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The Bee Buzzing

Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 06:18:48 -0700
From: Jim Cook 

Hi Everyone,

I have noticed a few people mention that they have heard the sound of
buzzing bees or something similar to that at the time of their Kundalini

I have been hearing that sound 24 hrs a day for the past three years.
Sometimes, I'll have the bees in my left ear and what sounds like birds
chirping in my right ear.

What I am wondering is, has anyone close to you, also been able to hear
these sounds ?

I went into the post office about a year ago and I was standing in line to
mail a package.
And then the strangest thing happened.
The postal clerk behind the counter, looked around and said " What is that
The clerk next to her said " I don't hear any thing"
She said "It sounds like some kind of electronic humming or something"
Even though there were about six people standing in line.
She came out from behind the counter and was walking all around looking for
the source of the sound.
The five people in line in front of me all told her that they couldn't hear

Another time, I heard a knock at my door, so I answered it.
There was a young boy about 12 years old standing there and he said
"What is that noise in there"
I said, "It's probably my radio"
He said " No, it's a different kind of noise"
I said " I don't know"
Then he got a strange smile on his face and walked away without saying anything.

Is this just coincidence ?

Bye For Now,

Jim Cook

Date: Sun, 16 Jun 1996 12:41:34 -0400 (EDT)
From: ASCII 
Subject: Greets

Hey all. first off someone fixed my mailing list, I didn't think I was
getting duplicates but Iwas actually, just didn't get far enough into the
mail folder to see...thanks again. anyways, Ijust joined this list
perhpas an intro is in order.. I'm 18 I'll be 19 in a moth. I've been
experiencing all sortsof interesting things and a lot of it's gone with the
whole kundalini awakening. I have a question, how will I know when it's
fully awakened? is it gradual? It has been for me, I think it's cleaning out
my system... another interesting thing, I've been more and more aware of my
body. in other words, of each part/whatever. if I didn't know better I'd say
that eventually one could become aware on an almost cellular level. now
wouldn't THAT be fun!
all of the work I've been doing, well a good majority of it has just been
stuff I've figured out. I'm blind so reading printed books is out of the
question. There are some good electronic texts which I use.
Also, another question, what is the relationship between kundalini and the
third eye, or whatever you want to call it? Can the third eye "see"? or
sense or whatever?
Lates all.

Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 20:41:31 -0400
From: CKRESS@aol.com

I am currently reading a book called PATH NOTES OF AN AMERICAN NINJA MASTER by Dr. Glenn Morris (ISBN 1-55643-157-0). He presents some very interesting facts about the metabolic and other bodily changes he has observed in himself and others who have "survived" their Kundalini process, including: the heart rate and breathing rate goes way down (he takes only four breaths a minute now), body temperature drops, and the bones show up whiter and harder in x-rays. He also says: "Your whole body will eventually rewire and some parts are definitely not as much fun as others. Every place you've been seriously injured, had a bone broken, or taken some nerve damage will receive special attention, as damage improperly healed often creates a block to the efficient flow of energy." (pp. 37-38.)

Morris is a real iconoclast with what Native Americans would call a "coyote" spirit. PATH NOTES is interwoven with his observations, ideas and scientific research on Kundalini and different levels of enlightenment plus many fascinating stories about the martial arts. I highly recommend this book to anyone with a strong intellectual or scientific leaning who is put off by religious terminology found in other books on Kundalini. (For those who are seeking instruction on awakening the Kundalini, Morris gives detailed and *responsible* techniques for this too.)

I also would like to put out my thoughts on some matters at hand for the group. In my perception, a highly evolved spiritual life (or a high degree of consciousness) is not necessarily measurable by one's number of shamanic (spirit-world-contact) and mystical experiences. Someone who has done a lot of self-development work on *any level* -- mental, physical, emotional, etc. -- is often very spiritually advanced. Those of us who have spent our lives trying to alleviate what suffering we could wherever we encountered it, or have done what we could to simply bring more light, more laughter, more joy or beauty into this blighted world ARE ALSO SPIRITUALLY ACCELERATED.

Psychic abilities and communication with angels or spirit guides are wonderful gifts, but they do not make the recipient holier or better or wiser than everyone else. Teachers who have been this route warn of the dangers of inflation, and it is not a minor problem. The more we are given, the more difficult it is to keep our balance and find a way to relate to heaven and earth without getting totally knocked out or foolishly swollen up. I think this is a lifelong development with multiple dimensions. Those of us who are tenderhearted, like Melissa, have to learn how to keep our hearts open without bleeding to death (I am still working on this one myself). As we gain in wisdom and power we have to watch that in our earnest desire to be true Elders we don't turn into pompous airbags. And as we integrate and learn to live out our realization of unity with one another and all other life, we need to be as inclusive and tolerant as possible in our thoughts, words and actions without becoming rigid politically-correct brain police. It's a challenge!

Has anyone else noticed that this mail list is blasting with shakti? I am not talking figuratively -- I am getting supercharged torrents of energy from everyone's Kundalini stories. If the energy keeps up this strong, the people who want to awaken Kundalini will only need to join this list and get shaktipat by email! Wow, maybe we're creating an electronic group-mind guru!

Then again, I may be crazy.

El Collie

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