
- I've always been pretty psychic anyway, so I haven't noticed if taking flax
increases my sensitivity. On the other hand, the two years I've been taking
it have been a time of amazing growth. 

 With regards to vegatarianism and K./spiritual growth.
I am allergic to wheat, rice, soy, beans, rye....etc.
I am not allergic to beef, chicken or salmon. 
What is my K. awakened body saying?
I am very particular, I can tell organic free range from not. But the ducks
in the park are both a beautiful expression of nature, and also an
expression of abundance, that I easily imagine roasting on a spit. Likewise
the beautiful antelope in the zoo.
 Is it only that I am a vampiric carnivorous dominatrix? A hasty conclusion.
 To make some comparisons: Hawaiians have huna mysticism, and they have pork
The native Americans have rich nature oriented spirituality, but they are
mostly hunters. 
The inuit(Eskimo) have a rich heritage on a diet of fish, caribou and seals.

 To limit K. to vegetarian experience is to suggest that it is only
available to those in a warmer climate, with access to vegetables year
round. Or willing to live on grains and dried beans. And even there, the
Hawaiians, Fijiians and Maori, to say nothing of the Mayan culture,
trancendence and blood sacrifice, spoil the equation.
 If, in your power to create, you buy into the idea that one must be a
vegetarian, then that will be true for you. Of course, there are individuals
who are natural vegans, but naturalists they have discovered that even
gorillas and chimpanzees, will eat meat if they can get it.
  My experience: the last year I have been idly monitoring my food intake. 
It is very unusually small. Yet, my weight stays the same, my body the same
as I programmed it to look years ago. Like a marvel comics superheroine.
I have 3 theories.
1) My digestion has become really, unusually efficient.
2) I'm living on flax seed oil.
3) I'm living on K. energy and light.
  Probably a combination of all three.
Well that's my bit. Ta for now.
           Blessings in big brown capsules, Angelique.

3 Date: Fri, 01 Nov 1996 
From: Paco 
Subject: re: The Rolf Report

That sounds pretty cool, I would like to try that...
see how much I could take, just really let go and get
into it.  Does it hurt?  It sounds like fun, but that's
what I always think right before I get into trouble.

I'm studying Hatha Yoga with an Iyengar teacher, it is
so great I love it. 


4 Date: Fri, 01 Nov 1996 
From: Paco 
Subject: re: churlishness as a spiritual path

Dr. Barrett,

I live in Southern California, too...
the way I see it is, some people have paths,
and some people think they do, and others 
never heard of a path.

You'd have to be some kind of anthropologist to
even begin to collect all the possible data...
Didn't Krishna say in the Bhagavad Gita that
"all paths lead to me, and each approaches me
according to his temperament and character", or
something close to that?

It's a beautiful jungle, but you better watch out
for the missionary man

BTW, what is a churl? (I thought for sure you wuz 
talking about me *smile*)


5 Date: Fri, 01 Nov 1996 
From: Paco 
Subject: re: K, Gaia and Faeries
Misstress Angelique,
	That is really cool about Faeries and nature spirits...
I need to tell some people about that, that is a really good
teaching. Question: do you ever like to be on equal terms
with a guy? You must get lonely sometimes...maybe not *smile*
you sound pretty cool. Here's wishing you
luck and happiness...glad I got to know you some, you're really
free and I like that. Hurry up and get back on while you're on


6 Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 
From: redormanATNOSPAMplix.com (Dorman, Robert )
Subject: Re: 9th level
In response to my reply to the post on Resonance, concerning the
Buddhist concept of the nine consciousnesses,
HowardCushATNOSPAMaol.com wrote:
> Excellent post, thank you.  I'm wondering if you have a great reference for
> this aspect of Buddhism.  Thanks,
> Howard

I am posting this to the list in case anyone else wants to check this
out.  All of the below refer to the ninth consciousness. Some of these
books may be difficult to find, but if you are interested in obtaining
them, I may be able to locate a mail order supplier. Some are pretty

A Dictionary of Buddhist Terms and Concepts, pub. Nichiren Shoshu
International Center, Tokyo, 1983, p.313-314.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Birth and Death: Buddhism in the Contemporary
World, Daisaku Ikeda, pub. Warner Books, 1994, pp.160-173.

Fundamentals of Buddhism, Yasuji Kirimura, Nichiren Shoshu International
Center, Tokyo, 1984, pp.76-78.

The Toynbee-Ikeda Dialog: Man Himself Must Choose, Arnold Toynbee &
Daisaku Ikeda, pub. Kondansha International Ltd, Tokyo NY & San
Francisco, 1976, pp.27-31.

Before It Is Too Late, Aurelio Peccei & Daisaku Ikeda, pub. Kondansha
International, Tokyo, NY, London, 1984, pp.105-107.

7 Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 
From: stampmanATNOSPAMix.netcom.com (Daniel Rusch-Fischer )
Subject: Les Mains

An interesting phenomenon occurred yesterday when opening an email from 
a woman whom I had briefly met several months ago. Without going into 
details, I have had a profoundly intense connection with her that was 
unsought and that I had been unable to shut out.

The email was about an interrupted conversation and had no personal 
content. The moment I began reading, the fingers of the left hand (2nd 
through 6th chakra repressive/hidden indicators) went ice cold. 
Simultaneously the palms of both hands began to burn severely. So much 
so that I could not continue using my fingers to type. When I turned my 
hands up to look at the palms, the entire surface of the palms had 
become puckered and wrinkled (not like after immersion in bathwater, 
but with sharp, numerous, deep cracks) and the color had changed from 
pink to variegated blotches of purple, white and red. I went to the 
men's room and sat in a stall for almost a half hour until this 
subsided. I am certain that my palms actually went through this change 
as it is within the capability of psychosomatic reaction and all other 
perceptions were lucid and unaltered. My question is: what is the 
significance of this phenomenon (if any) and what should I do with it? 
I, of course-), have my own take on this, but don't want to press it 
without unbiased input from the more experienced.


8 Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 
From: HowardCushATNOSPAMaol.com
Subject: Re: kundalini-l-d Digest V96 #103

Are those of you discussing a get-together aware of the annual gathering of
the "Kundalini Research Network"?  This year it is in Germany.  Yvonne Kason
is one of the founders.  Once someone sent me tapes of the whole event and it
bears some similarity to what you're wanting.  Maybe checking out those tapes
will help solidify your vision.  Or maybe you'll find out what you want
already exists.  KRN has a website, too, I believe.  Good luck!

9 Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 
From: LwMema3ATNOSPAMaol.com

Okay so it may not be financially realistic, but spiritually a place which is
very receptive and open and healers are flocking there in record numbers is
the island of Kauai, Hawaii.  It is beautiful, peaceful and spiritually
welcoming.  Just a suggesstion, even if too much for plane tickets- hey,
think it over anyway, there is always a possibility to manifest somthing you
want, right?! :D

10 Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 
From: Juliet 
Subject: Re: KRN event

HowardCushATNOSPAMaol.com wrote:
> Are those of you discussing a get-together aware of the annual > gathering of
> the "Kundalini Research Network"?  

I tried to contact these people a couple of months ago (a couple of
phone messages to a number, I think, in Canada)... But no response.  As
I remember, they don't have email up and running, either.

Maybe somebody else here has a better connection?  I think it would be
worth talking to them about their event, possible going on a
fact-finding mission, possibly even joining forces with them for some
upcoming fest... (it seems they have *some* organizational infrstructure
in place).

Does anyone know details of the Germany event?  Or know better how to
get in contact?  Maybe my experiences were just flukey...


11 Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 
From: "L.D. McClanahan" 
Subject: Re: Insight -- Weekend
Daniel Rusch-Fischer wrote:
> This is the Last One - I promise. For a while. Or until I can think of
> another one-).
> I was sitting with Karen just munching something and being spacey
> (yeah, that is the psychiatric term - check the DSM-IV). A young fellow
> walked by me, lanky, long-legged and it suddenly dawned on me that I
> was seeing people differently. Just by looking (not thinking or
> analyzing) at this young man walk by I could 'see' a congenital hip
> misalignment, I looked at a woman sitting at a table. Her shoulder was
> almost imperceptibly rolled forward - it wasn't a back problem, I could
> 'see' it was a lung problem. I touched my mother's face and knew that
> the diagnosis of TMJ was wrong she was inflamed from a tooth extraction
> - that TMJ shouldn't exhibit rubor OR calor. These may or may not be
> correct, but the insight is this, to be a great healer, you must be
> intuitive. That k-awakening heightens the senses and perceptions and
> also activates a part of the brain that operates on a level that we
> call intuitive and depend not on reasoning, but on instinct - does this
> come from an evolutionary time when such a capability made the
> difference between getting or becoming lunch? Since I think it is well
> demonstrated that 'healing touch' is a genuine (though perhaps not
> adequately explained) phenomenon that can be done by anyone, how much
> more effective would that be if one had the advantage of instinctively
> 'seeing' in someones body where a problem lies and directing the
> 'touch' to that part?

	During April, 1995 I attended a workshop by Barbara Ann Brennan 
in Chicago where we learned to use energy to balance chakras and the 
human energy field.  She had done atmospheric research for the NASA 
space program, became "awakened" through various spiritual, meditation 
practices and watching pendulums move through chakras, did healing for 
several in NYC, and started her school of healing.  She has four year 
program for healing using the hand chakras.  At end of workshop she 
demonstrated what you described above.  A woman in audience had had a 
hip problem for years.  Barbara asked permission to send her energy into 
the woman's field, got permission (to do so without permission Barbara 
considers unethical) and proceeded to tell the woman of a lower spine 
injury she had had as a young person which had not healed properly which 
had affected the spine.  Suggestions were made for apt treatment.  
Consider, Barbara's books, Hands of Light and Light Emerging.  L. D.

12 Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 
From: redormanATNOSPAMplix.com (Dorman, Robert )
Subject: Re: Les Mains

Daniel Rusch-Fischer wrote:
>  The moment I began reading, the fingers of the left hand (2nd
> through 6th chakra repressive/hidden indicators) went ice cold.
> Simultaneously the palms of both hands began to burn severely. So much
> so that I could not continue using my fingers to type. When I turned my
> hands up to look at the palms, the entire surface of the palms had
> become puckered and wrinkled 
It looks to me like you you were under psychic attack. What do ya know-
a psychic e-mail letter bomb!  There is a book, I believe by Dion
Fortune(?) on Psychic attack; I think its one of the LLewellan books-
most new-age bookstores carry them. I believe you need to ritually break
your connection to this woman; something like visualizing a cord
connecting you and then cut the cord. Check out her book for details.

There could also be a past-life connection to her; you may have to work
out the karmic connection before you can be rid of her unwanted

In any case, I would put up a psychic "shield" before I got near my
computer. Perhaps visualize yourself surrounded by white fire and make
the affirmation that you are protected by this fire from any negative
influence, and that anything evil that tries to reach you will be sent
back to its sender.

13 Date: Fri, 01 Nov 1996 
From: Greg Kernaghan 
Subject: Everybody, read this please!

Paco wrote:
> 5 to one baby, one in 5, no one here gets out alive
>                 hee hee
>    I could tell you, but this is American for fun
>                 ---Paco
Here's the reply to a sincere request for information that PACO sent me.

Is this in the spirit of co-operation and helpfulness that this list was
founded on?

Yours sincerely
Greg Kernaghan

p.s. If anybody out there can provide genuine help for a subscriber who
needs to leave the list now, please email me... thanks  gk

14 Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 
From: Juliet 
Subject: YOU GO, PACO!!! HILARIOUS!!! (Was: Re: Everybody, read this please!)

I am laughing out loud!!!  I am rolling on the floor!!!
If only I could stop cracking up, I could get some work done.

Greg--It is said: Very few people actually know how to get off this
list.  Alas, the keys were lost a long, long time ago...  Many have
tried to just get on the digest... and failed!!!


Greg Kernaghan wrote:
> Paco wrote:
> >
> > 5 to one baby, one in 5, no one here gets out alive
> >
> >                 hee hee
> >
> >    I could tell you, but this is American for fun
> >
> >                 ---Paco

15 Date: Thu, 31 Oct 96 
From: Richard Satin 
Subject: Fwd: YOU GO, PACO!!! HILARIOUS!!! (Was: Re: Everybody, read this please!)

Oh mages, wizards, witches, kundalini folk sane and not -

Prepare yourselves....  a key is forthcoming.

Digests anyone?
send SUBSCRIBE (and here's the secret) as the SUBJECT

You say you want to leave the list?  ha ha hahahah hahahahahaha
I have to keep some of the mystery to myself, don't I?


>I am laughing out loud!!!  I am rolling on the floor!!!
>If only I could stop cracking up, I could get some work done.

>Greg--It is said: Very few people actually know how to get off this
>list.  Alas, the keys were lost a long, long time ago...  Many have 
>tried to just get on the digest... and failed!!!


There are so many little dyings every day, it 
doesn't matter which one of them is death.
Kenneth Patchen

16 Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 
From: Mary Knapp 
Subject: Re: churlishness as a spiritual path

Living in Utah and having severe K pain.  That is too much for one human
being to take!!  My prayers are with you.  May I recommend rocking ( in a
rocking chair or without one)  baths, meditating ( mine is WORSE when I
don't meditate - despite the advice), eating heavy foods, chocolate, alcohol
(small quantity). I am of the school that preaches: surrender is like asking
for more.  The hidden lesson may be: only you can call the shots, so call them.

At 11:52 PM 10/28/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Holly,
>I live alone in a small country community in Utah.  I can count the people
>that I have found that can connect with me on a spiritual level on one hand.
>   The prominent religion here consumes most of the culture.  Finding support
>and understanding or just someone to carrying on a meaningful conversation on
>the K topic has been very difficult.  On a contiuum, the cultural diversity
>in California is probably at one end of the spectrum and Utah the other.  On
>days like today, I long to be anywhere except here but perhaps I right where
>I need to be.  The last few days have been unbearable.  I have been in more
>pain that I ever thought possible.  The base of my spine pulsates like the
>beating of a drum sending hot fluid light through my entire body.  It pounds
>insessantly on my skull causing me severe head aches.  My ears ring in a high
>pitched frequency which is anything but soothing.  Sharp pains radiate up
>from the base of my spine sending electrical current to the top of my head.
> Then the hot fluid light turns ice cold and nothing I do seems to warm me.
> I don't know how much more of this suffering I can take.  I feel I have
>surrendered to the point of being at death's door and yet the pain continues.
> I felt like sharing my pain tonight.  I thought it may help me through one
>more day.   Thank you for listening.  
> I do trust in inifinite wisdom of this process.  But Damn it I'm tired of
>the suffering.   Thanks for letting me vent.  Good night.
>                                  Love and light 
>                                       Jean
	The Reluctant Earthling

17 Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 
From: MainerenoATNOSPAMaol.com
Subject: Re: churlishness as a spiritual path

  I started getting mail from the kundaini page what is it all about. Most of
the time I don't even read it but if i know more I may enjoy reading it. But
if i stay uninformed i may miss out on something that can help me grow.

         Thank you for your help !